Positive Influence Ch 27x - What Could Be


Author's note: Had a little fun going down a tangent when originally writing Positive Influence (back when I still called it "Soaps" IYKYK). To be absolutely clear, PI is *not* actually going to go in this direction for the MC - I want to keep the weight gain focused on the ladies in the cast. This one isn't really a "scrap" per se, being neither a half-baked fragment or a sketchy pre-draft, but rather just a fun flight of fancy. Might do more "non-canon" chapters in the future, might not. Depends how I feel.

The next morning, you're jarred from a wonderful dream by the morning sunlight and Val shifting next to you in bed. You lay back and try to recapture it. Something about Lena and Val lounging on pillows, and you had a hose that delivered some kind of cream... You chuckle to yourself as you recall it.

"What's so funny?" Val asks, rubbing her eyes.

"I was just remembering a dream I had."

"What was it?"

"It's mostly gone," you reply, "But I remember you and Lena being there, and I had a hose with like a fattening cream."

"Mm, fattening," Val smiles. "A dream is a little silly to base a morning off of."

"Oh come on, it was a nice dream. And besides, it's a dream you're getting to live, right?” As you say this, you lightly pinch some new softness on Val's tummy. She jokingly swats you away.

"That tickles," she says, with a playful pout.

"Somebody's starting to get a little squishy," you chuckle, then kiss her. Valentine cuddles into you ever so slightly. She seems to really enjoy that, and plays with your hair. You lie there for a few minutes, just enjoying her closeness.

You feel Val sigh. "Guess we better get the day started, huh?" And indeed you do. The two of you roll out of bed, do your morning stretch workout, then group text with Lena while having some breakfast. Sure enough, Lena is indeed stuck in a meeting, and isn't exactly free to chat at the moment. You and Val while away a little time, eating your breakfast and talking about the day's news. You're both surprised to hear that the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at an all-time high yesterday. The index managed to increase in value for the eighth consecutive day. Val gives you an excited grin and runs a hand along your thigh. "This is why we got into tech stocks, right?" she asks.

You shrug and take another bite of your eggs.

Val's hand doesn't leave your thigh, and her smile turns mischievous. "Anon, if you eat your breakfast and mine I'll give you a little reward."

You bite your tongue. "No Val, I'm not going to-"

"Oh come on, you can't resist a little bribery," she says smugly as her hand starts petting your crotch. You blush and take another couple of bites of your eggs.

"Fine, fine, I'll do it. But only this once."

"Good boy," she purrs. Val takes her plate and tips it over your own, creating a huge pile of bacon, eggs and toast. You look at the massive meal doubtfully, but Val's teasing of your growing erection keeps you from thinking too much.

"So what do you say, baby? Have a little breakfast snack?" she asks, her voice dripping with seduction.

You blush and shake your head, but Val persists. "C'mon, Anon. I know deep down just how much of a piggy you want to be. Think of how nice it'll feel to finally cut loose and gorge yourself like you've always wanted to."

"No, I don't-," you stammer helplessly, but Val cuts you off.

"No 'buts.' Eat up. I want to watch you and see how much you enjoy it." In fact, to punctuate her refusal, Val gently but firmly shoves a piece of toast into your mouth. You chew hungrily, then swallow.

"There, I knew you couldn't resist," she says, smiling at you. You feel a rush of mingled shame and excitement as you feel a barrier in your mind coming down. Your cock throbs with need, and a hunger deepens in your belly. You start shoveling eggs and toast into your mouth as quickly as you can chew. It's incredibly delicious, and the food is an aphrodisiac for your senses.

As you continue to gorge yourself, Val continues to feed you bite after bite. Before you know it, your plate is empty. Your belly feels tight and full, yet some hunger still remains. You feel your cheeks flush with excitement as you say, "That was amazing, but I want more." Val throws back her head and laughs. You blush, embarrassed, but Val doesn't seem to notice. She gets up and walks into the kitchen. You're too busy massaging your gut and teasing your sensitive cock to notice what Val is doing. She re-enters your field of vision with a carton of milk.

"You said you still had some room? Let's fill you all the way up."

You gulp and swallow with difficulty as you attempt to focus on the delicious sensations coursing through your body. "M-more food? Please?" you ask.

"I want you to really enjoy yourself," Val says, smiling. She sits down on a chair next to you and opens the milk jug. "Just relax," she says while bringing the jug to your lips.

You eagerly open your mouth and take a big gulp, feeling the liquid course down your throat. It's so filling and delicious, and you eagerly keep drinking. Your stomach swells and swells, and you feel a new perverse glee in pushing the sensation as far as you can. Eventually, the swelling turns to aching, and you abruptly force the jug away from your mouth. Milk slops all over your chest, and you lay back, stroking your overstuffed gut with a satisfied moan.

"You really enjoy this don't you, baby?" Val says, watching you. "I can tell." She leans in and kisses you full on the mouth.

"I'm so fucking full," you groan. "I feel like such a fat hog, and I have to admit it feels really good..."

"It does, doesn't it?" Val says, smiling. She takes her time kissing you, her tongue dancing seductively around yours. "And you taste so fucking yummy." She continues, "But I promised you a reward, didn't I?"

You mumble something like a "yes", and Val reaches across the table for some butter. You lick your lips excitedly as she greases up her hand.

"All of you is so swollen and full, I bet you've got a huge load waiting for me in that fat cock of yours."

You moan and blush. "I do. I really do. Would you like to see it?"

Val reaches over and squeezes your bulging stomach. "You are such a greedy boy, aren't you? I bet you are so hard right now that it's throbbing and pulsing."

"It is. I'm going to explode if you don't..." Your next words are cut off as Val wraps her greasy hand around your cock and starts stroking. You groan and she laughs. "Oh you're going to explode, Anon. Show me how much you love being my piggy. Cum for me, cum big for me."

You moan and groan as she continues to stroke your hardening cock. You close your eyes and tilt your head back, enjoying the sensations as waves of arousal wash through you. You're so ready to cum, and you let out a needy, lust-filled moan.

"Aaaahhh, yes, that's it, cum for me, you dirty little pig."

That word, "pig", it's too much. You imagine Val constantly gorging you with fatty foods and you realize the fantasy feels right. You want nothing more than to be Val's gluttonous fatty fucktoy.

Your orgasm hits and you lose yourself in the throes of pleasure, crying out as a torrent of hot semen blasts out of your cock and onto your stomach.

Val watches you as you slump, exhausted. She smiles and leans in to kiss you, but you cannot bring yourself to respond, as your head swims with intense pleasure. Your cock is throbbing, your stomach is burning. You manage to say, "Val, that was amazing. It's the best thing I've ever felt. I want to keep doing this, I'm ready to let my inner glutton loose."

"I'm glad you feel that way," Val says with a smile. "Because I want to keep doing this, and I want to keep doing it every day."

"Every day?"

"Every day, I promise," she replies.


Three years later...

You are sitting down to dinner with Val and Lena at a local Indian restaurant. Your wives/girlfriends (depending on how you look at it) are sitting across the table from you, both dressed in saris. They're both wider of course, each having put on about a hundred pounds. They both wear their weight exquisitely. Val grew into an hourglass figure with soft, womanly curves. Lena mostly grew in hips and ass, with a lot of her booty hanging over either side of her chair.

Lena looks at you and gives a little smile and shrug, as if to say "look at us, we're so fucking hot". Val gives you a wink, as if to say "our big hot bodies are all your little heart desires." Both of them look great, but you're already well-acquainted with their bodies. Meanwhile, you're sitting opposite your girlfriends because your newly-expanded ass needs two chairs. Thanks to the relentless culinary assault from Val and Lena, your weight has rocketed past 400 pounds. And the three of you love every new ounce.

"Are we being watched?" Val asks, breaking the silence.

"Of course we're being watched," you say. "Everybody's wondering how some fat slob like me managed to pull two babes like you and Lena."

"Everybody knows how," Val says, raising her wine glass to you. "Cheers to you, fat guy!"

"Hear! Hear!" Lena chimes.

"Yeah, cheers to you, chubby chasers!" you reply with a smile, and clink your glass to theirs. "So," you start, waiting for attention from Val and Lena.

"It was three years ago today when I finally decided to give in to my inner glutton."

"Yeah, what a moment that was!" Val says, giving you a playful pat on the head.

"Wasn't it, honey?" Lena adds, winking at you as Val pats your head. "Lena, do you remember how mortified your parents were when I stuffed myself at that first dinner with them?"

"Oh, they were pissed, weren't they just?"

"Yeah, I had eaten so much, yet I was still hungry an hour later," you recount.

"I remember that!" Val says.

"They were so distressed I had fallen for some hog like you," Lena laughs, "I think they were glad I came out as bi, since Val looked like the sane one!"

Val smirks, "Little did they know, I was the mastermind behind it all! The.... Fat-ster-mind?" She winks, and punches you lightly on the arm.

You laugh, "Anyway, I'm glad I decided to celebrate this anniversary of sorts with you guys. So, who's ready for another round of eating?"

Lena laughs, "I was already stuffed after our first round!"

"Well, you'd better find some room, because we're not leaving anything behind," Val says. Then, turning to the waiter, "Three Royal Feasts, with an option of the endless samosas. Oh, and three more bottles of wine."

"Alrighty then! No limits, and only the best for our favorite customers!" the waiter says, quickly scribbling down Val's order. Your stomach groans with hunger, and it's all you can do to not moan at the prospect of the upcoming feast. You gently jiggle your fat belly, feeling your flab ripple all over your body. It feels good, and you think about how good it will feel to get even fatter.

Feeling Val's hand on your shoulder, you turn to her. Her eyes are shining, and she flashes you a quick grin. "I'm so happy, Anon." She leans forward, and her low-cut sari accentuates her delightfully plump breasts. She gives her chest a little shimmy, already knowing you're staring.

She says, "I'm glad I was finally able to change my body. All this new weight makes me feel so feminine and sexy, and I'm not done with expanding these curves."

This sends a thrill through you. You grin and nod, unable to speak. You want to grab her and pull her in for a kiss, but you know better. Not just yet. You have to savor this moment.

"We've been together for almost three years now," she continues. Her hand slides down to your flabby forearm, squishing and playing with your fat. "But even more so, I'm glad that you've accepted your inner self. All your rolls and dimples, they're living badges of all the good times us three have had. All the parties, decadent meals, it's all there." She taps your belly playfully. "I know you love being this big, and I love it, too."

She slides down your soft arm and meshes your hand between her fingers. You feel so loved by her.

"It doesn't hurt that you turned out to be even hotter as a supersized fat guy," Lena titters from across the table. She's obviously drunk, and slamming wine like a woman on a mission. The three of you know all too well how Lena's appetite awakens when she's plastered. "There was something so hot about you, Anon, and I loved the way you carried on about all your food obsessions. You are just so.... Well.... Obsessed!" She finishes with a wink.

"I'm sure you didn't mind how I'd always make sure you didn't have to eat all your failed baking experiments," you chuckle. "You're a good baker, and I should have gotten suspicious when you 'failed' a whole bunch in a row."

Lena smirks at you over the rim of her wineglass. She hasn't said much tonight, but you and Val particularly love what Lena brings to the trio in private.

Val may be adept at getting you off, but Lena is an insatiable succubus in comparison. Furthermore, she's an even more domineering and obsessive feeder than Val, and you can't get enough of her decadent treats. She gives as good as she gets, and she loves to feel you fuck her. The three of you are a great team, and you are glad to have her as a partner. Val looks over at her, "You're hitting the wine pretty hard, babe."

Lena smiles back, "You said it yourself, we're not taking any prisoners tonight. Plus I think I'm addicted to making my ass even fatter."

"I think you're addicted to being smothered by my fat rolls, my Goddess," you respond. She laughs and reaches across the table to give you a playful tap on your cheek. Val gently grabs Lena's chin, gives her a quick kiss, then says, "Well how lucky that Indian food goes right to our hips. Must be all the butter."

Lena coos and says, "Well if my hips get much bigger I'm gonna stop fitting through doors. Not that I'd hate that." She gives a playful wink.

The three of you chuckle and hold hands, the jokey moment ruined only by the arrival of your meals. A riot of savory aromas waft up from enough curry and rice to satisfy a family, but for you three fatties it's only a beginning. You crack your knuckles and sigh deeply, preparing your greedy belly for a truly massive stuffing. Val and Lena are making similar preparations. You savor the first bite of a perfectly-balanced goat korma, moaning lewdly as you savor the complex earthy flavors. Then, you swallow and properly dig in, letting yourself get lost in the pleasure of the moment. You take pride in your ability to thoroughly enjoy the taste and texture of your food, no matter how decadent.

Your mind slightly wanders as you chow down, and you smile. You're a fatass now, but you make it look good. Your girlfriends love your fatness and they're plumping up too,. Your other friends have fared similarly, deepening bonds with each other and packing on the pounds. Maybe weighing 400 pounds wasn't how you thought this would go three years ago, but now that you're this fat, you couldn't imagine anything else. You set aside an empty bowl and start on some paneer, Lena belches and laughs, prompting giggles around the table. Three years of life in the fat lane have been the best three years of your life, and you're excited to see what the next few years and the next few (or many) dozens of pounds will bring....


Another three years later...

You're jolted from a wonderful dream by a weight on your chest. You blearily open your eyes and find you're pinned under a veritable sheet of fat. You recognize Val's rhythmic breathing to your left, and Lena's quiet snoring to your right; both of their blubbery bodies have come to rest atop your own hugely obese frame. The result is a sensual tangle of flabby limbs and pudge squishing into pudge, but at present Val's massively fat self is resting awkwardly on your chest.

You push and squirm and shove, but it's Val who finally awakens. "Honey, what's going on? Did I win the lottery or something?" she asks groggily.

You reply, "No, baby - your giant sexy titties were smothering me in your sleep."

Val rubs her eyes and groans, "Oh, I love you so much..." to which you reply, "Yeah, I love you too. You're like a whale... of love."

Val, still half-asleep, asks, "What time is it, anyway?"

"It's early - I think the sun's not even up yet." "Ok..."

Val yawns, and cuddles into your side. She smiles gently as you run a finger along her thick double chin, and you look up and down her enormously fat body with admiration.

Lena wakes up next and gives a sleepy yawn. "Hey, babe," she says, giving your soft second chin a soft little kiss. Her massive thighs are wrapped around you as best as she can manage, effectively pinning you in place. Lena's magnificent and colossal ass wobbles with every little movement she makes. Unlike Val, who kept gaining weight in about the same places, Lena's latest pounds have started filling out her upper half. She idly plays with one of her expanded breasts as she cuddles with you. Her other hand slips under your enormously fat gut, gently sliding it's way towards your hidden cock. "Come on, baby... let's go for it," she whispers seductively.

Val bites her lip, then opens her eyes, flicking them towards Lena, "I bet Anon's still glutted from last night, I can help you take care of him." Val grins and gives your nipple a playful little squeeze. "You in?" Lena giggles and nods, "Yeah, sure, let's do it together!" You just grin in anticipation of what's coming. Val jiggles your fat moob, then runs her hands down to your giant blubbery gut. Despite how long it's been since your massive hedonistic dinner last night, your gut is still somewhat tight. Val's hands firmly massage your bloated stomach and jiggle your fat, easing your discomfort.

You belch, and the two girls giggle in approval. Lena asks, "You feeling better, piggy?“to which you reply with a smile and a nod.

Val leans in and kisses you on the cheek, then whispers in your ear, "I love you, big guy."

"I love you too, babe."

Val slaps your stomach with an air of finality, then shifts around on the bed with a series of grunts and jiggles. She reaches into the mini-fridge that serves as one of the nightstands.

As this happens, Lena flops, jiggles, and grunts to draw herself up to her knees. She leans forward, places her hands on your flabby chest, then heaves a leg over your own thick thigh to straddle it. "I need to ride some fat," she says, "A lot of fat." She leans in and gives you a sloppy, wet, hungry kiss. Even through all the rolls of chub, her pussy is clearly hot and wet. Val pops back up holding a huge pitcher of a thick, dark, oily liquid. You lick your lips and moan in anticipation of chugging the decadent mix.

She pats your huge gut, sending out ripples with every contact, as she explains, "My piggy here ate himself to seven hundred pounds last night. Can you believe that, Lena?"

Lena looks you straight in the eye and says, "Yeah, I can believe it. He could eat himself to a thousand if he wanted, too."

Val looks at you and laughs, "True... true."

You finally muster some words, your grogginess rapidly fading, "Why would I ever want to stop? Being fed and fucked by you two is heaven on earth. I feel sexier with every pound, and my two favorite sluts keep getting fatter for me too."

Lena giggles and leans in, running her fingers through your hair to keep you locked in her gaze, "We love it too, you know."

"Of course you do. You're both just as greedy as I am."

Val sets the pitcher down, instead producing a funnel with a strap. As Val sets the straps around your head, you playfully whine, "I'm still stuffed from last night. I couldn't possibly drink that whole thing." Val replies by cinching down the straps and securing the funnel in your mouth, preventing you from speaking.

She jiggles your huge gut and purrs, "I disagree. I know my piggy, and I know this little gallon of chocolate oil slick is just a warmup for an insatiable hambeast like you."

Lena is already rocking against your thigh and moaning at this exchange. Without another word, Val opens the pitcher and starts dumping the liquid into the funnel. You inhale deeply through your nose and settle onto your pillows. You take a few moments to deeply savor the incredibly rich liquid, swishing your tongue around to coat every surface of your mouth. Then, you relax and open your throat, allowing the fattening goo to gush into the depths of your belly. You let out a long, luxurious moan as the thick, sweet nectar flows down your throat and bloats your gut fuller and fuller. You start to wince as your overfilled stomach begins to ache, but Val's pouring is relentless, and you are determined to finish every last drop. The women continue to fondle you and talk dirty to you as you shiver and shake together in erotic abandon. One of Val's hands has disappeared under her own fat belly, and you hear the unmistakable buzz of a vibrator.

Between gasps she exhorts, "C'mon Anon, c'mon piggy, just a bit more. Suck it all down, you're so sexy when you're full..." You keep a tight grip on your gut as you push the bloating goo down, trying to finish every last drop. Your body aches from your overfilled gut, but you keep pushing through the pain. Soon you hear a hollow sucking sound as the funnel is at last empty, and you gasp and try to catch your breath. Val uncinches the straps one-handed, and you hold out your tongue to catch the last few drops of the oily concoction.

You lie there panting, your belly settling back into place and the world slowly coming into focus once again. Your stomach pulses with pressure, and you feel ready to explode. By now you've long since come to savor this feeling, especially at the hands of your doting girlfriends. Val is stroking your gut and whispering dirty talk into your ear. You lick around your face to clean some smears of chocolate, then lay back with a deep huff and say, "You girls have done it again. You've stuffed your favorite fatty to the limit, and now I'm at your mercy."

Lena's face is red from lust and exertion, her tongue lewdly lolling out, "Ok Val, help me fuck this big beached whale of a man." Val continues masturbating, and with her free hand, she reaches down and pushes your enormous belly upwards. You grunt as your blubber and glutted innards slosh into a new resting place, and savor the feeling of the cool air on your now-exposed groin. Lena stops humping your thigh, and leans back, beginning the delicate process of settling her own massive weight onto your aching and leaking dick.

You're so full you can barely breathe, but you can feel Lena's warm, sweaty skin as she crawls over you. She grunts and swings her leg over your fat hip, finally straddling you properly. She reaches down into the collision of fat groins and finds your sweaty fat pad, pushing down on the soft fat to expose and stabilize your cock. Just before she settles onto your member, she says, "Fill me up, fat boy." She slowly exhales as she descends, driving your cock home. You groan in unison as your cock is enveloped first by Lena's hot doughy FUPA, then her slick, pulsating innards. With your lower half embraced by Lena's pillowy thighs, Val releases your gut. It sloshes back down. Lena gasps with delight as your blubber slaps against her and molds around her midsection. Val offers a hand to stabilize Lena, and Lena begins to slowly rock against you. She knows just how to ride you to get you deep, and every thrust sends ripples up your corpulent body.

"I'm going to come soon, Val!" Lena yells. "I'm gonna...uhhh!"

You feel Lena's walls pulsate as she climaxes, and she arches her back to guide your cock against her g-spot. Lena huffs with obvious exertion, her face flushed and her teeth gritted. She starts bouncing on your cock as best she can, and you feel the occasional droplet of her sweat land on your skin. She gasps, "I'm going to...AHH!"

Just as you are starting to get close, you feel Val's fingertips caressing your cheek. Val whispers into your ear between moans, "Come... come for - for me. Come for L-Lena... Hah...! C'mon fat boy, fill Lena up, explode inside her, she wants it so bad!“ You glance up and see Lena bouncing on your cock, half-engulfed by your fat. She's ruby-red and dripping with sweat, eyes closed tight as she pants and gasps. Hearing Val's words and seeing Lena's fat body jiggling on your cock is more than enough to send you over the edge. You make an attempt at arching your back as you feel a huge orgasm building. "Lena!" You gasp, "I'm, I'm gonna -"

Then you let loose with a long string of expletives as you explode inside her, your fat body shuddering as your cock spasms. You gasp raggedly with each surge you send into Lena's depths, and she rests on your cock with a blissful expression. After a few moments, she smiles at you and says, "That was... wonderful."

"Mmm," you pant. "Wonderful..."

Lena's expression quickly darkens, and she grins, "But I know you're not done. Huge man like you, I know you've got some more cum for me." You can barely utter a "huh?" before Lena starts gyrating and grinding on your hips again. You're not sure exactly what she's doing, but it feels incredible, and you can only groan wordlessly as Lena milks another orgasm out of you.

"Awww, you're so easy, just a big, bad boy who gets off on being dominated," Lena coos, her hands rubbing your distended gut as she works. She slaps your stomach and you feel a belch bubble out. Lena throws her head back with a smile, "God you're such a pig, you drive me fucking wild!"

You don't respond, too distracted by the sensation of her hands on your belly as you feel another orgasm building. Lena continues her gyrations, her slick walls sliding tight against your cock. You groan as you feel the pressure building again and Lena laughs, "You're gonna come for me again Anon, I'm gonna make you explode again and again..."

As soon as she makes that claim, you can feel the pressure building just like before, and seconds later you let loose with yet another orgasm. This one catches you off guard, and you grunt as it wrenches you from the intense sensation. Lena moans and grinds as you ride it out, but you finally feel spent.

You gasp for breath and beg, "Lena, please, that's all I've got..."

She leans forward and kisses you. "Me too," she coos, panting hard and radiating heat. Then she leans forward and presses her lips against your throat. "God it's just such a turn-on watching you stuff yourself and get fatter."

You feel halfway numb from Lena's rough handling and from pleasure, and you breathe hard to try and focus again. A few moments later, you wrap Lena in your chubby arms, return her kisses, and reply, "I know babe, why do you think I got you into gaining?"

You hear her giggle, "Just for the fun of watching you with a big ol' chubby girl riding you between your legs?"

You pant, "Not just for that, hah."

Lena cuddles her fat, sweaty body against your own and murmurs, "I love you, Anon."

"I love you too, Lena."

You feel a huge shift in the bed next to you, and you remember about Val with a chuckle. She positions her blubbery self atop you and Lena with a giggle. The two of you grunt hard as all of Val's six hundred pounds settle atop you. Her breasts press heavily against your chest and her face presses against yours as she leans forward to murmur into your ear, "Just wait until you see what I've got for tonight."

"This is gonna be hard on the poor baby," Lena says, "I just hope he can take it."

You groan as Val grinds her flabby body against you.

"I don't think he minds being pampered this much, don't you?“Val punctuates her rhetorical question by bringing a hand to your lips. It carries the unmistakable smell of Val's juices, and you eagerly start licking her fingers clean with a giggle. The three of you lay in a hot, sweaty pile of blubbery bodies for a while, until Lena's stomach interrupts you with a feral growl.

"My, my. Aren't you hungry?" Val says with an appraising eye.

Lena giggles and replies, "I think it's my turn to be stuffed full of decadent foods."

"I agree," Val says. "I'll take good care of you, Lena."

The two girls share some kisses, then roll off of you with a series of huffs and heaves, and get to their feet.

You do your best to marshal your strength, but between your massively full stomach, and the exhausting fuck session, you just can't quite manage to roll over.

"Val, I might finally be too fat to get up," you manage to squeeze out with your groaning.

Val giggles, "You just stay there and rest. Lena and I will bring the feast to you."

You huff and puff for a moment to catch your breath, "Val, I'm serious."

Val drops the jokey tone and replies, "Honey, I know. For now I can easily help you up, but you don't want to stop getting even fatter, don't you?"

You sigh, "No. Maybe I'll even eat myself to a thousand or beyond like Lena said. It's just.... Shocking to be suddenly face the reality of being too fat to leave the bed."

"I understand, baby. But it's not gonna be so bad. We're rich, remember?"

Lena settles carefully onto the bed with a groan, her hips consuming a huge amount of sheet space. She says, "Val, honestly I agree with Anon. You and I can still move good enough, but the way we're eating it's just a matter of time until we're blobs too."

Val flexes a bicep and shoots Lena an incredulous look. Or rather, you think Val flexes - whatever muscle is present is fully obscured by jiggling flab. Lena continues unabated, "Yes, even your strength isn't limitless. And I don't think you want to be a personal maid for the two of us once I become a helpless blob too."

Val looks away and says quietly, "I guess you're right. Though, the idea of that happening is scary. It's a matter of time even for me."

You have an idea. "Hey, ladies, you remember that time we got to visit Lucy Driscoll?"

Val nods slowly. She says, "Yeah.... That was an experience. One I'll never forget."

Lena laughs and says, "You were begging for it, Val."

You pat Val's enormous ass and give it an appreciative jiggle. She looks at you with a soft smile and you continue, "Remember how Lucy made a big deal about developing an ultra-fatty support group?"

Both Val and Lena nod.

"I bet there's a chapter nearby. I know it wouldn't be quite the same, but if we could get some trustworthy cooks and personal assistants mixed in, we could just keep getting bigger and bigger."

Lena hums and says, "Yeah I guess, but doesn't Lucy lead this weird spiritualist movement?"

"Yeah, she does. One that's centered on getting fatter," Val chuckles, "Doesn't seem like an issue for us."

You nod, gently playing with your blubbery gut. "I don't think there's any harm in asking. Failing that, I'm sure there's plenty of mainstream supersize-focused assistants out there."

Val smiles. "I'll talk to the family."

You pat your belly again and turn to Lena, whose eyes are already getting a little misty.

She sighs and says, "We all knew something like this was inevitable unless we decided to stop gaining. And I think we're all obsessed with our enormous bodies, yeah?“

You nod and pat your gut again, then say, "Yeah. We are."

Val makes agreeing noises. Lena concludes, "We'll get to keep enjoying our huge blubbery bodies, and we'll keep getting to eat armies' worth of food. It's just, some other people will help us. It'll be a change, but it'll be one that we can get used to. We got used to being supersized fatties in the first place, right?"

You pat your enormous gut and nod.

Val grins and fondles her enormous tits. "So it's settled then," she says, "We'll be looking for live-in fatty helpers."

You and Lena both make affirmative grunts. Right on cue, Lena's stomach growls again, somehow even more insistent. She winces and clutches her fat stomach, "Ok, seriously I need to eat a lot of food posthaste. Anon, find some assistants, because the way my appetite's going I'll be stuck to a bed soon too."

"Maybe even sooner if I have my way," Val chuckles and caresses Lena's lips.

Lena gently bites Val's finger and replies, "Well, what are you waiting for? Feed me, you fucking bimbo!"

The girls laugh and haul themselves towards the kitchen. You play with your gut and think. Despite the morning's ridiculous stuffing, you feel a twinge of hunger again. You think about Lucy Driscoll and her coterie of fatty worshipers. You ponder the fact that, with a few phone calls, you could be amongst the cult of super-fat. And you wonder... Would you be able to fit in? You think back to that visit, about how everybody seemed happy, whether they were indulgent or a helper.

You chuckle as your hunger somehow continues to build, and you think about the future. The only thing you know for certain is that you want Val and Lena beside you. Even if the three of you get too fat to fuck, or to get out of bed, or if Lucy's cultists have to wait on you hand and foot - it'll all be fine so long as Val and Lena can be fat as fuck right next to you. You think about your friends, and those wild orgies at Jen's place. Zoe and Matt wound up bedbound last year, but they make it work somehow and couldn't be happier. Vicky continues to be the fitness freak of the group at a svelte 400-ish pounds, and you still couldn't outswim her even at your fittest. Jen splits her time between managing her family's cafe chain and doing eating challenges on stream; she's made more than a few noises about maybe making a play for Lucy's weight record.

And the thread winding through it all is Dr. Rohaz, and her wonder drug that keeps obese people healthy. You laugh to yourself wondering whether they make labcoats that could still fit her. Your thoughts take a turn for the morbid as you briefly wonder how unhealthy you and all your friends would be without that drug. You shudder and decide that's not for you to know and not for you to ask.

As you hear Val and Lena working in the kitchen and laughing, you realize it's been a while since you last reached out to your old friends. You realize that you miss them, and that some of them probably have some insight on the bedbound super-fatty lifestyle. But you don't know if it's rude to call them first.

Do you have the willpower to stick to the diet, or would you end up chowing down on another greasy cheeseburger? You laugh to yourself at the odd unbidden thought. A diet? Fat fucking chance! In fact, you begin to fantasize about how many cheeseburgers you could eat in one sitting. It's been a hot minute since you and the ladies did a burger night, but you remember polishing off at least 4 Gutbuster Burgers from the Cool Cow that one time, and each one of those is a veritable mountain of meat. You make a mental note to truly test yourself one of these days. In the meantime, you huff and heave yourself over to reach your phone, then start thinking about how to address the old group chat. As you're mulling possible openings, you hear Val and Lena returning to the bedroom. They waddle back in with a bunch of exited giggles, with the well-worn cart full of fattening foods in tow.

"I can't believe you told me they were in the cabinet!" Val says, shaking her head and laughing.

"No, no, I told you they were in the fridge!"

"Eh, we got there eventually," Val laughs.

The bed groans as Lena crawls back to be beside you. She shoves a 2-liter of cola into your hands, and uncaps her own bottle with a hiss. Val assumes her place on the bed as well, and balances a tray piled with cakes and sugary snacks onto your gut. Lena belches, and you and Val giggle approvingly. Lena then roughly dumps a pile of cheesecake slices right onto her belly, then nestles a dish of strawberry cream between her huge breasts. "God, I'm fucking starving," she mutters to nobody in particular, grabbing a hunk of cheesecake, messily dunking it in the cream, then greedily devouring it. Val reaches for a tub of fried chicken, which she rips open and begins eating with her bare hands.

You steal a piece of chicken from Val, prompting an annoyed noise but no actual resistance. You chuckle, and once you've swallowed the greasy meat, you fish your phone out from under one of your rolls.

"So I realized it's been a while since we heard from the old crew," you mention.

"What, like a week?" Lena asks, her mouth full of cheesecake.

"No, like the better part of a year. I also realized that Zoe, Matt, and Jen are all hella fat now, and they might know something about assistants."

Between bites of chicken, Val replies, "You're right, Anon. I kinda miss them."

"Mm-hm," Lena agrees.

In that moment, you know just what to say to them. For once, rather than taking things as they come, you have a vision. A vision of all your hot superfat friends living near each other, and all the assistance anybody could ever need to get as fat as they want. In the vision, you can see it all with perfect clarity, right in front of you. It's so real that you could reach out and touch it. With the sounds of Val and Lena gorging themselves serving as your soundtrack, you spin an offer for all of your friends, a vision of your own supersized, polyamorous cuddle puddle. You type with one hand, the other feverishly cramming junk food into your mouth. The response is of cautious interest, and your excitement grows along with your appetite. You grin from ear to ear as you lay out your plan, spinning up images of boundless gluttony and erotic debauchery to eclipse any of the group's best orgies.

"Jesus Christ, I'm going to get so fuckin' fat," Val says, her mouth full of fried chicken. "I'm all in."

"And me!" As you start going back and forth regarding some of the specific details your mind wanders once again. You reflect on how this wonderful journey of yours was stated by your old highschool friends. You decide it's just perfectly right that all of you should plumb the depths of hedonism and indulgence together. All of you, together, gorging and fucking and getting as far as anybody can handle. The image of your friends surrounded by copious amounts of flesh, lubricious and writhing, feels so good that you stop typing for a moment. Your greasy free hand slides between your rolls, seeking your revived cock. It stirs back to life, hard and erect as ever. You let out a satisfied moan.

Val and Lena instinctively understand. Without saying a word to each other, they redouble their feasting, emitting steamy moans and dirty talk. You close your eyes, basking in the indulgence around you and the quivering vastness of your own fat body. Your body ripples rhythmically as you start stroking, letting yourself imagine the sheer depths of hedonism that awaits you and your girlfriends. You can't wait...