The Village


Author's note: This is a genuine (substantial!) story fragment rather than an ugly experiment. As usual, the editing is very light, but I bothered to slap in a few extra section breaks to help make long passages easier to follow. The inciting scenes are weak enough that I don't want to rework this draft and would rather completely start over. But- I like the premise and core characters enough to want to pen a revised version someeday. Don't hold your breath for an ETA.

You are a young man living in a smallish woodland village. Your village is remarkable for holding a yearly harvest festival. A key feature of this festival is a high-stakes eating contest, where the winner is granted admission to the sacred temple of the earth. Nobody knows what transpires within the temple, but those who have ventured in come back out with various special abilities or boons. Last year, your neighbor came out of the temple with a newfound mastery of magic, and this year you have resolved to win the harvest festival eating contest.

There's only one problem: you've never been much of a big eater, and you've got less than a year to prepare.

Dawn breaks and you wake up in your house. As you dress for the day, you start thinking about how you can prepare for the eating contest.

You decide to start by eating a bigger breakfast than you usually do. You pile up extra bread, extra cheese, and a hunk of dried meat onto a plate, then pour some milk into a cup. You suddenly feel a pang of doubt, but resolve to eat the whole meal. After all, training to win the contest will probably involve a lot of stomachaches, might as well get used to the feeling.

Sure enough, you struggle to finish the last few morsels of your ambitious meal, and groan in spite of yourself as you feel the food settling uneasily in your belly.

You burp unhappily and clean up, then decide to head into town. You've got plenty of money, and there isn't much work to do this season, so maybe you can get some advice at the tavern.

As you approach the tavern, you see a few people already gathered in the building. The tavern keeper appears as you enter and greets you warmly. "Good morning sir! Welcome to the Poblano! How may I serve you?"

Your brain works slowly as your body processes your huge breakfast. You lightly shake your head to focus, then regard the tavern keeper. You recall that her name is Kasia, and that she runs the pub on her own. She is a plump, dark woman with curly brown hair, and looks very friendly.

Her friendly demeanor starts to melt a little bit when you don't reply right away. "Can I... Get you anything?" she asks with a tinge of annoyance.

You snap to attention, "Oh! Sorry. I actually was hoping I could ask you something."

Kasia looks you over with a worryingly skeptical expression.

"It's about the festival," you explain, and her eyes perk up a little.

"I want to enter the next one," you say. "Do you know the rules, and are there any preparations I should be aware of?"

Kasia looks at you with a look of such warmth that you feel a little uncomfortable. "It's very simple," she explains.

"Start eating at sunup, stop eating at sundown. Each serving of food has different points values, and whoever ate the most points wins. No magic, no herbs. They have a temple mage check all the contestants for any residues."

"I never actually noticed the rule against magic. So much for trying to learn a hunger spell..." You say.

Kasia nods urgently, "It's the temple's way. They want people to be honest."

"So can you help me get ready for this? Do you know some way to increase my appetite? Anything?" you ask, trying to get back on topic.

Kasia looks you up and down, then laughs slightly.

She says, "Well, I think you're serious. That's a good start. You know I've trained a few eventual winners in past years..."

Kasia locks eyes with you, "Alright Anon, I will help train you. On one condition."

You guess she's going to ask for something in return. You think you might be able to handle that, though.

Kasia looks around the tavern. It's pretty quiet, but she motions for you to follow her into a back room.

She whispers, "My condition is that you never tell a soul about how my training works."

You nod, keenly interested in her methods.

Suddenly you feel your hair stand on end and you catch a whiff of a strange metallic smell.

Kasia's eyes glow, and she says to you, "A simple nod isn't good enough. I've just charged a spell that will magically prevent you from sharing my secrets if you accept."

Kasia's hand is outstretched, and you notice a stone ring on one finger. It shimmers with a supernatural purple hue.

"Last chance to change your mind," she warns.

You take a deep breath.

A moment later, you confidently yet quietly declare, "I accept your terms," and grasp Kasia's hand.

The shimmering of the stone on her finger briefly jumps to wreathe your hand. You body tingles slightly for a second, then the feeling of magic dissipates.

"That was... Less dramatic than I expected," you say. Kasia laughs quietly.

"I suppose so. Not all magic is thunderbolts and fireballs. The spell I cast won't affect your memories or anything untoward. You'll simply find yourself at a loss for words if you consider sharing my techniques."

You nod, your mind tingling with anticipation.

Kasia continues,

"First things first. I have a system in place. You work at the smithy right?"

"Yes," you say.

"Not any more you don't," she says with a laugh.

Your eyes go wide with shock and confusion, and Kasia explains, "I'll drop off a letter for the smithy later today. Everybody understands that being my trainee is a full time undertaking."

"Ok," you say.

Kasia gestures for you to follow her back into the tavern.

You find yourself back at the table, and sit down as Kasia explains her plan to you.

"My method is simple. But simple does not mean easy. The main part of it is that you're going to eat and drink until you're fit to burst, but the secret is what you'll be eating and drinking."

Kasia pauses, and begins to rub her hands together. She raises her clasped hands in front of her plump lips, then smiles.

"But today, we start simple." Kasia pokes your stomach. She chuckles as you wince slightly, "If you're not hungry, you better find some appetite soon. Because you will be eating all day today."

You put on a brave face but you feel like Kasia can see right through it.

"Make yourself comfortable," she says, "I will return in a moment."

With a swish of her dress, Kasia disappears into the kitchen. Some clatters emerge from the doorway, then Kasia returns bearing a plate of roast meat and a foaming tankard of ale.

"Drink up, my boy," she says, passing you the tankard, "You'll need it today."

You take a sip of the ale. It's warm and surprisingly smooth. It's also very strong.

She doesn't wait for you to finish, "Now eat."

You pick up a knife and fork and cut into the meat.

The meat is warm and juicy, and you take a bite.

You begin to chew, and are rewarded with a wonderful taste. It's salty, but not overpoweringly so, and there is a subtle earthiness to it.

"Good? I hope so," Kasia says, "Now, your first task is to consume all this meat."

Kasia has to turn her attention to some new patrons for a little while, but you hear some murmurs and chuckles as they realize you're Kasia's new trainee.

Your determination wanes and you feel extremely self-conscious. After handing out some lunch servings for the new patrons, Kasia stands in front of you, hands on her generous hips.

"There's no time for embarrassment right now. You will eat and drink until you don't have any thoughts running through your head at all."

She must have noticed something in your expression, because she comes closer and leans in to whisper in your ear.

"You're still trying to suck in your gut. I know you'll probably feel strange, but you will be much more comfortable if you just relax."

You take a deep breath and do as Kasia says. You feel your stomach press against your waistband, but the sensation of fullness subsides somewhat.

Kasia smiles, and says, "Good. Now what were you afraid of? Looking like a glutton? Getting fat?”

With a laugh, Kasia pats you on the back.

"If you want to be an eating champion, you shouldn't be afraid of wearing the wages of your appetite."

You reply a little hesitantly, "Right."

At that, you hear a bright laughter from among the patrons. You look up to see a familiar young woman approaching.

Iva is a beautiful woman, with flowing red hair and the bluest eyes. You've only ever admired her from a distance, but Kasia seems to be quite fond of her, and her laugh just seems so pleasant.

Iva leans over the table, and you struggle to keep your gaze from plunging down her cleavage. She flicks a lock of hair out of her face and says, "I'm glad to see you stepping up to the eating contest. You'll be such a handsome man with some more meat on those bones!"

You flush a little and Kasia gives you a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Now Iva, this man has already pledged his gullet to me, and you know what that means."

Iva laughs, and pats you on the back. Her touch is warm, and sends a wave of heat all the way through your body.

"Yes, I do," Iva replies, "But I do believe that doesn't preclude me from bringing him a few treats of my own."

Kasia laughs and says, "Of course not. So long as it doesn't get in the way of my special training."

Iva laughs and performs a mocking curtsy, "I wouldn't dream of it, madam Kasia. This humble servant merely wishes to see our aspiring champion stuffed like a sausage at all hours of the day."

Kasia gives her a playful slap on the shoulder, then gently digs her fingers in with a laugh.

You gulp.

Kasia turns to look down at you and you feel extremely exposed under her gaze. She intones, "You will be very well taken care of. Just don't disappoint us."

You feel your face grow hot as Kasia walks away.

Iva begins to laugh, and your head turns towards her. She seems to know what you're feeling without even looking at you.

She glances down at your plate, "Ah, good. You finished your lunch. Finish your ale, then let me being you a snack. I can't let Kasia have all the fun!"

With a playful laugh, Iva walks out of your vision before you have a chance to reply.

You look over at the plate of food and notice that she was right – only some grease remains.

More interestingly, you somehow don't feel uncomfortable despite your meals. You peer into the mug and think.

You swallow some ale and trace it's path into your belly. You feel very full, to be sure, but the sensation somehow is no longer unpleasant.

You glare into the mug again, and an odd notion crosses your mind. Is the secret to being a big eater as simple as choosing to enjoy it?

You decide that if you can enjoy the act of eating, it will be hard to turn away from. Then again, Iva seems pretty happy to see you eating, and you know that your village isn't exactly hurting for food or for well-fed villagers.

You hear footsteps approaching, and make a decision. You lift your mug, tilt it back, and quaff the remaining ale in a few gulps. A moment later, your stomach churns and you loose a throaty belch.

Raucous hoots of approval sound around you, and Iva sidles up next to you. She's holding a pewter plate, and an intoxicating aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin drifts down from the plate.

"Ah, good," she says, setting down the plate and sitting across from you with a grin.

"Get that gas out of your belly, and replace it with some of these," Iva continues, gesturing to the pastries on the plate.

Pumpkin tarts. In spite of everything, you feel hungrier, and grab one. It is warm in your hand, and the sweet pumpkin filling causes your mouth to water.

Holding the tart with both hands, you lift it to your mouth and take a bite. It's sweet and buttery on your tongue, and you are enjoying the taste immensely.

"Good, good," Iva says.

You hear a quiet scraping on the table and see Iva pushing another large mug of ale your way.

You swallow a bite of your tart and grin at Iva. You laugh and say, "You weren't kidding about keeping me stuffed like a sausage."

Iva giggles in response, and the sound sends a pleasant shudder down your spine.

She says, "I've seen you around the village for a while, Anon, but I've always known you to eat like a bird. Today, it's like somebody threw a lever."

You thoughtfully roll a bite of tart around in your mouth then swallow it. You answer, "I'm not certain exactly what it is. Maybe it's several things. Kasia scares me, for one thing. And for another, perhaps I decided I like the idea of plumping up to please a beautiful woman."

Iva blushes, looking away from you. She says,

"The contest isn't about who can get the fattest, it's about who can eat the most, you stupid man."

You burst into laughter at this, finally feeling at ease and confident about where you stand in the world. Your laughter is cut short by a dull ache in your middle, your stuffed gut reminding you of its condition.

You breathe evenly and place a hand on your belly. It's pooched out and rounded, something you've never experienced before.

Iva looks over at you with a hint of concern.

"You poor thing," she coos. "Is this your first stomachache?”

You exhale, "From over-eating, yes. It actually feels strangely pleasant though..."

Iva laughs again, and the pleasant sound wafts up through your ears. You feel a strange warmth spread across your chest, and you know that you are beginning to enjoy the attention of this woman.

You drink some ale and release a small burp. Iva is still watching you, with her head resting on a hand.

You chuckle, "You know, stretching out my stomach will probably make me fat too. And something tells me that you want your pastries to be what expands my girth."

Iva looks as though she is going to deny this, but her eyes shift suggestively.

"I know a way to ease your stomachache," Iva whispers, leaning in with a guilty smile.

"By all means," you say.

Iva then gets up and sits back down to be right next to you. Your heart speeds up as her hip touches you, and it speeds up again as she sheepishly extends a hand towards your midsection.

You take her hand and feel it against your taut gut. Iva smiles at you, and then she begins to massage your stomach with her fingers.

You exhale with pleasure, "That feels.... Really good," you say.

Iva bites her lip and blushes deeper. She whispers, "May I... Go under your shirt?"

You nod and Iva slowly slips her fingers under your shirt. You feel her warm, soft skin against your skin, and her face is just inches from yours.

Her fingers trace gentle kneading motions on your full stomach, and you sigh with enjoyment.

"And that... Feels even better," you say.

Iva's breath dances on your face, "So tight," She gasps.

Suddenly she giggles and pokes a finger into your tummy. You grunt.

"Oops," she says. "I think I still feel plenty of give in that gut of yours."

You say, "I don't."

Iva giggles again and takes her fingers away from your stomach. In spite of yourself you make a disappointed noise.

"Nonsense." She declares, "You may be full, but you aren't properly stuffed yet."

You groan involuntarily, "Fuck."

Iva laughs and says, "Between me and Kasia, you won't have to wonder if you're stuffed. I'll be back in a little bit, my piggy man." And with that she walks away and vanishes into a doorway.

You watch her leave and then sit there with your hand on your belly. You sigh again.

What just happened?

You hear Iva's footsteps returning behind you, and you catch the unmistakable smell of pot pie.

Your stomach groans with fullness but you feel a pang of desire. The pot pie smells amazing, and it looks even more amazing after Iva slides the dish in front of you.

You take a bite and find it to be a mouth-watering blend of meat, potatoes, and a rich gravy.

Before you know it, you've forked the last chunk of the pot pie into your mouth and are collecting gravy from the plate with your finger.

Iva beams at you. "So, you approve of my cooking?"

You nod happily, and she leans in with pure joy, her lips almost touching yours.

The magic is broken as your stomach lurches, protesting against all the rich food you've crammed into it. You gag and swallow hard, trying to keep your meal in your belly.

Iva's face is disappointed. "Oh! You didn't actually like it then?"

You start to apologize, but you feel your stomach groaning again.

You hold up a finger and scrunch your face as you breathe deliberately to calm your stomach. Iva clues in and softens her countenance.

A little bit later, your stomach has settled down, though it still feels like an overfilled balloon.

You groan and reply to Iva, "The food was amazing. So amazing that I'm about to pop from it all."

Iva's face softens again, and she leans in to kiss you, her lips warm and welcoming against your own.

You weakly return her affection, slowed by exhaustion and your full stomach. Iva pulls back and smiles at you. She says, "Nothing works as well as a good night's rest to deal with a full belly."

You take her offered hand and start towards the door to the hoots of the other approving guests.

Kasia stops the two of you just before you can leave.

She says, "Ah, good. I see that Iva has taken good care of you today. Perhaps you aren't a hopeless fuckup after all!”

All you can think about is the fullness in your belly, and you mumble something incomprehensible in reply.

Kasia laughs and says, "Remember, I'll be by your house tomorrow morning. Your true training starts then!”

With that, the tavern-keeper pushes you and Iva out of the door and into the cool evening air.

You groan at her words and start walking towards your house beneath the glowing moon.

Iva walks with you silently, supporting you as your steps wobble.

A few minutes later, you reach your house. The short walk felt miserable, but Iva's presence made it more bearable.

"I should get inside," you say tiredly.

Iva replies, "Alright, I'll leave you to it then."

Before she turns to leave, you squeeze her hand. Iva looks at you with a warm but quizzical smile.

"Iva, do you like me?” you ask.

A blush tints her face as she replies, " I do. Right now it's your appetite I like the most, but I think I'd like to learn what else about you I like."

"Uh huh," you reply warily.

You continue, "Yes, for me today was a ridiculous smorgasbord, but compared to past champions that was an appetizer."

Iva nods, almost absentmindedly.

"This is true," she admits. "Last year Balat must have eaten about five times that much, plus a ton of ale."

"Yeah..." You reply morosely.

Iva moves closer to you and you can feel her breath on your neck.

"Look at it this way. Yes, I like your appetite. But as your appetite grows, I'll like you more and more. So regardless of what happens this year, I think you might make me very happy if you can forge yourself into the best glutton you can be."

She says this in a way that is both shy and bold, like someone who has never felt shy.

After a moment's pause, you reply to her, "I think I like the sound of that."

Iva giggles and playfully pushes your chest, then sputters, "Well! Don't think you can just slack off! I'll... I'll know if you aren't trying your hardest in the days ahead!"

You laugh and reply, "All I've got going for me is determination, Iva. I'll give this my all."

Iva replies, "Glad to hear it. Now get a good night's sleep. Your gut is going to be get utterly worked over, and you're gonna need plenty of rest."

"Yes ma'am," you yawn, "All that grease ain't giving me much other choice but to sleep it off anyways."

Iva chuckles, pats you on the back and then turns to leave.

You watch for a little while as Iva disappears into the night, then enter your small home. You stagger over to your bed, flop into it, and fall into a snoring sleep in moments.


The next morning, you awaken to a pounding headache and a pounding on your door.

You groan and turn over, feeling like shit and regretting your indulgence last night.

Kasia's voice bellows through an open window, "Anon, you lazy man! You made a promise to me! Get out here or I'll turn you into a pig!”

Reluctantly, you drag yourself out of bed and stumble to the door.

You open it, coming face to face with an annoyed Kasia.

"You can do that?” you mumble.

"It's better I keep you wondering," she hisses.

Kasia then reaches into her bag and pulls out a bread roll. You aren't feeling hungry, but she shoves it into your mouth. You make a sound of protest but know better than to resist. As you chew, Kasia extracts a small glass bottle as well.

"What's this for?" you ask.

"Just a little something to help you along," she says.

She presses the bottle into your hands, explaining, "For the hangover."

You pop the cork off of the bottle and swill the clear oily liquid within.

It feels like it's burning a hole through your throat, but you keep gulping it down until the bottle is empty.

"Well?" Kasia asks. "Feel better?"

The burn in your throat eventually subsides, but not before your eyes have watered almost to tears. Your headache begins to fade quickly.

"Yeah," you reply.

"Good!" Kasia brightens up and orders, "Now get dressed and finish that bread. We will properly commence your training at my home."

You comply, knowing you look like shit even if your head is no longer pounding.

As you walk with Kasia, you finish the bread with surprising alacrity.

Kasia chuckles as she explains something, "Anon, yesterday I was sneakily refilling your ale mug. Did you not wonder why two mugs gave you a headache?”

You narrow your eyes at Kasia, and say, "Perhaps I wondered about it this morning. But last night I was enjoying myself so much I paid it no mind."

"Well," Kasia giggles, "You shouldn't be surprised or angry with me. Last night was a lesson that your capacity runs deeper than you know, and that is an important step in your training. Do not forget this."

You grunt in acknowledgment.

A little later, you round a bend and come to Kasia's house. It's fairly plain, but well-built, and some gardens sprawl out along the grounds. Kasia trots ahead and opens the door.

You step inside to see a large open room. Many pieces of furniture stand about, and it appears the most prominent room in the house is the kitchen.

Kasia directs you to a cushioned chair at the dining table, and ducks into the kitchen. You hear Kasia rummaging around and the sounds of chopping, pounding and grinding. She re-emerges with two wooden pitchers.

"Kasia," you say.

"Just keep your sorry ass sat down," she says.

You do so, and Kasia begins pouring what looks like a strange brown gruel into a wooden bowl.

The gruel smells starchy and earthy, you recognize it as a mash of thickroot tubers, a common local staple food.

You raise an eyebrow.

"I know what you're thinking, Anon," Kasia says. "This is not going to be much of a meal, but... trust me."

You scarf down the mash. The tubers are clearly well-cultivated, but Kasia's mash is surprisingly bland.

You spoon the last bit into your mouth and swallow, looking at Kasia expectantly.

Kasia grins and says,

"Thickroot tubers, when treated with a particular rare spice that I grow, swell massively when mixed with a particular type of oil."

Your eyebrows raise in shock. Kasia reaches for the unused pitcher and pushes it in front of you. An aroma of grease wafts up from it.

"Hmm," you say.

Kasia points impatiently at the pitcher.

You dip your finger into the oil and taste it. The flavor is distinct, but it is far more complex than anything you've tried thus far. There's an almost metallic-sour tang to it, and a bitter aftertaste that you can't quite place.

Kasia hums, then says, "Perhaps I should warn you. You're going to be bloated as fuck once that oil hits the mash in your stomach."

You hold the pitcher in front of your face, and say across the top of it at Kasia, "That's a feeling that I better get used to, huh?"

Kasia nods, and you bring the pitcher to your lips. You take a deep draught of the oil, and almost immediately feel it start to work its effect. The mash in your belly seems to expand, and you feel your lower belly begin to ache.

Kasia chuckles,

"You starting to feel it?"

You grunt in mild pain and nod as your belly begins to bulge outward. You look down at it, and you can see the thickroot tubers rapidly expanding in your gut.

Kasia commands, "Now, drink the rest of the oil, and brace yourself."

You drain the rest of the oil from the pitcher and try to do as Kasia commands.

It coats your mouth and throat, leaving you feeling oddly parched. The oil settles heavily in your gut, and you feel a bubbling and churning commence immediately.

Kasia says, "You may want to relax and get comfortable. Maybe loosen those pants too."

Your belly steadily swells, and your discomfort steadily increases as well. Your need for relief quickly exceeds your sense of shame, and you loosen your waistband.

You lean back in the chair and focus on your breathing, taking your mind off of the growing pressure in your stomach. Your pants are difficult to get off, with Kasia's help, but you manage to wriggle them down far enough to gain some relief from the pressure.

When the swelling finally abates, your breathing is shallow. Eventually you feel stable enough to look down, and in spite of yourself, you laugh. "I feel like I'm pregnant," you gasp.

Kasia grins, and says,

"You'll get used to it. Trust me."

You slap your rounded gut, and it reverberates like a drum. You then wince. Any jostling of your maxed-out stomach pains you.

"Ffff.... fuck..." you moan.

"This is... the secret training.... isn't it?"

Kasia nods, and you say, "Fuck."

You roll your eyes at Kasia and say,

"This is going to take a lot of practice to learn how to handle."

Kasia giggles, "Well how lucky that you're going to get a lot of practice."

You moan and gurgle in your chair.

Kasia continues, "We will do this every day. I have a great instinct for judging stomach capacity, and I'll ensure you're getting enough mash to constantly push your limits."

You smile weakly and say, "Tell me something... what will my limit be? How much can I go through without feeling like I'm going to burst?"

Your belly is swollen beyond anything you thought was possible. The pressure is painful, but you blush as you realize it feels strangely pleasurable as well. Your eyes look to Kasia for an answer.

Kasia grins, "Knowing the answer to that won't change how stuffed you're going to be."

You mumble wordlessly.

After laying in the chair for some time, feeling your gut rise and fall with your breath, Kasia turns to regard you.

"I'm not merciless, you know. Let me do something nice for you, since you're willing to push yourself so hard," she says.

You frown, and ask, "What do you mean?"

Kasia gives a warm smile as she stands and moves to stand in front of you.

Your eyes fall to her immense breasts, the plump swells jiggling with her every move.

She leans in close and says, "I'm going to rub your belly."

You blush and say, "What the hell, are you serious? Why?"

Kasia says with a lusty giggle, "It'll make you feel better."

Your stomach growls at her.

Kasia giggles, and says, "Well, I guess you'll just have to let me try this."

She pulls her hands back to her sides, and then reaches forward.

Your eyes go wide as you feel her calming hands on your belly. The way they move across your stretched skin is hypnotic.

She takes her time, rubbing patterns she knows work for her.

You moan as you feel a feeling you didn't think possible. A mix of pleasure, pain, and euphoria.

Kasia says with her hands on your belly, "There you go, just relax now. Don't try too hard to push your stomach. Just let yourself be a little more relaxed."

You try to relax your body as much as possible.

This goes on for some time. Kasia eventually stops, her fingertips gently perched on your skin.

"Your poor tummy feeling better?" she asks.

You say, "Yeah, I think so..."

"Good," Kasia says with a smile.

"If you'd like, you can take a nap to sleep off this bloat," she says with a surprising warmth.

You nod silently and give her a weak "Okay."

"Think you can make it to a bed?” she asks.

You nod hesitantly, and Kasia offers you a steadying arm as you slowly get to your feet. You huff as your gut shifts, and walking is uncomfortable, but you eventually manage to sit heavily on a downy bed, and lay back.

You find yourself sprawled out on a bed. Your belly is literally throbbing now, but you're more relaxed than you thought you would be.

Kasia says with a hint of excitement, "I'm going to give you something before you sleep. It'll help you feel better, and it'll make you sleep better."

You ask, "What is it?"

Kasia says, "I'm going to rub your belly again."

She does so, with the same exact movements she used before.

Your eyes close, and you try to let your mind explore the feeling she's causing, but you can't find the words.

Kasia says, "You're really liking that, huh?"

You sigh, "Well... yeah, I guess I am."

Kasia smiles, and says, "I think that's a good sign!"

She continues her gentle rubbing, and soon your mind goes blank, as a strange exhaustion overtakes you.


You wake up with a start some time later. Your hand immediately goes to your belly, which feels almost normal again save for a slight uncomfortable feeling.

Kasia asks, "How are you feeling?"

You sit up and say, "Better. I don't think my stomach is really bloated anymore."

She smiles, "Good!”

At that moment you catch the smell of some savory cooking.

Iva's voice calls from the kitchen, "Is out champ-in-training up yet?"

You call back with some hesitation, "I'm up... Kinda."

Sounds of scraping and clattering answer you, then Iva strolls into the bedroom a few moments later.

She's carrying a huge bowl of soup.

Kasia grins at you and says, "Good, now you can have some lunch."

You take the bowl and dip your spoon into it, and you try to get a taste for what it is.

It's some sort of tomato soup, and it smells fantastic.

Kasia gets up.

You swallow a mouthful of the tomato soup and ask her, "This is going to be my training, isn't it? Stuffed solid at all times either by your concoctions or by greasy tavern food?"

Kasia says,

"Yes. Simple, if not necessarily easy. I have to run the tavern tonight. Iva will take care of you."

You laugh and with fake concern plead, "No! Don't leave me with this madwoman! She'll make me fatter than a house in no time!"

Kasia smiles.

"My boy, that would only be the beginning."


Iva is a maniacal woman, and she genuinely delights in cramming ever more calories down your throat.

The weeks tick by, and your life simplifies into a cycle driven by the two women. Kasia feeds you some concoction that swells in your belly and stretches your stomach. Then Iva shows up later and fills your new capacity with a barrage of fatty food.

You are quickly becoming a fat man, but the two women seem to be enjoying your rapid growth. You're also noticing approving hoots and catcalls from porches as you walk to and from Kasia's house

In that same matter of weeks, you manage to outgrow your first set of clothes. Your increasingly fat belly bulges over your waistband, and the seat of your pants is stretched ever tighter by your growing ass.

One day, as you're enduring the bloat from your daily helping of tuber mash, Kasia looks at you.

She says, "You're making great progress, Anon. Did you know that today's helping of mash is exactly double your starter?"

You answer with a groan and a smile, "I did notice that it was a lot..."

She shakes her head and says, "I'm glad you're managing to have fun with this. You've really started unleashing your appetite lately, even Iva is noticing how much more food she's having to prepare."

You smile and say, "It helps that both of you could probably get me to gorge on stones if you cooked them your way."

Kasia looks at you and says, "Now that is some proper glutton talk."

You chuckle at Kasia's well-meaning teasing. Suddenly you hear a snapping sound. Puzzled, you look down and see that you've busted a button on your shirt. Kasia slaps you on the arm and says,

"Hah! Now that is a true badge of progress! I knew this day would come soon, hence why Iva is tailoring your wardrobe."

Despite your newfound appetite and pudgy confidence, you're blushing beet-red right now.

Kasia continues, "Don't make a fuss, Anon. I'm being serious. I know change can be uncomfortable, but this is a sign that the earth spirits favor you."

"Thanks..." you say. You're unsure how to react to this news, but the way Kasia says it makes you feel special.

"It is important that you understand. Allow me to explain what I mean?" she asks.

You nod your head, and Kasia continues, "The earth temple is older than our village. Much older. We created the harvest festival to honor the earth spirits. And as hedonistic as it seems, the eating contest is the most important part."

She says that last part with a certain conviction, as if she's been involved in the festival her entire life.

"You see," Kasia says,

"The depth of a challenger's belly is a direct measure of how favored they are by the spirits. Surely one is loved by the spirits if they can stuff their body full of the earth's bounty."

You nod your head and add, "That makes sense. Though I suppose I've never thought of it like that before."

Kasia smirks at you and says, "And of course food strengthens the relationships between people. A woman cooks for her husband, and they are both pleased by the husband's growing girth."

As you try to think of a reply, Kasia says, "And maybe this is all a little bit silly, but it works. It brings people together. It's what make our village so strong."

Before you can say anything else, Kasia licks her lips and adds, "And of course it's fun. Don't think I haven't noticed that bulge in your pants as you gorge on Iva's cooking."

You blush, and feel your cheeks begin to grow hot. Kasia continues, "I've been around a while, Anon. I'm not blind to the intimacy of our situation. Nor am I blind to the desire in the air. You know I can tell when you're staring at my tits or my arse, right?"

You feel your cheeks flaming hot, and you squirm in your seat.

"Well, I tried to tell you. You're a bit dense, but you know it's true."

Kasia leans in, and you desperately lock your eyes with hers. She purrs, "I didn't say I minded. And maybe it's time to give my champ-in-training some new rewards."

You don't know what to say, so you just go, "Yes?"

She seductively starts to loosen the strings on her top. Shamefully, you want this, but you fear you can't acknowledge it.

"Kasia, please. You're old enough to be my mother," you squeak.

Kasia chuckles, "Oh, age is just a number. The earth has seen fit to keep me plump and pretty over the years. And I know you think I'm pretty, so what are you worried about?”

She starts to take off her top. You have never seen breasts so large. Each of Kasia's tits is larger than her head, round, heavy, and with large inviting nipples. You just sit there agape as she cradles an arm under her breasts, ample flesh squishing past where she presses. Kasia seems to enjoy your stare, and she giggles as she starts to gently bounce her tits.

You try to speak, but you can't even think of anything. You have never been this aroused.

She grins at you, "You want to play with these, don't you?”

You nod your head frantically. Kasia squeezes her tits together and says, "Whenever you're ready, get up, and we'll move to the bedroom."

You get up slowly with a groan and follow Kasia into her bedroom. Her own room is a fairly large, but not enormous room. It has its own fireplace and a large, cozy-looking wooden bed with brass filigree.

With a huff, you let Kasia lay you down on the bed. You raise your legs onto the bed and scoot over to be laying on it properly.

Kasia looks down at you with a grin, then climbs into the bed with you. She straddles your waist and leans forward, resting her large, warm bosoms on your chest. She's definitely heavier than you, and her ample softness pins you down.

Kasia says, "I know you like this, I can feel it."

Your heart catches as she undoes the remaining buttons on your shirt and starts caressing your chest and belly. Her full, soft breasts feel amazing on your skin. Her large nipples are firm and eager, rolling over you as she rubs her hands all over your torso.

Finally, Kasia leans forward and kisses you on the lips. She puts her full, soft lips together and kisses you with a passion you've never experienced before. Her tongue darts around your mouth as she pushes her breasts into your chest.

After the kiss, Kasia pulls back, "And I know you like my breasts."

You nod and back away slightly.

Kasia grins, "Good. Now, just lie back. I know just the thing that'll make you feel better."

You rest your hands behind your hear and try to look nonchalant. Kasia smirks as she undoes your pants and sees your shocked expression. She pulls them down and gives your cock a gentle stroke with her hand. Her hands are rough but surprisingly gentle, and you gasp as Kasia begins to work your shaft.

Kasia runs her hands up and down your shaft, feeling the length and solidness of it. Her touch is surprisingly light, and you've never felt as good as you do in Kasia's arms.

You feel Kasia's weight shifting on the bed. Surprised, you look down just in time to see Kasia engulfing your cock between her huge breasts. The sensation is incredible, and you can't help but moan as Kasia rubs your shaft between her massive tits.

Kasia notices your expression, "Don't worry, I know how to take care of you."

Kasia continues to pleasure you with her breasts, plumping them up and down as she strokes your cock. The feeling is surreal. You've never felt this pleasurable before, and you don't want to stop.

You can feel your climax approaching, and Kasia begins to work harder. She moves her breasts faster on your cock, and you feel your whole body charging with electric energy.

Just as you feel like you can take no more, Kasia stops. You make a whining sound, and she says, "Be patient. You'll like what comes next."

Kasia scoots backwards a little bit, then leans forward and envelops your cock with her mouth. Your eyes go wide as she moves her head, taking large gulps of your cock. The feeling is incredible. Kasia's mouth feels soft and warm as she moves her head against your member, and you can feel yourself getting harder with every passing moment.

Kasia moves her head faster, and you can feel the pleasure building. Your whole body is aching for release, and Kasia seems to know exactly what you need. She wraps her lips around your member, and your cock throbs with pleasure. You can feel Kasia working her head, rubbing her lips against you as she sucks hard. Your body is on fire as your climax approaches at a break-neck speed.

With a final thrust of her head, you feel your whole body explode. You burst with pleasure as your cock pulsates and shoots its seed into Kasia's mouth. She moves her head quickly, and you can feel the cum shooting down her throat as she swallows every last drop of your pleasure.

Kasia pulls back, licks her lips, and smiles. She says, "I'd say I did a good job."

You nod, saying some wordless mumble that might be agreement.

You feel dizzy and exhausted, but also amazing.

Kasia lays down next to you and says, "So I won't be able to do that to you when you're stuffing yourself in the town square, but I think this could be a nice reward if you're pushing yourself in your training."

You say, "I think I'll like that."

Kasia gives you a gentle kiss on the cheek and says, "Good. Now go get some rest. Iva will be here later with some new clothes and a feast all for you."

You don't need to be told twice, and you doze off with Kasia next to you, and her hands gently massaging your bloated gut.


When you wake up, Kasia is already gone. There's a note next to the bed that reads "Iva is here for you, so I'll be back later."

All kinds of savory scents are in the air, and you hear some movement in the kitchen. A moment later, you hear footsteps approaching. The door opens, and you groggily turn over to see Iva standing in the doorway.

She blushes and giggles, but doesn't turn away. With a start, you look down and see that you're still naked on the bed. Iva giggles at you, and says "Maybe I won't get those new clothes for you after all. You're looking so deliciously full and chunky."

Your eyes go wide, and Iva moves to the bed and sits down next to you.

She reaches for your stomach, hesitates for a moment, then places her hand on your skin. Iva bites her lip as she digs her fingers into your softened tummy and gives it a jiggle.

You can feel Iva's firm touch almost tickling your skin. She gives your stomach a few quick pushes, then she moves her hands up to your chest and around your belly.

"Iva..." You start to say.

Iva pauses her groping of you and looks you in the face.

"Something wrong?" she asks.

You stammer, "I don't – Uh... I guess you like what you see?”

Iva says, "I really do. I almost didn't get a chance to tell you, but you're the best looking man I've ever met."

Iva gives you a smile, and runs her hand down your belly again.

"I think you're going to carry your weight very well," she says, pausing to tickle your belly button.

Iva lets her hand rest on your belly for a moment, then moves it lower. She then runs her fingers up and down your thighs, lightly brushing them against your balls.

You grab Iva's shoulder and say, "Iva. I have to tell you something."

Iva looks you in the eyes and smiles. "Yeah? What's that?"

You glance down at your crotch, then look at Iva and say with a sigh, "I let Kasia have her way with me this morning."

Iva blushes bright red but smiles, "Oh, is that all? Well, don't apologize. I guess the two of you are learning about each other."

"You're not angry with me?" you ask.

Iva responds by stroking your thigh and saying, "Of course not. She has you in the mornings. And I'm sure whatever she does is to maximize your training. Her body is quite the motivator isn't it?"

You look down at your groin again.

Iva giggles and says, "I can see you're very appreciative of Kasia."

You smile and say, "Yeah, she made me feel pretty good."

Just then, the spell is broken by a bestial growl from your stomach.

Iva pauses, then laughs, "I felt that more than heard that! I better get you some food before you swallow me whole!"

Feeling foolish but giddy, you playfully grip Iva's slim shoulders, open your mouth wide, and pull Iva towards you.

She giggles wildly and cries in mock fear, "No! Please don't eat me! Let me live, I can feed you better if you let me cook, o horrible giant!"

You make a theatrical thinking face, then say, "Very well, tiny woman. The prospect of eating in perpetuity is better than however delicious you might be. You may begin serving me... Now!”

Iva giggles again as you release her. She rolls off of the bed, kisses your belly, then straightens up saying, "Oh don't worry, I'll keep you so full, you won't even dream of eating me."

You laugh as Iva scurries away from you and into the kitchen. She returns with a heaping tray of food, utensils, and a huge mug of ale.

"Oooh, Iva, this looks fit for a king!" you say.

Iva smiles and carefully sets the tray down next to you on the bed. She pushes a spoon into your hand and says,

"Get into that stew first. I'm most proud of that, and I want you to enjoy it while it's still fresh!"

You take a spoonful of stew and start eating it. The flavor is intense, full of potatoes and other vegetables. Despite enjoying the flavors, you eat ravenously, and soon you're scraping the bottom of the bowl.

You take a deep quaff of the ale and belch as the carbonation fizzes up. Iva chuckles warmly at your brutish display, and plops a platter of meat pies onto your uncovered belly.

No wonder you like this woman, you think. Not only is she pretty, but she has a way of showing you attention that makes you feel like you're a king. You mow through the meat pies in short order and mop up the grease with hunks of thick, rich bread. You can feel yourself getting warm and full from the food, but you keep eating.

Eventually, Iva can't help herself and starts feeding you some of the various morsels she's prepared. You're a little surprised by her action, but you allow the woman to feed you anyway. You feel your stomach expanding as it accepts more and more food.

Iva bends down and kisses your cheek, then whispers, "You're doing so well, I'm very proud of you. Now, let's try the next dish: a variety of candied fruits!”

A plate piled with colorful chunks of fruit replaces the empty platter on your expanding belly.

You grab a few chunks and pop them into your mouth. They're very sweet, and some light spices play through the flavor, complimenting the underlying fruit.

You swallow, and feel your meal resting heavily in your gut. You make a note of the sensation, and calculate that you can probably still put away another few courses.

But something before that.

"Iva," you say.

She looks at you and you ask, "I appreciate everything you're doing, but I just want to know. Why? Why have you made it your life's mission to fatten me up?"

Iva cocks her head, and you feel a pang of regret.

"It's not a bad question," she says. Her tone is pleasant enough, but the distance in her gaze suggests that you've struck a nerve.

She sighs, then twists to look you in the eye and says, "While I like chunky men and I enjoy teasing you, that's not why I'm doing this. You've always been kind of a loner, haven't you?"

You nod, and Iva continues.

"The journey you've embarked on with Kasia and me, it's brought you closer to your fellow villagers over these past few weeks, hasn't it? Chugging ales with your friends from the smithy, snacking at the tavern and chatting with people, letting the village wives feed you all their experimental pies..."

You nod again, and Iva brushes her red hair back.

You answer her, "Kasia said something similar earlier today. Talked about the earth spirits and how food strengthens our relationships."

Iva looks at you, and then nods.

She takes a drink of her own ale, thinking for a moment before swallowing and stifling a demure burp.

She says, "I suppose the true reason I want to fatten you is because it's just what feels right. I feel like the earth wants you to be a big chunky man with friends all over the village. Who am I to stand in the way of that?"

You are touched. You feel a sense of warmth and belonging in Iva's words. This is a village, a community that you do not always understand, but that you are glad to be a part of.

You grab the plate of fruits and set it on the bed, then slowly roll to your feet and walk over to Iva, not caring in the slightest about your nudity.

You say, "Today between you and Kasia I've been given a lot to think about. And right now I think having a deeper reason to be part of the festival will strengthen my resolve even more."

Iva nods, and you stand within a few inches of her.

"I like it," she says. "You are a very dense man, Anon, but I think I see the potential in you."

She grabs your hand and hauls herself to her feet. Without thinking, you wrap your arms around Iva's slim form.

Iva presses her body against yours, and you feel her soft breasts against your chest. She's warm, and you know she smells like ale and sweat.

Iva says,

"You're so warm, and you make me feel safe."

Iva tilts her head back and presses her lips to yours.

You almost immediately return her kiss. You press your lips to Iva, tasting the salty flavor of her kiss on your dry lips.

She pulls back, and runs her hands over your body. Iva sniffs and looks away from you, whispering morosely, "You make me feel wanted. It's a new feeling..."

Iva looks at you and her eyes are glistening with welling tears.

She says, "Plenty of men want to be stuffed with my cooking, or want to ogle my body. You're different. Yeah, you want those things too, but above all else you want me as a person."

Iva kisses you again. You press your lips against Iva's and feel her mouth open against yours. She tastes like wheat and sugar and feels delicate in your arms.

"Iva..." You start.

She cuts you off, "Anon. You don't serve somebody as intimately as I have you without getting a feel for who they really are. And I like what I'm seeing more and more every day."

You look down at Iva with a smarmy smile, "You're just saying that because I'm plumping up."

She scowls at you and flicks your ear. You wince as it stings and she replies, "Don't be a churl. I'm feeding your dumb face because I like you. Not the other way around."

"Sorry," you mumble.

"Apology accepted," she replies.

Iva perks up, "Actually, you can prove your contrition by putting another few courses into that gut of yours."

You chuckle, "I can do that. Especially if it'll make you happy."

You lean in and give Iva another kiss. Her lips taste sweet and her fondling of your body is both exciting and arousing.

Iva pulls away, biting her lip, "And maybe if you're good enough we can do something about that cock you've been poking into my side this whole time."

You blush and laugh, "It's got a mind of its own, and a full belly always seems to make it more eager."

Iva sashays towards the door and looks back, "Then I'm curious to see what happens if your belly is glutted to the absolute limit."

You snack on the remaining candied fruits while Iva works in the kitchen, but you don't need to wait for long. She returns promptly bearing another tray overflowing with rich country cooking. Your brow unconsciously furrows with concern, as the second smorgasbord looks to be more than your remaining capacity. You blithely decide to go for it anyways, since Iva will be there to help stuff it down your throat.

She sets the tray on the bed. The smell has you salivating in spite of your burgeoning fullness. Iva beams as she sees your excitement, and she turns to the tray, then sets a plate of sandwiches on your stomach to resume your feast.

A few hours pass. The sun has almost disappeared behind the hills, and you've devoured the second helping and then some. Your stomach pulsates with pressure, and you feel like you could sweat grease. You're absolutely glutted, pinned to the bed by your aching belly, and you're loving every moment of this. It feels like there's a soft haze behind your eyes. You feel warm and fuzzy, emotions you've never really felt before. The only downside of this is you can't think of anything to say to Iva.

You manage to mumble, "I think that's it. No more or else I'll burst," just after slowly swallowing one last morsel of pie.

Iva has been serving and chatting with you all afternoon, and her lust is only becoming more apparent. She giggles sensuously, then leans in to lick some grease splotches from your chest. Her lips feel soft and nice, and you wonder if she tastes like sugar as well.

She replies with a warm giggle,

"Oh, my poor beached whale of a man. I think you need a bath, but you look to be in no condition to move."

You chuckle, then groan and make a wordless burbling sound in response.

She caresses your drum-tight gut and continues, "Shh. You need your energy to digest all this. Plus a little energy to enjoy my reward for you." She kisses you on your nose, and you feel her soft red hair tickle it.

You look into her ocean-blue eyes and make an inquisitive noise. She answers, "You made me very happy today, and I think I made you very happy too."

You close your eyes, smile, and "hm-hm" contentedly.

Iva leans forward, her breasts pressing against your chest before she whispers in your ear, "You can look now."

You open your eyes and realize that Iva is slowly peeling off her clothes. Her shirt slides off with ease, and you see that she isn't wearing anything underneath. You notice a glimmer of blue fabric hugging Iva's hips. She turns around, then reaches down and undoes her belt buckle, then slides her pants down. Her ass is soft and nice, defined but not overly so. The straps of her tiny blue underwear trace her hips, and set your imagination wild.

She starts rhythmically swaying from side to side, running her hands all over her body. "Plump up that cock for me, Anon," she purrs. "All that pressure in your gut, I want that focused into your cock."

Iva's raunchy commands send a thrill down your spine and a powerful bolt of stiffness to your cock. You grab it and start to stroke it. You can feel your body throbbing with the effort, and she gasps with pleasure.

She slides her fingers under the sides of her strappy underwear, then slides them off. Iva then locks eyes with you and slides a hand along her pussy. She moans with delight and moves closer to you, whispering, "Don't you dare burst before I can play with you."

Her hands run up and down her thighs, massaging her creamy skin. The sight of Iva's pussy makes you lightheaded, and the pressure in your dick is becoming unbearable.

Iva then gingerly steps over to the bed and climbs up. She sits back on her knees and you moan with pleasure as she wraps a hand around your throbbing cock. You can hear her panting with desire, and that makes you even harder.

Iva looks up at you and says, "Are you aching for it?" Her voice is airy and full of desire.

You nod and say, "Yes. Please give it to me."

Iva starts to stroke you, and you lay back and writhe on the bed in pleasure. She starts to squeeze and stroke you, making the entire length of your cock jump and throb with anticipation.

Iva looks at you with a smile and a lustful gleam in her eyes.

Your cock twitches with an imminent orgasm, and Iva feels it too. She licks her lips, then bends down and takes your cock straight into her mouth. She starts to suck on the head, then she lowers her lips and takes your entire length into her throat.

You gasp at her aggression, and you're rewarded with a muffled hum of pleasure from Iva. She begins deep-throating you voraciously, and the ecstasy of the moment has you groaning incoherently. You feel as if your entire body is pushing against the bed, anticipating the pleasure of orgasm.

Iva's moans get louder and more intense, and you feel a powerful throbbing start to take over your cock. Your head is getting light, and you feel yourself thrusting your hips upward in pleasure.

Your eyes go wide as Iva suddenly swallows your entire length hard. She grunts with satisfaction and continues gagging on your cock. You can feel it swelling in her throat, and you feel the beginnings of an intense orgasm.

Iva's eyes are dancing with lust, and you feel your cock spasming as it explodes deep inside of her throat. She sucks and sucks, and your cock begins to shudder violently as it empties into her throat. Iva holds you there until the sensations subside.

She pulls your throbbing but now emptied cock out of her mouth with a wet slurp, and says with pleasure, "There we go. You're a natural."

You just lie back and enjoy the sensation of the afterglow.

Iva lays next to you, gingerly avoiding the empty plates and bowls, and you tiredly run a hand through her hair.

"I feel like such a spoiled prince," you say. "Two beautiful women waiting on me hand and foot, and now those same women are going to expertly service my cock."

Iva giggles happily and says, "I'll admit it's fun, but remember that this is also part of your training."

You look down at Iva's face, "Really?”

She smiles back, "Yes, really. Lust is just as much a part of life as food and companionship. If Kasia and I keep this up, you will dominate the competition."

You wrap a hand around her shoulders and ask, "And can I count on you to still be by me after the festival?"

Iva caresses your face with her thumb, and says with a sweet smile, "Of course you can. The festival is a beginning, not an ending, regardless of what happens."

You gently kiss Iva on the lips and she reciprocates.

She pulls back and says, "The sex isn't going to just be one-sided though. You're going to have to please me too from now on. Kasia is going to make a similar demand, you know."

You reach down and run a finger along Iva's face. "I know," you say. "But I hope you're ok with me being a very.... deliberate lover." You pat your overstuffed gut and it echos like a full wineskin.

Iva leans forward and kisses your stomach, then leaves a hand to trace gentle caresses along it.

"Nothing turns me on more," she purrs. "I love your body, and I love how you're still expanding. It makes me feel powerful."

You run your fingers along Iva's hair and down her back.

Iva inhales shakily then looks at you. "Think you can fit in another chocolate or two? For me?"

You're about to refuse, but you see one of Iva's hands sliding into her pussy. The sight of Iva touching herself seems to free up some space in your gut. Damn this beautiful woman, she's going to make you so fat. But you don't want to disappoint Iva.

With a grunt, you locate a plate of chocolates and pluck one of the morsels between your fingers. Iva continues pleasuring herself, her breathing speeds up as she sees you with the sweet. You sensuously drop the chocolate into your mouth and swallow it, then say, "You're going to make me so fucking fat, Iva. And I'm powerless to resist your charms."

Iva gasps and you see one of her hands gently twisting one of her pointed nipples.

She leans in, and you can feel her breath on your cheek as she whispers, "Tell me more..."

It took you a minute but you figure out that Iva is masturbating to whatever lewd scenario you're laying out for her. You pick up another chocolate and continue, "It's gonna be great. I'll come home from work, plop my fat ass in a double-wide chair, and you'll feed me a whole pie for an afternoon snack."

Iva's breathing speeds up, and you can tell she's getting close.

You lean in and whisper into Iva's ear.

"And that's just the start. Imagine eventually when I'm really big. I'll have a blubbery belly so big it'll trap you underneath me as I fuck you."

Iva squeals in delight and you feel her body go rigid against yours as she comes. Her climax is a deep one, and you can feel it resonate through her body as she slowly comes back down. She gasps for air and leans back, propping her head on her hand.

"I definitely think we're starting to understand each other," she says with a smile.

You chew up one final chocolate and swallow it, them groan in a mix of discomfort and pleasure. Iva runs a soothing hand over your stuffed middle, and you hum with contentment.

Iva seems plenty happy snuggled up next to you, and you're still far to full to consider moving, so you get comfortable on the bed and allow your tiredness to wash over you.


You wake up the next morning to the feeling of hair tickling your nose. You open one eye and look around the room. Iva is there, grinning at you with a blackberry tart.

"Morning!" she says, presenting the tart to you.

You grab it from her and greedily eat it up, feeling slightly more awake as you do so.

Iva deposits a few more blackberry tarts on your bare chest, and you start scarfing them down. She grins as you eat, then starts slipping her clothes back on.

"I'm working at the tavern this morning, but I didn't want Kasia to have all the breakfast fun!" she says.

She kisses you on the cheek, and runs from the room before you can say anything. You sigh and throw the covers off of you, then sit up and rub the sleep out of your eyes. Iva left you a plate of tarts, and you quickly devour them all.

You hear a knock at the door to your room. You answer, and Kasia pokes her head in.

"Ah, there you are! I already heard about your late night from Iva, and I trust you had fun?"

Your cheeks flush, both from Kasia's suggestion, and because you're still naked.

Kasia chuckles brightly, "You don't have to get dressed if you'd like. But then you don't get to have the thrill of outgrowing your clothes..." she trails off, grinning.

"Guess I'm still getting used to this sort of treatment," you say, a little embarrassed.

Kasia continues to grin and replies, "Well make up your mind soon. It's past time to start the day's gut training."

She pulls her head out of the doorway, and you hear her leave. You find yourself sitting heavily on your bed, then you heave yourself to your feet and start gathering your clothes. The clothes Iva brought are still in another room, so you pull on your outfit from yesterday. You suck in your gut to buckle the pants, and smirk as you regard the ruined button on your too-small shirt. You head out the door and find Kasia waiting for you.

"Well? Let's get going..."

You follow Kasia. She leads you past the familiar kitchen table, explaining, "It's nice outside today, and it's not like anybody can spy on my land." She opens a door and leads you outside to a handsome stone patio under a canvas awning. There's a sturdy wooden table with a set of matching chairs arranged comfortably, and some miscellaneous furniture to boot. You count four loveseat-sized pieces of furniture, and assume two people can sit on them.

Kasia goes on to say, "Honestly we should have been doing things this way from the beginning. Being out in nature will strengthen your power. Now get comfortable, and I'll be back with some breakfast!"

She leaves you at the patio. You find yourself admiring her home's high stone foundation and solid construction. You hear footsteps, and turn around to see Kasia bearing a large tray. Two full bowls of oatmeal sit there, a pitcher of orange juice, a stack of buttermilk pancakes, and a small pitcher of syrup.

It's a lot of food, but you already know that Kasia won't relent until your belly is stuffed to bursting. She sets the tray in front of you, and the delicious smells immediately waft up to your nose, setting your stomach rumbling.

Kasia pulls out a chair and sits opposite to you, a smile brightening her face as she watches you dig in.

"Oh, I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure what I'd do if you didn't!"

You eat ravenously, shoveling food into your mouth as fast as you can. The pancakes are delicious, the buttermilk tart and creamy, the oatmeal filling and comforting.

Feeling thirsty after recent events, you turn your attention to to orange juice. You lift the pitcher straight to your mouth, and drain it in a series of greedy gulps. You return to the oatmeal and pancakes, swiftly downing the remainder of the pile.

With an air of finality, you lick your fork and the final traces of oatmeal off the plate, then promptly belch loudly.

"Ah... that was good."

Kasia laughs.

"Told you I made good food."

You nod, leaning back in your chair.

Kasia leans forward across the table, poking a sturdy finger into your tummy where a button once sat.

"And I trust that was a nice little snack for you?" She asks bemusedly.

"Mmhmm," you hum.

"Good." She leans further forward, and you look up to find her hefty cleavage is already right in your face.

"I want something from you," She purrs, "And today I'd like you to do it before you're too glutted to move." She punctuates this statement with a long, slow lick from your cheek to your ear, before whispering, "I want you to fuck my brains out."

Whatever lingering grogginess you may have felt is instantly gone. A bolt of lust thrills through you and you feel your cock stiffen in seconds.

Kasia looks you in the eyes and bites her lip, "There's nobody around, and the grass is nice and soft..." She trails off, tilting her head to one side.

You stare into her honey-brown eyes, and see the zest for life within.

Despite, or maybe because of, your excitement you don't manage to say anything. A flash of mild irritation crosses Kasia's face. She hooks a finger under your collar and says, "I know you had fun yesterday but I didn't get off. We're going to remedy that now."

You nod and mumble eagerly, and rise to your feet. The table creaks as Kasia rolls off of it and gets her own feet underneath her. With an excited grin, she takes your hand and leads you off of the stone patio, and past her garden plots. After a short walk she leads you to a cozy-looking patch of grass under the shade of a great oak tree.

"Here we are!" she beams, sitting down and puling you down onto your knees in front of her. She then takes your hands and places them on her thighs, just above the knee.

The ankle-high grass is deceptively soft, almost like a carpet, and whatever reservations you had about potentially being naked on it begin to vanish.

Kasia hums happily as you start tracing your hands over her thick thighs, and she runs her hands over your arms as you caress her.

"So," she asks, "You've fucked a woman before, right?"

Not waiting for an answer, she grins and continues, "Having your cock sucked doesn't count."

Now it's your turn to be slightly irritated. "I thought this was a small town, and that everybody knew everything about each other. I had a dalliance with my neighbor Nila a few years ago."

Kasia laughs, "Oh right, I must've forgotten. Regardless, I wanted to be sure you know how to please a woman," her voice lowering to a sultry purr.

"I think I generally know what I'm doing," you say with a grin.

Kasia bites her lip and replies, "Good. And I can teach you if you're missing something."

With that, she places her hand on your shoulders and looks into your eyes with desire. She leans in and starts nibbling on your lip before kissing you deeply.

You hold her close, gently scooting your body closer to hers.

Her lips are warm and almost taste sweet.

"Just relax, do what feels right," she whispers.

In response, one of your hands immediately traces upwards and starts kneading into one of Kasia's huge breasts.

Her eyes widen as she moans into your mouth, before returning the favor and rubbing your hardening cock through your trousers.

With her other hand, she gently tugs on your hair as the kiss deepens.

After a few moments of this, Kasia breaks away. She looks at you playfully and points out the ties on her top, "Well? Don't you want to start undressing me?”

Her eyes are bright, catching glimmers of the sunlight, and her gray-streaked hair stirs in the gentle breeze.

In that moment, you don't see Kasia as just some middle-aged village lady. You see Kasia, an ample-figured and ageless beauty. And her magnificent cleavage is all yours to play with.

You nod eagerly and start unlacing her top.

Kasia returns the favor as you work on her top, and soon you're kneading her pendulous tits as she's caressing your squishy stomach.

Your lips follow the lines of her collarbone and down towards her drooping breasts. Your mouth envelopes one of her nipples as you gently nibble and suck. Her moan of ecstasy is music to your ears.

After her first squeal of ecstasy subsides, you reach down and unbuckle her skirt.

Kasia giggles and leans back, lifting her hips so you can remove the garment. You tug it off.

Next you remove her stockings with a little help.

Kasia's eyes glint with desire as she sits naked on the soft grass. Her ample form exudes a primal allure.

"Well?" she asks with a smoldering grin, "Am I still nice and pretty for being a plump older lady?"

"Oh Kasia," you pant, running your hands along her ample curves, "You are definitely nice and pretty."

You grin with hunger as you squish your fingers into Kasia's doughy curves. You jiggle and gently slap her chubby stomach, eliciting a lusty giggle.

"But I wonder," Kasia continues coyly, "If you prefer a plumpish lady or maybe a little chubby. You do like chubby, don't you?"

"Yes, very much."

Kasia then grabs your hair and firmly pulls your face into her plush belly. You grunt with surprise, then chuckle as you get lost in Kasia's delightful squishiness. You then start tonguing her deep belly button. You slurp and suck and prod her belly with your tongue until she squeals with laughter and pushes you away.

"Come on. It's past time for you to be naked. You'll be so much more comfortable," she grins.

You straighten up, and suck in your gut to unbuckle your pants. You feel a definite sense of relief as your growing potbelly bulges free.

Kasia just chuckles, reaching up to help peel your trousers off of you.

You kneel back down and let Kasia's arms pull you into an embrace. Your naked bodies pressed together feels wonderful, and her lips relentlessly seek your sensitive spots. Her mouth works wonders on your neck, on your ears, and on your nipples as you groan in ecstasy. You even feel her hands rubbing your potbelly.

Kasia pauses to look at you. She says, "Can you do something for me?"


Kasia licks her lips lewdly, "I want you to get between my thighs and lick my pussy."


"Do it, handsome."

You gasp as your mouth gapes wide open.

Her face flushes with desire as she squirms slightly, "I can fuck a lot better when I'm nice and warmed up. And besides, I've never known you to turn down snacks!"

You regard her with a smirk, "This is true. Lately I've been eating anything. Ok, I'll do it."

Kasia giggles warmly and repositions, spreading her thick legs wide.

You drop to your hands and knees and look into Kasia's glistening folds.

"Just get your face in there and start exploring," she pants.

You gently part her lips with your fingers and lean in. You make contact with her slit, and a delicious muskiness meets your nose. You begin to gently lick and suck on her lips, and can feel her shiver as she grips your hair.

"Oh my..."

You lap faster and faster at her needy slit.

"Not so fast... Take your time..." She pants.

You keep licking and suckling on her pussy as your hands grab a handful of her hips. She tastes faintly of honey and salt, but mostly just smells like arousal.

"Oh yes... Just like that..."

Kasia starts bucking her hips, pushing your face onto her slit. She runs her hands through your hair and says, "Keep going... Now lick my clit..."

You obey her command as your mouth covers her delicious clit. You suckle on it briefly, before tickling it with your tongue. She throws her head back and yelps.

"Easy... Easy... That's it..." She chuckles, "That feels so good."

You continue to lick and suck on her clit as your hands wander to grab her ass. You squish her cheeks and pull yourself deeper into her folds.

"I'm close... I'm coming..." She pants, as you continue to lick and suck.

Her breathing intensifies as her legs start to tremble.

"Yes! Yes! OhfuckYes!"

You feel Kasia's body tense, her fingers wrapped tightly into your hair. A second later you feel her spasming in pleasure and her thighs firmly squish around your head. You keep working with your tongue to drag out Kasia's orgasm. For a good few seconds she's breathless and weak, but eventually she relaxes her thighs and lets go of your head.

"Fuck, that was pretty good..." She breathes, smiling.

You pull back and look Kasia in the eyes with a smile. "Guess I'm good at taking orders from beautiful women, and I certainly enjoy making you happy," you reply.

She smiles warmly and wipes a bead of sweat from her brow. Her smile quickly tinges with lust. She says, "Now, I told you that was just a warmup for me. I wager you're just aching to get your cock inside me."

"I am," you say, grinning.

She teases, "Well there's nothing stopping you." She holds out a hand. You accept it and she pulls you close once more. She wraps her lips onto yours and the kiss is deep. You feel a flash of surprise as you realize Kasia is licking her own juices off of your face, but you don't dwell on it. She clamps a hand on your ass, nudging your hips towards her own.

You blindly maneuver, trying to get your cock into position. Kasia reaches down with her hand and gently guides your eager member into her warm folds. You push, and it slowly enters, until you are bottoming out. You groan into her mouth as you start to rock your hips, pulling out and then sliding back into her. You keep this up, and soon both of you are rocking back and forth.

"Yeah... Fuck me like that..." Kasia pants.

As you begin to thrust into her faster, she grabs your ass tightly.

"Yes... Do it hard... I like that..."

You begin slamming your cock into her as hard as you can, and she wraps her legs around you. Her face is twisted into a grimace of ecstasy as her forehead rests against yours.

"I'm... I'm going to come again..." She pants.

You grunt in response, doing your best to keep up the pace.

"Yes... Fuck... Yes..." Her breathing intensifies, and she holds onto you for dear life as she rides out her orgasm.

Kasia unwraps her legs from you, and between gasping breaths, says, "You're getting close, aren't you?"

You grunt in response, still breathing heavily.

"Good," she smiles, "I want to change it up. Do you want me on my hands and knees?”

"Um... Yeah, if that's okay," you reply, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

Kasia laughs as she says, "Anon, it'll be fine."

You slide out of her, your cock throbbing, as Kasia begins to roll over. "You're gonna love this," she pants.

Soon she's propped on her knees and wobbling her generous ass invitingly.

"Well?" she teases, "Get in there and fill me up with your load!"

Kasia certainly has a way with words. Practically drooling with desire, you sink your fingers into her plush hips, prompting a sharp lusty breath. You scoot forward and gently slide your cock into Kasia's slick hot pussy from behind.

You begin to thrust gently, going as deep as you can go. You find that by keeping your elbows well away from your shoulders you can slam into her with very little effort.

"Fuck, yes... Just like that," she pants. Kasia's ass smacks rhythmically into your thighs as she continues to squeal and moan with delight.

You keep this up for some time, even as sweat begins beading on your brow. You try to keep your breathing regular, but you are definitely not as fit as you used to be. Your muscles begin to ache as you fuck Kasia from behind, but the sensations are so amazing you're determined to power through.

"Fuck yes! Just like that! You're... You're... Yes..." she continues to pant.

Kasia's latest round of dirty talk gets lost in ecstatic moans and squeals as she comes once again. The warm tightness of her insides, the jiggling bounce of her ample curves, and her lascivious moans are driving you wild. Soon a familiar heat and pressure is building in your cock.

"Kasia, I'm..." you grunt.

"Cum in me," she whimpers, "I want to feel you inside me."

That's all you need to hear. You throw your head back and moan wordlessly as slam your cock into Kasia up to the hilt. You feel it spurt over and over as you pump your load deep into Kasia. She whimpers and bucks as you groan with ecstasy, feeling a rush like you've never felt before.

You collapse onto her back, still twitching as your cock softens inside her. You breathe hard, finally done, as you feel a cool breeze on your back. You slide out of Kasia as she lowers herself to the ground. As you lay there gasping for breath she looks at you with a warm, pleased smile.

"You were wonderful," she coos. You're still trying to catch your breath, but manage to reply, "That was incredible. There's just something about you that's so sexy."

"Mmmm, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself," she smiles. Her smile darkens a bit as you keep panting, "Are you ok?‘

You turn and look at her, "Yeah..." You plant your hands on your growing potbelly and give it a little jiggle, "Guess I'm still getting used to my new bulk..."

"Oh, you'll get used to it," she says, "Just give it time."

You swallow, and your breathing is finally more or less normal. You put on a wry smile, "So do you have a thing for fucking chubby guys into a sweaty breathless mess?”

She laughs, "I have a thing for fucking you, specifically, into a breathless mess."

"Oh... Good..." You reply in a caricature of a sad voice.

Kasia laughs and wraps an arm around your shoulder, snuggling her warm, soft body against you.

"Believe it or not, this is part of your training too. Being able to push through your exhaustion will build your willpower. And of course, some vigorous fucking will help build your strength as I plump you up."

She presses another kiss to your lips, then says, "But for now, let's just enjoy this moment."

"Yeah," you whisper back, and wrap your arms around Kasia.

The two of you lay there in the grass for a good while, enjoying the afterglow and drinking in the sensations of each other's bodies.

The wind rustling through the grass and the warm sun on your skin are incredibly soothing, and you feel yourself nodding off. A shaking at your shoulder and a familiar voice keeps you awake, however.


"You're not fat enough to be this lazy," Kasia laughs.

You groan in disappointment and open your eyes to see her grinning at you. She kneels next to you, and strokes your cheek.

"Up and at 'em, stud," she smiles, "We've got work to do. You can nap once you've stretched out that gut of yours."

"Mmh, how could I forget?" you chuckle with playful sarcasm.

"Actually," Kasia puts a finger to her full lips, "We could both stand to clean up. My personal bath is easily large enough for both of us, care to join me?"

"There's no way I'm saying no to that," you reply.

Kasia beams and extends a hand, helping haul you to your feet. She gathers her clothes but doesn't move to put them on.

She notices your raised eyebrow and answers it, "We're just going to get naked again for the bath. Also we just fucked in the grass, don't tell me you're ok with that but embarrassed of a little walk?”

You laugh, "You make a good point," and gather your own clothes into a rough bundle.

Kasia leads the way back to her house, and the two of you playfully slap and jiggle each other's soft bits as you walk.

Soon enough you're back inside Kasia's house. She leads you through her bedroom and towards a sizable tiled bathtub. Kasia flops her clothes onto the floor in a rough pile, then opens a valve near the tub. Clear water flows in, and you see the ring on Kasia's finger flare red as she works some magic.

Almost immediately, steam begins to rise from the bath. "Gotta love magic," Kasia laughs, then carefully steps into the tub and lowers herself in. She sighs with relaxation then motions for you to join her. You do so, sitting down in the water and leaning against the tub's curved wall.

"Mmm," you hum as the hot water envelops your body. Your muscles relax and you lean your head back against the wall in contentment.

"How's the water?" Kasia asks.

"It's perfect," you smile, "You're so lucky that you can do this all the time with your powers."

"I try my best," she replies.

Kasia leans over and pulls the tub's faucet off. She reaches towards a shelf off to the side and retrieves a dish with some soap. She scoops out some soap, begins lathering herself, then offers the dish to you.

You smirk, then grab some soap for yourself and scrub it into your skin. Kasia raises an eyebrow and you lean forward to begin scrubbing her arm.

"What are you doing?" she asks with a giggle.

"I'm cleaning you," you reply evenly, "You've pampered me so much already, I figured I should do something nice for you."

Kasia shakes her head and grins, leaning back and allowing you to do as you please. Her soapy wet skin feels amazing under your hands, and you work your way up her arm towards her torso. She coos and giggles as you lavish attention into scrubbing and kneading her fleshy bosoms.

"There's more to me than my tits, you know," she teases.

You look up at her and shrug. Kasia shifts in the tub and extends a leg towards you. Taking the hint, you rest her leg on your shoulder and start washing your way up her calf. Her skin is so soft, and she giggles every time you accidentally find a new patch of flesh to scrub.

You steadily scrub Kasia clean, enjoying the feel of her under you fingers, and the simple pleasure of doing something nice for her. Eventually you're done, and Kasia directs you to relax as she returns the favor, steadily washing away the sweat and dust. Eventually, you lean back and enjoy the warmth of the water.

"I like doing nice things for you," you say with a smile, "but maybe I like the pampering more."

Kasia chuckles with a slight edge, "Well you know that you're not being pampered for the hell of it. You're getting all of my special treatment because you've agreed to put yourself through the ordeal of my training."

"No pleasure without pain, huh?" You reply, "Looks like I'm gonna be getting tons of both."

Kasia splashes some water at you, causing you to flail and laugh. She's sitting on her haunches looking down at you. "Ready to get back to work?” She asks, poking your stomach.

"Yeah, I guess," you reply with a tinge of disappointment.

Kasia hefts herself out of the tub and carefully pads over to a rack of towels. She selects one and wraps it around herself. She then picks up another one and motions to you. With a grunt you lift yourself out of the tub as well and accept the towel.

You begin drying off and Kasia says, "Don't be so glum! So long as you keep hitting your training milestones, we can do fun stuff like this whenever you want."

"Wasn't that always the arrangement?” you ask in response.

"Well yes, but I wanted to make it clear how serious I was about rewarding you," Kasia ties off her towel and continues, "And of course I wanted to see if your cock felt as good as it tastes."

Your mind skips a beat and you can't muster a response. You follow Kasia as she heads into her bedroom, "You don't need to be so shy. We're two people who are attracted to each other, it doesn't need to be more complicated than that."

She reaches a wardrobe, opens it and starts looking over dresses, "And I'd be remiss if I failed to mention Iva. She absolutely adores you, you know?”

"Is that so?" you ask somewhat dully, only half paying attention.

Kasia's face furrows with slight annoyance, "Are you really that dense today?"

You rattle your head and suddenly feel more alert, "No. Iva's made her feelings clear to me, and I like her too. I know it's been a few weeks but I'm still having a little trouble with how the two of you are sharing me."

Kasia rolls her eyes and tosses a dress on the bed, "Look, it's pretty simple. I get you for about half the day, she gets you for the rest, just as always. If she wants you for more of the day then we can talk about it."

"Oh? It's really that easy?”

Kasia fixes her gaze on you.

"Yes, it really is," she says easily. "Weddings, affairs, jealousy – these things are human creations. We don't NEED those things in our lives. What we're doing is the old way. I like you, Iva likes you, you like us and our cooking. Nice and simple, you don't need to overthink it."

"That does sound nice," you muse.

Kasia smiles lightly, "Glad we could clear that up. We'll have plenty of time to talk as you eat. Until then, go get dressed and meet me in the kitchen. You should know what's coming next."

You leave the bedroom, stealing one last glance at Kasia's plush curves after she drops her towel. You go into the spare bedroom and retrieve one of the tailored outfits Iva left there yesterday. You slip it on, slightly marveling at the simple joy of having a waistband that doesn't cut into your gut. You button up the new shirt and find that it's a little loose too. You roughly comb your hair with your fingers and leave the spare bedroom, a mischievous blend of excitement and embarrassment flitting through your mind as you imagine outgrowing these clothes too.

In the kitchen, you find Kasia stirring a large cauldron on the stove. She turns towards you and gives you a warm smile.

"Here he is," she says. "I hope you're hungry."

"Always," you reply.

"Good. Go sit down at the table. I'll be there in a minute."

Several minutes pass, and you hear the front door open and the sounds of conversation. Kasia eventually rounds the door to the dining room, wearing an odd expression.

"You'll need to go back into town today," she announces.

"What's going on?" you ask. "It's something back at the blacksmith's shop. They want you specifically to be there," Kasia replies while rubbing her temples. "You need to go back and be with them."

Your belly grumbles, and you feel surprisingly disappointed at missing out on a day's gorging.

"Did they say what it's about?" You ask.

"No," Kasia responds, "I'm so sorry, I said I'd be able to keep your day job away while you trained."

"It's okay," you say, "I'll go back, and I'll get it done quickly."

Kasia half-smiles, and starts gathering some food items on a plate and on a cloth. "We still have time for some lunch, and I'll be damned if I send you out there empty-handed!"

Kasia hands you the plate, and you sit down at the table. You eagerly shovel down a large hunk of some pot pie. Next, Kasia hands you a pitcher of fresh, creamy milk, looking at it expectantly. You steadily drain the pitcher in one go, being careful not to slop any milk onto your new clothes. You sigh with contentment as the familiar feeling of fullness settles into your gut, and an airy belch escapes your mouth, surprising you.

"Not bad," Kasia says, "but not quite there yet, are you?"

You grin and burp again.

"Ok, time for you to head back to town. I'll make it up to you later!“Kasia crams a delicious-smelling bundle into your arms and practically marches you out her front door.

You grab your pack, slip on your boots, and share a luscious kiss with Kasia before heading out.

The trip back into town is relatively uneventful. You pass through the village center, chatting about the weather and your new girth, and manage to make it back to the blacksmith shop with no problems. The oh-so-important issue that required your presence and a break in Kasia's practically sacrosanct training was a review of some of the work logs. You were already annoyed at missing a day of being gorged by Kasia, and now the day's issue at the shop probably didn't need your input. Still, you do your best to hide your annoyance while going over the books.

After about an hour, you've settled into the search, and are even having some fun bantering with your old workmates. It takes most of the day, but you all eventually find the issue: it was a completely mundane misprint in an accounting book. The sun hangs low in the sky, and you've long since devoured your packed meal. You say your farewells and head back to Kasia's place, already anticipating being stuffed to bursting.

When you get there, you find only a note in Kasia's handwriting. It reads:

"I'm sorry, but I'm going out to meet up with an old friend for a bit. I won't be home until late tonight. No thickroot today, but I left you a nice big dinner. I will see you tomorrow." The mere mention of dinner sets your greedy stomach rumbling again, and you make your way to the kitchen.

You find a large platter of food waiting for you, spread out on the kitchen table. You immediately notice that the platter has been heavily picked over, and as you finish entering the kitchen, you find the culprit: a lightly snoring Iva, laying back on a chair with her pants unbuttoned.

Several thoughts run through your head at once, and you take a moment to sort them all out. First, you're pleased to see Iva and her cute self here. Next, you're confused as to why she decided to experiment with recreational gluttony tonight. Next, you're annoyed that she decided to pig out on your dinner. Next, you rack your brain for where Kasia keeps ready-to-eat foods in her larder. And finally, while you're definitely hungry, you've got an idea for punishing Iva.

You quietly dig out two lengths of leather cord from your pack. You feel a rush of mischief as you tie Iva's wrists to her chair, being careful not to wake her. She shifts and murmurs a bit, just doesn't wake. The empty flagons of ale nearby doubtlessly helped there. Finally, you grab a plate and load it up with all kinds of sweet and savory foods from Kasia's pantry. Although you're going to feed Iva some more, you yourself are still quite hungry.

You cautiously set the bounty of food onto the heavy kitchen table, and whisper into Iva's ear.

"Wake up, you lazy pig."

Iva jolts awake, and her eyes go wide at the sight of the food in front of her.

"Wha... what?"

Iva shows a flash of panic as she realizes her hands are tied, then fixes her eyes on you. She blinks a few times then asks,

"Anon, why am I tied up?"

"You pigged out on all my dinner, and I wasn't about to let that happen again, so I decided to bring back some more food."


"No buts," you reply. "If you're going to be a pig, then I'm going to make sure you're properly stuffed. And believe me, I know a lot about being stuffed."

Iva protests, "I... I don't know what you mean. I didn't eat your dinner!"

You pat her bulging stomach, "Then where did this full belly of yours come from?"

"I don't... I don't remember. It just came. I'm sorry, I... I'll be more careful."

Your patience finally runs out. You grab a chunk of bread and shove it into her mouth. She tries to protest, but you're quick to clamp her mouth shut, and the bread finds its way down her throat without further incident.

Iva swallows roughly, then gasps indignantly, "Why are you doing this, Anon? I'm already so full... Are you trying to make me pop?"

You chuckle while scarfing down a hunk of meat pie, then pick out a plump cream roll. You look at Iva and ask, "All I want to know is who ate my dinner if it wasn't you. I think you're still lying to me, and I don't like that."

Iva glares at you with tears welling in her eyes, and she struggles against her restraints.

You smirk ruefully and say, "That's what I thought. Well, keep your pride then, Iva. In the meantime, I'm going to feed you until you can't move."

You grip Iva's chin with one hand and push an end of the cream roll past Iva's lips. She grunts and struggles a bit, but she sighs contentedly as she bites into the sweet treat. A glob of thick cream oozes out the corner of her mouth.

You pull her chin back and force the rest of the roll into her mouth.

Iva lets out a mix of moans and grunts as she struggles to chew and swallow the roll. In the process, you get more cream and plenty of crumbs all over her face. Once she's swallowed the last bit, Iva blushes and bites her lip. She looks up at you sheepishly.

She whispers, "I'm... I'm sorry, Anon. I didn't mean to eat your dinner."

You lean in and run a couple fingers under her chin. You whisper back, "There, wasn't it easy to tell the truth?"

Iva's face turns even redder as she nods, "Yes, I'm sorry."

You pat her stomach, "Well then answer me this: why did you do it, and why did you lie?"

"Well... I was really hungry..."


"And... I know this house is full of food, but I wanted to see if there was anything special about what Kasia was cooking for you."


"And... I just wanted to see what it would be like."

"What do you mean?"

"To be like you. To be the one gorging themselves rather than the one handing out the food."

You chuckle, "And I guess you liked it, huh. Being a glutton? Do you think it's fun?"

"I don't know," Iva admits. "I mean, it's sorta fun in the moment. It's just... I like being the one putting food in people's mouths. I like making them happy."

She continues, "But there's something that's just missing when you're by yourself..."

You gently rub Iva's overstuffed belly. She squirms and moans contentedly. She closes her eyes and whispers, "Now this, this feels good. Why didn't you ever tell me about this?"

You keep gently rubbing and reply, "I didn't think you wanted to be a glutton. But yes, your lover caressing your glutted gut at the end of a huge meal is definitely a highlight."

"I... I'm sorry," Iva stammers. "I shouldn't have done that."

"It's alright. I forgive you," you say while keeping your hands on her belly.

"The other question, though," you continue gently, "Why did you lie?"

Iva grumbles wordlessly then replies, "It's dumb. Spur of the moment. I was going to fess up, but when you immediately threatened to feed me even more, I guess I wanted to see what you'd do."

You smirk, "Part of me is disappointed you gave in so easily. I was having fun stuffing your face, and I think you enjoyed being pushed around."

Iva looks down at her belly and says sheepishly, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you do that. I was actually enjoying it. It felt good being forced to eat more even though I didn't really want to."

"You didn't force me to do anything. I was upset, and i decided to punish you. Honestly, that was kind of messed up."

"And me stealing your enormous dinner wasn't?" Iva replies with a bit of sass.

At yet another mention of dinner, your stomach grumbles impatiently.

"I'm sorry," Iva says again. "Really, I am. I should have told you the truth."

You gently grab Iva's shoulder and say, "It's ok, really. I know how you can make it up to me though."

"What do you mean?"

"Playing dumb now?"

Iva sticks her tongue out with a giggle.

You reply, "I'll go ahead and say it, since you're apparently dumb now. I'll untie you, then you can sit on my lap and feed me the feast that's on the table here."

"Really?" she asks.

"Yeah, really."

"Getting to feed you is hardly a punishment," she purrs.

"I'm feeling merciful. And ravenously hungry, hah!"

"I want one condition, though."

"Hm, I suppose it depends on what that condition is."

Iva bites her lip and takes a deep breath before saying, "I want you to cram some more of those cream rolls into my face at some point."


You grin and Iva gives you a triumphant look.

"I know, I'm a terrible negotiator," you laugh while untying Iva's bindings.

Once her hands are free, Iva takes a moment to stretch them out, then promptly shimmies out of her pants. She takes a few moments to savor the feeling of her own overstuffed tummy, then she straddles you and sets her petite weight onto your lap.

"Alright, Anon, are you ready to eat for me?" She purrs.

"Always," you reply.

Iva then proceeds to cram two cream rolls into your mouth at once, then proceeds to reach for more.

You suppress a laugh to keep from choking, and take huge bites to try and get through the mouthful of sweet dough. The cream and crumbs are already making a mess, but this is certainly no time to be dainty.