In Dulciubs Vero

Part 3


The next couple of days are a blur. You can barely focus on your job, and you hardly remember anything other than text conversations with Cass, granted a new intensity through your fresh relationship.

To your relief, Cassandra doesn't have second thoughts about your mutual escape from the friend zone, and the lustiness of her texts seems to be making up for lost time. Monday evening, she sends along a selfie, and true to her word, she's sporting an athletic, toned figure. Even knowing that her body is an illusion doesn't really dampen your appreciation of hear appearance, though minus the extra pounds her best asset is her backside rather than her bust.

Then again, your evaluation of her skinny body might be influenced by some shockingly spicy selfies that have you marveling at her handling of a cellphone camera while striking a titillating pose. On Monday night, Cassandra lights up your cellphone with a literally steamy snapshot from her bathroom. She's dripping wet, clearly fresh out of the shower, and straddling a dining chair brought in for the occasion. With her camera shooting over her shoulder, Cass' image is giving you a sultry look while showing off her taut butt and surprisingly defined legs and back. The selfie had you flustered enough, then you read the message she sent with it.

"I know we're dreaming big, but I'm going to make the most of my 'strong girl' arc while it lasts. Hope you're ready to get bossed around by me, Anon..."

You don't feel the least bit of shame at splattering some of your very pent-up sexual tension against your shower wall.

Then you do it again on Tuesday night when Cass sends a selfie wearing nothing but an apron and showing off a huge haul of groceries.

"Gonna have you come over tomorrow night, you better start working up that appetite now..."

You feel your heart race as you read her message, your mind filling with erotic images of what she might have planned for you. The anticipation is almost unbearable, as is the quiet but undeniable anxiety that she might still suddenly change her mind about your new relationship.

In any case, your anxieties were unfounded.

Wednesday evening, and Cass all but yanks you past her door and frog-marches you to the dining table. It's practically creaking with a spread, anchored by a creamy casserole and multiple comfort-food sides. Cassandra barely even has to seduce or cajole you into pigging out - simply enjoying the food is enough to keep you stuffing your face. You barely seem to see Cass putting her own fork to her lips, but she's clearly doing some damage to the banquet herself. Her cooking was always good enough for you to relax your limits a bit, but knowing that she's into watching you overindulge has you munching away with a particular focus and purpose. Also a throbbing erection. Inevitably, your swelling stomach begins to strain against your tight waistband. As full as you are, you find yourself perversely excited to be pushing your limits for real, plus you're not done enjoying Cass' selection of homestyle calorie bombs.

You swallow a particularly heavy bite, then without any warning, drop your hands below the table to undo your belt and pants button. You sigh with relief and shift in your chair as the pressure around your bloated stomach disappears.

"I told you I can really pack it away if I put my mind to it," you tease, returning to stuffing your face.

Cassandra chuckles, her cheeks flushed with pride and a touch of arousal. "I know you can," she says, taking another bite of her own food. "And that's exactly what I want to see. Keep going, Anon. Finish everything on your plate." You gulp down the last of your drink and reach for another serving of casserole, feeling Cassandra's eyes boring into you. You can't help but feel a thrill at her approval as you pile more food onto your already full plate.

"Oops, where'd this extra food come from?" You ask theatrically, "I hope I can finish it all..."

Cassandra smirks, her eyes gleaming with mischief. "Just eat it, Anon. You know you want to." With that, she scoops up a forkful of her own meal, clearly enjoying the spectacle of your gluttony. She swallows a bite of potato casserole and leans across the table, giving you a full view down her v-neck blouse.

"Think about how good it tastes," she purrs, "And think about how good it'll feel in your stomach, all round and distended..."

You groan, but not in protest. The thought of your stomach being stretched to its limits is strangely arousing. You take a deep breath and dive back into your food, determined to please her. You know you've already eaten way too much, but like over the weekend, you feel comfortably heavy rather than pained. However, you are indeed back to your normal body, and that means you no longer have the stomach capacity of a particularly hungry supersized man. You feel a twinge of disappointment as your stomach begins to hit a wall, your feast tonight a mere fraction of the weekend's bacchanal.

You huff, gathering your strength to finish the last portion on your plate: a fist-sized mass of creamed corn. Cassandra watches you struggle, her mouth twisted in a mixture of concern and amusement. "Almost there, baby," she coos, reaching over to give your hand a comforting squeeze. "I know it hurts, but I need you to keep going. For me." Her words singe your ears like fire, uncovering a fresh reserve of willpower and further exciting your loins. Ignoring your stomach's protests, you summon a sliver of funhouse-mirror berserker resolve, tipping the plate upwards and furiously shoveling its contents down your throat, barely bothering to chew. Cassandra's eyes widen in surprise as she watches you power through the last of your meal. You let out a satisfied moan as you swallow the last bite, your cheeks bulging with the effort. You look up at her, panting slightly, and she grins at you.

"Good job, Anon."

You groan slowly, barely managing to set your plate back on the table without dropping it. You're well past any pretense of manners or decorum, your face smeared with food debris and creamy sauces, so you immediately reach down and undo your zipper. You moan lasciviously at the iota of relief your stomach feels, then instinctually begin massaging your ready-to-burst belly.

"You finally get enough to eat, hungry man?" Cass laughs softly.

You hiccup, fighting back a wave of nausea. Once you recover, you murmur back, "My only regret, is that I couldn't fit in any more..."

Cassandra chuckles, shaking her head slightly. "You are such a glutton," she teases you, leaning back in her seat with a smile. "But I have to admit, it's kind of cute how much you love food."

"Hey," you protest, sticking your tongue out at her.

"Fine, fine, you're right," Cass replies with mock annoyance, "You stuffing your face is not simply cute, it's some of the hottest shit I've ever seen."

You grin at her, your senses steadily dulling as your body attempts to process tonight's binge.

"So long as you're... Actually good for taking care of me..." you huff, "Ooog, I don't think I'll be able to move for a while..." Cassandra chuckles again, her eyes glinting with mischief.

"Oh?" She coos, slowly rising to her feet.

"It'd be so unfortunate if somebody were to... Take advantage of you..."

She's already unbuttoning her thin lavender blouse as she approaches your side of the table.

Your heart pounds, and your cock throbs with anticipation.

Cass tosses her blouse aside, making sure you get a good look at her toned upper body and the sheer black bra stretched across her perky little tits. She briefly gyrates her hips, swishing a scandalously short miniskirt from side to side.

She kneels down beside your chair, her face level with your crotch. You feel a blush creeping up your cheeks as she undoes your pants and pulls them down to your knees, gently stroking your rock-hard cock through your underwear.

"You're gonna get so fat."

You moan, your breath hitching. "You keep feeding me like this, babe, and you can do whatever you want to me."

Cassandra smirks and leans in to kiss your inner thigh, her warm breath tickling your sensitive skin. "What I want," she whispers, "Is to make you mine."

She reaches up and dexterously undoes the buttons on your own shirt, running her hands across your chest, then slowly massaging your overfilled belly.

You groan, your fingers curling against the wooden legs of your chair as she works. She's so gentle, yet so commanding. Her fingers trace lazy circles around your belly button, then slide outwards, applying steady pressure. You tilt your head away from your girlfriend as you feel the gas bubbling out of your stomach, and Cass practically squeezes a low, slow belch out of you. Cassandra giggles, stroking your hair affectionately.

"There you go, sweetie." She whispers, her breath ghosting over your cheek.

"Mmhmm," you purr, leaning into her touch.

"I need you to have a little give for what I've got in mind," Cass explains.

She doesn't wait for your reply before hooking her thumbs around the waistband of your boxers and pulling down. You manage to lift your butt the barest amount to help her remove the snug shorts.

You barely have time to savor the cool air on your exposed body before Cass deliberately but confidently straddles you, setting her feet on the chair's cross-braces and pinning you under her toned thighs. The chair creaks gently under your combined weights. Cassandra rests her firm forearms on your shoulders, and gently settles onto your lap, slightly squishing your cock. Under her tiny skirt, you can feel the enticing heat of her pussy, and the wetness steadily soaking through her panties.

You know better than to say anything, plus you're so elated to just be in this situation, that you're content to let Cass just do her thing. Plus, you're still so stuffed that you could barely move even if you wanted to. She coos wordlessly as she begins to gyrate her hips, grinding her pussy against you and steadily teasing your cock. She opens a zipper at the side of her miniskirt and undoes it one-handed, letting it fall to the floor. Next, Cass fluidly unclasps her bra and shimmies out of it, then shoves one of her breasts into your mouth. You obediently begin to suckle on her breast, moaning softly as you feel her pussy grind harder against you. She purrs, her hands tangling in your hair as she leans back slightly, still riding you.

You feel the heat and tension churning like lava inside you, and you're a little surprised that you haven't gotten off just yet. Despite this being your first time together, Cass seems to have an instinctive knowledge that you're reaching your limit. She halts grinding against you, making a sound that might be disappointed, before lifting off of your lap, dismounting from the chair, and resettling to squat between your legs. You feel her hands on your thighs, and she parts them gently. She licks her lips, and you can see the anticipation in her eyes as she leans forward and takes your cock into her mouth. The feeling of her hot, wet mouth enveloping you is intense, and you let out a soft moan. You grip the chair tightly as Cassandra begins to bob her head up and down your shaft, taking more of you into her mouth with each downward stroke. Her tongue swirls around the head of your cock, sending waves of pleasure coursing through your body.

You feel your orgasm building, your vision beginning to tunnel, and you know you can't hold out much longer. Cassandra must sense this too, as she increases the pace of her bobbing, taking you deeper into her mouth with each passing moment. You try to hold back, wanting to hold onto this moment for as long as possible, but you just feel too good. You feel the familiar sensation of your impending climax rushing towards you, and with a loud moan, you finally let go. Your cum explodes from your cock and into Cassandra's waiting mouth, filling it up quickly. For once she actually struggles with the experience, gagging on your thick outpouring. Some of your cum leaks from Cass' lips despite her best efforts to gulp it all down.

She milks your cock with a few extra bobs, until you're forced to gently grab her hair, signaling that your cock's sensitivity has tipped over to discomfort.

Cass slides her mouth off of your twitching cock with a slutty groan, grinning at you as she licks up errant droplets of your seed. Noticing a blob of cum accumulated at the base of your cock, she immediately scoops it up in her fingers and slurps them clean, shooting you a satisfied smile. You watch as Cassandra sits back on her haunches, looking up at you with a mix of desire and satisfaction. She wipes her mouth with the back of her hand then says, "You must've really enjoyed that, Anon. Was finally getting to be in my mouth everything you thought it would be?"

You stare down at Cassandra, still trying to catch your breath. Your heart races, and you can feel a warm glow spreading through your body. You smile at her, not trying to hide the flush of elation on your cheeks.

"You're amazing, Cass," you admit. "Everything I wanted and then some... Although..." Part of you thinks better of questioning Cass' head game, but the larger part of you is shamelessly curious.

"...When did you get so good at this?"

A vanishing flash of annoyance gives way to a look of sultry pride.

"You weren't the only one slutting it up back during our clubbing days, you know. I know at least a few tricks, and I'm looking forward to using all of them on you..."

Your eyes widen as you hear Cassandra's confession. It's one thing to know that she's not inexperienced, but hearing her admit to it so confidently sends a shiver down your spine. You can feel your cock beginning to stir again, eager for more of her attention. She runs her hands gently along your thighs, saying, "Now, take all the time you need to rest. Hell, take a nap if you need to. But, once your eyes refocus, I've got a fresh apple pie that needs our attention."

Despite the fullness in your stomach, you're immediately salivating at the prospect of cramming some dessert inside you.

"Pie?" You ask, stupidly and excited.

Cassandra stands up straight, smirking down at you. She strips off her tiny g-string, and once she'd tossed it to some corner of the dining room, answers you, "Whenever you're ready, come with me to the bedroom. If we put a big enough dent into that pie, then I'll let you show me something you learned from your slut era..."

You breathe deliberately, letting the lightheadedness drain from you. As you sit up, Cass sashays slowly into the kitchen, swaying her hips as she goes.

She knows you're staring.

When she reaches the pie sitting on the kitchen counter, she slowly bends at the waist, making sure to check her heart-shaped ass in your direction, even revealing a peek of her glistening slit. She then straightens up, peeks over her shoulder, and licks a glob of the sweet filling from her fingers.

"It's really good," she coos, "I really outdid myself this time. I betcha we'll finish it all tonight, no matter how stuffed we are already."

She pats her trim but rounded stomach for emphasis.

You slowly rise to your feet with a groan. You step out of the tangled clothing at your feet and peel off your shirt, then take a moment to indulgently rub your bloated belly as your binge shifts and settles inside you.

"Joke's on you, Cass," you chuckle, "All you had to do was say you liked me chubby, and I'd gladly fatten myself up for you. You wouldn't even need to seduce me, either! Although, since you're offering..."

Your cock never fully softened after Cass sucked you off, and her sultry showing has definitely kept your juices flowing. You take a deep breath and follow her into the kitchen, feeling a mixture of hunger and desire. As you approach her, she turns around, her face beaming with excitement. "I'm so glad you came around to my way of thinking," she says with a smirk. She reaches into the pie and scoops out some filling with her bare hand, then brings it to your lips.

You open up expectantly, and Cass globs the smooth, sweet apple filling somewhat roughly inside, being sure to stick her fingers well into your mouth. You smile around her fingers, savoring the taste of the pie as you let her slowly pull her hand away. As you lick her fingers clean, you reach out and grab a handful of Cass's ass cheek, squeezing it affectionately.

"I want to use you as a plate," you say quietly but decisively.

"Mmm, hungry and horny," Cass purrs back, "Two of my favorite traits in a man. Grab that pie for me, and then I think it's time we moved this to the bedroom." Despite the pressure and slow churning in your stuffed gut, you finger-scoop out another portion of the pie, immediately scarfing it down.

Cass bites her lip and laughs, "Don't you dare eat that whole thing before we can get to bed, piggy man!"

"Ok, fine..." You slump your shoulders and kvetch theatrically, before letting Cass guide you towards her bedroom. As you enter the bedroom, Cassandra slowly crawls onto the bed, slithering over the sheets and arching her back, enticing you to join her.

You stand there watching for a sec, just enjoying the show. "What are you waiting for, Anon?" she moans, a hand already starting to play with her folds, "You're so turned on, I can feel it all the way over here!"

You reply, "Just trying to figure out how I can best scarf down this dessert while also pleasuring you."

Cassandra laughs softly at your dilemma. "Always the problem solver," she says, face flushing further as she continues teasing her clit, "I love y- ...that you can think on your feet, but right now let's just do what feels right." You chuckle, replying by leaning in and setting the pie on the bed near Cass. Her free hand immediately darts out, messily stuffing a handful of the dessert into her maw.

You then slide onto the sheets next to her, nipping at her sugar-coated lips and tongue. As you come up for air, you breathe, "Feasting and fucking; my ancestors must be proud!"

Cass answers only with a grin and a fresh fistful of apple pie for your own greedy mouth, before dragging you into a scorching, sticky embrace.

And the rest of the night is a dreamy blur.


A year passes.

The explosive passion of your initial confessions and hookup with Cass steadily mellows out to a comfortable simmer. The sentiment of everybody around you is some variation of "Oh thank God they finally got together". True to her word, Cassandra's illusion magic begins to fade as well. Within just a few weeks, her toned, athletic body has lost most muscle definition, but she easily makes the jump to embracing her "new" curvaceous thickness. And true to your pledge, you do your best to keep shoveling food into your face. Cass is definitely working through her long-suppressed desire to fatten you up by heeding the urge wholeheartedly, seldom letting you out of her sight unless you're stuffed like a turkey. The onslaught of food has you plumping up steadily as well, and in under a month you're sporting a potbelly that can't be hidden. People talk, of course. Especially as the weeks turn into months and the two of you steadily graduate from chubby to chunky to properly fat.

"I'm still just so glad that Cass and Anon finally got together. They're such a cute couple and they've clearly been crazy about each other for years!"

"Well they're certainly comfortable with each other... And, ah, getting moreso."

"Another sandwich for lunch, Anon?"

"Yeah, boss, I'm... Just really hungry lately."

"Just... So long as you have those reports done by the end of the week."

"Consider it handled. Just so long as you're not also asking me to run anywhere!"

"Ohmigod, bestie are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"No, what are you seeing?"

"Cass, bulging out of that witch costume of hers? She's so not getting away with it."

"Yeah she's definitely gotten bigger, but do you see how Anon looks at her? I'm so jealous! My boyfie never looks at me like that!

"Bestie, Cass has gotten fat! You can't be serious..."

"I ...think I am, haha! And if I could get a rack like hers, I might have to think about bringing on the junk food..."

"Ugh, who invited the fatty couple?"

"I did, so be nice. Besides, you haven't lived until you've tried Cass' hors d'oeuvres. Anon's actually quite the chef too, and he also contributed."

"Oh, wow, they brought all of this?"

"Yeah, they tend to put a real dent in the snacks, so they always bring extra. You gotta try the little chocolate squares there!"

"Fine, but just one.... Mmmmm.... Oh God, ok, maybe two. Maybe three?"

"Dude, I know this is shitty to think but I can't believe how tubby Anon's gotten."

"I'm just annoyed I had to get a new gym buddy, but it's not our business, man. Him and Cass are happy together, they can get fat together if they want."

"Yeah, but like... They're getting big... Like real big..."

"Bro are you trying to fuck Cass?"


"Are you trying to fuck Anon?"


"Then why do you care about their weights?"

"It's just... Surprising, you know? They were each like, a notch or two away from being fitness influencers. But the other day, I saw them chowing down at a burger shop, and Cass was kinda spilling over one of the chairs. Granted it was a small chair, but..."

"Bro, why were you checking out Cass' butt?"

"...shut up!"

"Hahaha, oh that is a jealous face! Anon's a seriously lucky mofo and I think you know it. Hear me out..."

"Uh, hi, excuse me!"

"Oh, hello! How can I help you, sir?"

"Yeah, I really like the style of this shirt, but do you have it in... Uh, I think I'm a 2X now?"

"Uhh... Usually what's on the rack is all we have, but I think stuff can get hidden in that section sometimes. By the way, have you checked out our big and tall offerings today?"

"Haha, right yes, that's a thing! Sorry, I'm kind of 'nouveau graisse', so shopping is still sorta weird..."

"I... See. Well don't worry sir, we'll make sure you look good!"

"Ok, so that's three number threes, two number fours, all larges and with Cubo Colas, a basket of cheesy bombs, and three chocolate milkshakes. Does that sound right?"

"Sure does!"

"Got some real hungry folks counting on you, I see! Alrighty then, $45.22 at the next window."

"Yup, real hungry alright..."

And that's just what the two of you hear, or hear about. Despite all of her avowed issues around her true weight, Cass takes the whispers surrounding her transformation very well. Sure, you had to soothe her feelings with some comfort foods at least a few times, and mainly early on, but after only a few months she's actively savoring people's surprise. Perhaps it's relief at no longer needing to maintain a magic-fueled double life, though the gawping looks her magnificent fat-girl rack draws certainly don't hurt either. Eventually most of your friends and associates come around to accepting the new normal regarding you and your girlfriend. Sure, you field the occasional jab about your appetite or your growing weight, but it's easy for you to laugh it off.

"Why yes I'm going to eat all of that. Jealous?"

"Well, y'know, Cass likes to cook, and I like being her taste tester. Besides, she likes me cuddlier!"

"Hey now, I ain't much of a sprinter, but I'm actually stronger than I look. When you've got this much manly bulk, every day is leg day!"

The damn thing is, you and Cass are barely joking or bending the truth with your snarky responses. The two of you enjoy ongoing laughs at how deep the shock would run if everyone around you realized you were one hundred percent serious. Or if they heard some of the exchanges you and Cass had behind closed doors.

"Hey, cutie, whatcha working on there?"

"Aah! Anon! No! You weren't supposed to see that yet!, fine. I was... Inspired to make a photoshop or two of my own."

"Is that why you've got a search query open for images of sumo wrestlers?"

"Heh... Yeah... I'm still thinking about how you manhandled me during the ah... The cake incident, and... And how fucking hot that was..."

"Man, I hope I'm as imposing as that guy when I'm five hundred pounds. Would that be aspirational?"

"Well of course you can still work out, just don't burn too many calories, big boy. You've got a lot of growing to do, after all..."

"Hey, baby! I baked some treats for us!"

"Aw sweet, cupcakes! -ow!"

"Don't take one just yet, Anon! Because I did a little magic too."

"Uh oh. Cass, explain."

"I hit one of the cupcakes with the weight gain curse, but I wasn't looking, and I shuffled the pan around when I was done. I don't know which one's cursed, I promise!"

"Let me guess, we take turns eating one at a time, and whoever gets the cursed one loses? Or gains, as it were..."

"Yep! You're so smart, Anon!"

"So what's the loser's punishment? You know that neither of us is going to mind being a huge whale for an evening or two. do have some antidote ready, right?"

"Yeah, don't worry. But I'm thinking.... If I win... Oh man, I'm going to make you beg so hard for that elixir."

"Pfft, yeah, that's a big 'if', sweet cheeks. I've got some ideas of my own, and consider your challenge accepted! (Nomf)"

"Hey! Anon, you hog! I didn't say start yet! Ok, fine, have it your way! ...mmm, I knew I nailed that chocolate filling..."

"Aw, it makes me so happy to see you wearing that Herbie sweatshirt I got you, Anon!"

"What? It's just been chilly, even with my new insulation."

"What do you mean, 'what', baby? I got you the sweatshirt because I was thinking of you..."


"Yeah. Herbie's adorable, round, and his superpower is eating! Remind you of anybody?"

"(munch) Nope. No idea who you could mean. Hey, could you pass me those brownies?"

"Ugh. Herbie might be smarter than you though..."

"Hey, of course I love this sweatshirt! You're just too much fun to wind up, Cass!"

"Mmm, Claire and Boris always make the greatest quiche. And they make extra for us, too!"

"Hmm, yeah... It was a pretty good dinner, but...."

"You're looking at me funny, baby. What is it?"

"Are you thinking burgers too? I could still eat..."

"You read my mind, boyfie! I knew we're perfect for each other!"

"Anon, what are you doing? Don't sag your pants like that."

"I gotta sling them low, can't get the waistband over my gut anymore."

"Nuh-uh, no sir. So many fat guys do that and it makes them look hella dumpy. The one wardrobe rule I'll enforce for you is 'waistband over the belly'."

"Ugh, fiiine. It's going to be so goddamned tight though. (Hnngf)"

"That just means we get to go shopping! You have so much to learn about plus sized fashion, my little piggy!"

"(Huff) Man I now immediately understand why sweatpants are such a staple for big folks..."

"Aaaan-on! I'm home! And I brought ....burritos.... Wait, why's it smell so good in here?"

"Hey baby! It smells nice in here because I'm handling dinner tonight. Guess you forgot, huh?"

"Oh, Anon, I'm sorry. Work was exhausting today and I picked up some Taco King on the way back without thinking..."

"I was wondering why you were running late, heh. Well, I wasn't planning on making tonight a major stuffing, but when life gives you burritos, as it were..."

"You're not mad?"

"Nah. Cass, honey, we're fat fucks now - we should always celebrate getting extra food!"

"Aw, it makes me so happy to hear you coming around to my way of thinking! Ok, I'll just stage out the fast food here..."

"Oh, you might as well unzip your jeans now, sweetie. I don't want to deal with any leftovers tonight..."

"Hey, Cass, got any lotion I can use?"

"Sure. What for?"

"I, uh... Noticed some stretch marks on my tummy and I don't want them to get too bad..."

"Yeah, you need something with cocoa butter. I got plenty of options. What sort of smells do you like?"

"Something plain...? I can just go buy some..."

"Anon. Baby. You're wonderful but you can be kinda dumb sometimes. I'm offering you grope sessions where I'll massage your belly and worship your fat. Plus, it'll probably be real sensual and my hands will be all nice and slick..."

"Oh! Well when you put it that way..."

"Hehe, you have much to learn about life in the fat lane, little piggy. But don't worry, I will show you the way..."

"Hey cutie! Admiring yourself? Understandable, since I get to admire you all the time."

"Hmm.... My face is really getting chubby... Anon, I'm worried that my haircut plus a rounder face makes me look boyish..."

"Did somebody say something?"

"No... Just my own anxiety and self-doubt..."

"Cass. If somebody can look at your pretty little head and haircut atop your luscious knockout curves and think 'boyish', then they're a goddamned idiot. You're an absolute avatar of sensual femininity, and that's just a fact!"

"Hehehe, thanks baby... Hm, y'know I think the pixie cut just has to stay my 'thing', you know?"

"Atta girl. If you like it, keep it. Simple as. Fuck all the haters, especially that nagging inner voice."

"Aw, Anon, you always know just what to say."

"Any time, sugar bun. You still down to demolish the buffet like we planned?"

"Oh, fuck yeah. Just let me get my stretchy pants on..."

"(urp) Oh God, I'm so full..."

"Tapping out already? This is a snack compared to what I've seen you eat before. Plus, look at those buttons barely hanging on! You said you wanted to eat until you busted out of that shirt, and you wanted me to take charge tonight..."

"I know, baby... I'm puffing out my tummy and everything... And this stupid tight shirt... Doesn't know when to give up..."

"Eat another sandwich for me, and I bet that'll do it."

"...what's my reward if I do?"

"I'll funnel you this cup of chocolate lava, and if you're greedy enough to finish that, I'll get you off really nicely."


"That's a thinking face, not a glazed-over face."

"...I'm trying to decide if I want to be a good sub, or a brat."

"If you're good subby food slut, I'll say nice and encouraging things as I continue to feed you, funnel you, and pleasure you.

"Oooh. But what if I'm defiant?"

"Then I'm going to forcibly fill your greedy stomach, make you beg for a release, and I'll be saying mean things all the while. You're getting the funnel either way, hun."

"Hmm. ...the safeword is still 'avalanche', right?"

"Yeah. And I knew tonight was gonna be fun..."


Your one year anniversary celebrates a couple things. Obviously the one-year mark of you and Cass finally becoming a made-for-each-other gainer couple, but also the first hours of Cassandra fully living without her skinny illusion spell. The magic had been steadily fading, giving the impression that she was steadily porking up; there was no particularly obvious change as the last wisps of the spell left her chubby body, but tonight your girlfriend is moving as though an anvil had been lifted from her soul.

Cassandra stands naked before the full-length mirror in her bedroom, admiring her fully unveiled curves. She twirls around, her hands flattened against the softness of her stomach, her breasts bouncing gently with every movement. You're reclined on her bed, naked as well, watching her preening and body exploration with amusement.

As she completes her spin, she catches sight of you in the mirror, a playful smile spreading across her plump features. "Well, what do you think, handsome? Not ashamed to be seen with this fat girl?"

You delay for a long moment, making sure you're seen ogling Cass' ample ass and chunky thighs. "Never. And if I weren't me, I'd be jealous of me."

Cassandra giggles, her belly jiggling cutely. "Oh, you're such a charmer."

Still making eye contact through the mirror, she gives you a smile that's equal parts cheeky and sultry, then briefly gyrates her thick hips, timing her movements to match the wobbling of her doughy ass.

You couldn't help but grin as you watch her. "I always love when you put on a show," you reply, standing up from the bed to join her in front of the mirror. You place your hands on her hips, feeling the soft, pillowy flesh beneath your palms. "But honestly, you look amazing."

She leans backwards slightly, against your own softened flank. She reaches behind her, gently groping and squeezing your thigh and lazily seeking your ass. As Cass regards the fat couple in the mirror, she takes on a pensive look.

"You know," she starts, eyes pointed at the mirror but looking through it, "I think the original inflection point for my, uh... Going unhinged was when I realized the reflection of my true form didn't fit in the mirror anymore. I was almost exactly this fat..." You listen intently as Cassandra speaks, her hands still lazily groping your soft flesh. You can tell she's thinking deeply about the past, trying to make sense of her feelings at the time.

Abruptly, a radiant smile lights up her face.

"Eh, who fuckin' cares," she laughs, "It all worked out in the end, right?"

You chuckle along with her, squeezing her gently. "It almost didn't. But I'm not one to hold a grudge."

Cass gives you an impish grin through the mirror, keenly aware of her own dark side (and how much fun you both have when you let her be domineering).

"So," you say, slowly creeping your hand around Cass' hip and over the pliable arc of her pudgy belly, "Just how much girlfriend am I dealing with now, anyways?"

You slip a finger into Cass' bellybutton as you finish your question, causing her to squirm and squeak with surprise. Cassandra sighs, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment and excitement. "It's rude to ask a lady her weight."

You gently but insistently stir your finger around in Cass' bellybutton, pressing and poking around at her soft, sensitive flesh. Cassandra giggles, unable to resist your teasing. "Alright, alright," she relents. "But you gotta weigh yourself before I'll tell you my number."

You pat Cass' tummy and kiss her cheek before releasing her and heading not into the bathroom, but the hardwood-floored living room. The two of you had planned for the anniversary weigh-in to be a bit of an event, so the scale awaits at a prominent and open area of the room. Cass follows you closely, and you pause only for a quick steadying breath before stepping onto the scale. Your heart pounds with excitement and a bit of nerves as the numbers flicker and change, trending up and up as you try to stay still. Your heart skips a beat and you loudly gasp as the hundreds digit briefly displays a "3".

"Holy shit!" you exclaim.

From behind and below, you hear Cass mutter, "Sorry, that was mean..."

The scale, then the floor creak as the measurement dives back below 300. You feel... Mingled relief, disappointment, and annoyance upon realizing that Cass was sneakily pressing on the scale. The scale is still attempting to measure your weight, so you let out an exhale that's more like a growl, and try to steady yourself on the platform again. The numbers on the display flicker and shift, but less and less, steadily converging.

After what feels like an eternity, the scale finally settles. You take a deep breath, and force yourself to look down at the readout. The number staring back at you is... 283.

You mutter the number aloud, then turn around slowly, your heart still pounding in your chest. For just a second you feel a heady mix of emotions. Instinctive shock and embarrassment at how your weight has climbed, which quickly and decisively gives way to excitement mingled with some sort of primeval satisfaction at building a more luscious body. But the emotion that really sticks is ...disappointment that the number wasn't even higher.

"Well, well," Cassandra says, a mischievous glint in her brown eyes. "That's not too shabby. You look great, love."

Your eyes stay downcast, your sudden funk barely punctured by Cass' enthusiasm. You idly knead your new potbelly and a couple standout stretchmarks, and mumble back, "Yeah, thanks, honey..."

Cassandra, ever the cheerleader, puts a hand around your arm and gives it a gentle squeeze. "Hey," she says, her voice low and soothing. "Don't be too hard on yourself. You've still made some amazing progress."

You look up at her, your heart still racing but your mind calming down a bit. "Y-yeah, I guess," you manage to say, feeling a bit sheepish. "It's just... When I saw the 3 in the hundreds place, I got so excited to be crossing that big milestone, y'know?"

"Yeah?" Cass inquires gently.

"Yeah," you explain, "Like, two-hundred-something, even if it's two-ninety-nine, it's 'oh you're just chubby' or 'a little heavy'. Three-hundred-plus? Yeah, that's properly fat."

Cass just strokes your arm, letting you talk.

"I made a promise to you, Cass. I don't want to be fat for you just because you like me big, I want to help share your burden. I want to draw off some of the gawkers and the whispers and the rumors, y'know?"

"I know, baby," Cassandra replies, still stroking your arm. "And that's really sweet of you. But I think a little perspective would be helpful here."

Cass sets her free hand on your belly, fingers spread. She gently squeezes your chub as she continues, "Anon, you put on almost 90 sexy pounds in a year, for chrissakes. That alone is going to raise more eyebrows than a body weight of three-hundred-something."

You look up at Cassandra, realizing the truth in her words. Despite the lingering pang of disappointment, you can't help but feel proud of the progress you've made. "Yeah, you're right," you admit, your cheeks reddening slightly. "It's just..."

You look Cass in the eye as your mouth quirks into a smile, "I think I want to get heavier than you."

She giggles and pats your stomach, sending out some small ripples. "Hey, it's not like anybody's stopping you. You're still perfectly capable of stuffing your face, and I'd love to keep egging you on."

Her hand traces a line up your trunk, leaving warmth in its wake. She tickles your lips and adds, "And I'm gonna keep feeding you too, for both our pleasures..." As she says this, she leans in and plants a soft kiss on your lips, leaving a tingly sensation courtesy of her lip balm. You feel a shiver run down your spine at her touch, and the thought of her continued support and encouragement.

"You make a good argument, Cass..."

Cassandra grins at you and leans in closer, her warm breath tickling your ear as she whispers, "I always do, baby."

She wraps an arm around your waist and pulls you in for a hug, her chubby cheek pressed against yours. You shift your mouth to be even with Cass' ear, and whisper, "As hot and heartwarming as this moment is, you're not going to distract me that easily."

"Shit," Cass hisses, but you can feel her grin against your cheek.

You pull away a little bit and grin at her, "It's your turn to get up on that scale, piggy princess."

Cassandra rolls her eyes and pouts, but she can't hide the spark in her eyes. She knows you're just teasing, and she loves it.

"Fine, fine," she says, extricating herself from your embrace and shooing you from the scale.

She steps onto the platform, peering down at the display and standing stock still. As the scale stabilizes, she observes, "My belly is almost blocking out the numbers. We're gonna need to get a talking scale soon..."

Cass suddenly goes silent, all her attention on the display as the scale settles on her weight measurement. The scale beeps, indicating a good measurement.

She leans forward to take a good look at the display, then only says, "Huh. Interesting."

You watch with bated breath as she steps off the scale, her expression unreadable, then cracking into a mischievous smile.

"Cass, you're killing me," you complain.

"319 pounds," she blurts out, "Which was also exactly my peak weight before I started undoing the skinny illusion spell."

"Which means, what, exactly?"

"It means that somehow my true form wasn't gaining any weight over the last year when we were pigging out together," Cass explains.

"But," she continues, "There isn't a drop of magic affecting me right now. Any morsel I put past my lips, is sticking to these hips!"

Cass emphasizes her explanation by stiffly slapping her plush hip. Her whole body ripples in response, and Cass grunts with pain and surprise, the slap clearly landing harder than intended. "Ow..." Cassandra whines, rubbing her hip. She then lets out a small chuckle, "But most importantly, this means you've got a number to shoot for if you want to be fatter than me."

You chuckle softly, enjoying the teasing banter between the two of you. "I guess I have my work cut out for me then," you say, stepping closer to her.

"Yeah you do. Fair warning," she replies, "I'm going to make it a moving target..."

Cassandra's words send a shiver of excitement down your spine. You're looking forward to the challenge of outpacing her growing appetite and growing even fatter and sexier together. You take her hands, savoring the warm softness of her fingers and palms.

"That's something to look forward to," you say, giving her hands a gentle squeeze. A new twist of excitement and worry manifests as you change the subject.

"But today," you start, then take a quick breath, "I'm going to show off what I've learned from you, and we're going to have a supersized hedonist weekend, just like our actual first date."

Cass steps towards you and grips your shoulders.

"Alright, moved the furniture for more space, got the mini fridges loaded up, got snack stashes all over the place..." She looks off into space as she mentally lists off her preparations.

"And got some six-X clothes we can bust out of, if we feel like getting really fucking big," she adds, biting your earlobe.

"Six-XL?" you chuckle theatrically, "But those are clothes for super fat people! And you're saying you know a way to make us even bigger than that for a weekend?"

You both break into laughter, and Cassandra's grin grows wider. She squeezes your shoulders before letting go and grabbing your hand.

"Actually, I think I know a way," you add.

"Tell me. I want to hear you say the word," Cass purrs.


Cass' eyes light up, and she toothily gnaws on her lip.

You grin, and hope you put a twinkle to your own eyes as you add, "Mystical, sorcerous power from beyond. The power to reshape reality, which we'll use to turn ourselves into heaving, horny blubberballs... Just for the fun of it, because we can!"

"Lead on whenever you're ready. I already know I don't need to ask if you remember the incantation and the ritual," Cass seems to be positively vibrating with excitement. The weight of the situation begins to press down on you, contaminating your excitement with a splotch of anxiety. You don't lead on just yet, instead taking a long moment to gaze into Cass' eyes, glowing almost orange in the moody light.

"I can scarcely imagine how you were feeling when you did a ritual for the first time," you whisper, "I can barely grapple with my own feelings right now. I'm excited, nervous, anxious, manic - magic is real, Cass! And I'm about to cast an honest to God spell!"

Cassandra grins gently at your words.

"It's going to be amazing," she says, squeezing your hands. "We're going to be amazing. And no matter what happens, I've got your back."

Her words give you strength, and you nod in agreement.

"Let's do this."

Cass releases your hands and puts on a moderately stern face.

"Clear your mind. You need to get into the proper headspace first. Focus on mentally rehearsing the incantation. As a novice, you can't afford to get distracted."

You unwisely indulge in some smarm, "Well, listen to you, miss headmistress witch."

Cass flares with annoyance, sharply snapping her fingers. "Hey! I'm serious!"

You snap to attention as she continues, "As the only known person in history who's verifiably worked magic, that does in fact make me the authority!"

Cass' words wash over you like a gout of fire. She's right, of course.

"Yes, ma'am..." you squeak.

"Take a deep breath," she commands.

In. Out.


In. Out.

"Ok. Mentally run through the incantation and the motions three times. We will stand here while you do it. I don't want you anywhere near the magic circle unless you're laser-focused, ok, big guy?"

You nod your head in agreement, taking a deep breath and recalling every little detail of the ritual.

The page from Cass' chintzy paperback spellbook appears in your mind's eye, clear as if it were on a table in front of you. You've read and reread the book so many times, you know its text, its illustrations, every errant fleck on the cheap paper, better than the details of your own home. You will yourself not to mouth the words of the incantation, knowing that they hold power even at a remove. You pantomime every little movement of your hands in time with the lines of the evocation. A crook of the fingers this way, just the right syllable stressed that way. You reach the conclusion of the spell, pantomiming pouring something into a cup.

Cass recognizes the motion and cracks a small smile.

"Very good. Now, two more times."

You nod your head in agreement and begin the process again. Cass watches you intently, her arms crossed over her ample chest. As you go through the motions for the second time, you feel a sense of calm wash over you. The ritual becomes second nature, and you find yourself slipping into a trance-like state for your third rehearsal.

Cassandra watches you intently, her eyes glinting with approval as she sees the overwhelming familiarity you have with the ritual. Your blood almost seems to tingle, perhaps with anticipation, perhaps with something more. In your current state of mind, you barely seem to notice the sensation.

"I know that look. You're ready. Follow me." You silently follow Cassandra across the living room, your mind calm and blank save for the creaking of the hardwood planks beneath your heavy footsteps. Creaking gives way to the near-silent scuffle of carpet on feet, then the gentle slap of bare feet on tile. Cassandra has once again made her bathroom into an ad hoc magical laboratory. Candles on countertops and in various nooks cast flickering shadows, the light bouncing strangely through the multiple mirrors. Your eye is inevitably drawn to the makeshift magic circle on the oddly-spacious floor, an intricate seven-pointed design drawn in aromatic blended spices.

"I even prepped the ritual circle for you," Cass whispers, patting your upper arm, "Whenever you're ready."

You take a deep breath and nod, steeling yourself for what's to come. Cassandra steps back, giving you space as you approach the circle. You close your eyes, again mentally picturing the page with the incantation. This time, you start quietly chanting the words aloud.

"E, savah. E, tokrah. E, kalathu..."

Neither of you ever figured out what language the incantations are in, but they certainly seem to work. A strange urgency grasps at your mind, and you feel the subtle inner warmth of exertion. You finish up the first verse, then, following the script, start moving candles from the bathroom counter to points on the circle. You continue chanting as you arrange the candles, your heartrate and breathing steadily climbing.

"Yix thalmi hathoopa, ta chama diku yoltha..."

The arcane words seem to flow from your lips on their own, gliding from sweeping, vowel-heavy words to staccato utterances. With all the candles now situated along the magic circle, you retrieve a nearby butane lighter and bring flame to the candles one by one. You make waving, flicking gestures with your free hand as you do, your fingers seeming to socket into unseen rails for each motion.

The ritual continues, and you feel an undeniable sense of power within you. The heat from the candles radiates outwards, making the air in the room unnaturally heavy. Cassandra stands watchfully at a comfortable distance, her eyes fixed on the flames as they dance and sway in response to your incantations. The candles lit, you move into a new verse of the incantation, panting between syllables. Sweat beads on your brow, and you feel as though you're in the middle of a run, but you don't dare abort the ritual.

You pick up a short glass tumbler, then dust some of the spice powder onto a free finger and do your best to trace some loopy circular designs on the inside of the glass. Your breath hitches and time seems to stop as the glass slips from your sweaty grasp for a moment, but you manage to catch it.

You don't even miss a beat.

"E, savah... Yomiatha ku xhorothu..."

You place the marked glass at the center of the circle, then purposefully hover your hand over the glass and clench it into a fist. You feel a momentary blast of wind, seemingly being drawn towards the glass. Nothing in the bathroom seems to be disturbed by the sudden gust, but every candle flickers out.

As the smell of smoky wax hits your nose, the candles in the circle re-light themselves, a familiar shimmering multicolor flame at their wicks.

Your eyes adjust to the dimmer lighting, and you feel a mix of exhaustion and exhilaration. The candles in the circle dance brightly, their multicolored flames casting flickering shadows on the walls. The room seems to pulse in time with your heart, and though your lungs are burning, you know you can't quit. Not when you're so close. You return to the bathroom counter one last time and pick up a small pitcher filled with whole milk, conscientiously sourced from a small local farm, then crouch in the circle once more.

Your vision briefly swims as your stamina starts to redline, but you persevere, chanting raggedly between gasps of air. You cup your free hand over the marked glass. You can only describe the subsequent sensation of the spell focusing into your hand as "impossibly tingly". Struggling to keep the pitcher steady, you pour a streamer of the rich milk onto your hand, funneling the liquid towards the cup.

Desperately, tiredly repeating the final verse of the incantation, you watch in awe as the milk transforms upon hitting your hand, becoming a clear, oily liquid before sliding into the glass. Even as your hands tremble with exhaustion, not a drop of the fresh elixir misses the glass, seemingly sucked in by an unseen force. Once the last drop of the milk has been transmuted and pulled into the enchanted glass, you slump slightly, barely managing to croak out a final repetition of the conclusive verse. You set the empty pitcher aside, and regard your handiwork, fighting against the wave of exhaustion stinging every fiber of your being. You look down at the glass filled with the translucent liquid, a sense of manic accomplishment washing over you despite the intense fatigue. The elixir seems to constantly slosh and shift in the glass, and you marvel at the volume difference - the constituent milk must have somehow been condensed or compacted by the spell.

You hear Cassandra off to the side, her voice not elated and bubbly, but serious and deeply proud.

"Congratulations Anon. You've just done what man has only dreamed of since antiquity. And your elixir looks flawless to boot."

As you take a few moments to catch your breath, you feel a wave of pride wash over you at Cassandra's words. Looking up at her, you see the admiration and respect in her eyes, mixed with a touch of something else - desire, and anticipation.

"Thank you, Cass."

"Now, dear," she says, "The only question is what delicious snack is going to get a huge calorie upgrade?"

Though you know the weight-gain elixir is more or less stable, you're loath to handle it more than necessary. You slowly rise to your feet, paranoid about disturbing any element of the magic circle, then lean against the counter and look at Cassandra. "I'm thinking," you say, your breath almost calm again, "One of those Jumbo Choco-pocalypse donuts in the living room." Cassandra grins widely at your suggestion. "Oh, that's a great choice," she says, her voice tinged with excitement. "Wait right here. I'll be back with that, and my special snack for you, in just a sec."

She pads out of the bathroom, her footsteps heavy yet graceful. You feel a slight chill as the energy of the ritual fades and your sweat begins to dry. Half-observing one of the ritual candles as its flame returns to a warm, mundane orange, you mull over the impossible feat you just accomplished. Your attention invariably slides towards the glass of weight-gain elixir, slowly seething and sloshing like an ocean of syrup answering to some unseen tides. For a very long moment, you wrestle with a dark impulse to chug the potion, curious more than fearful of how it would behave without some food acting as a carrier. As you stand there, mesmerized by the elixir's enticing waves and feeling your willpower crumble by the second, you feel a gentle nudge against your side.

"Hey, you alright?" Cass asks gently, setting a plate down on the counter.

"Yeah. Just thinking about -" you wave a hand at the ritual circle, "- all of this. I can't believe it was this easy."

Cassandra giggles softly, a mischievous glint in her eyes. "Well, Venus is in conjunction with the Moon tonight, but that doesn't diminish your accomplishment."

You just grunt in reply, still not quite sure what to make of actually working a spell yourself.

Cass wraps a hand around your waist, gently squeezing a love handle. "Maybe you think it easy, but it really is an accomplishment, big guy," she says earnestly, "It's a genuine feat of diligence, focus, and guts."

At the word "guts", Cass' reaches further around and pats your doughy belly, prompting a laugh from you.

"I'm serious," Cass laughs with you, "As hardcore gluttons and gainers, we understand a facet of grit and determination that most people never even consider."

As exhausted as you are, you burst out laughing. "Cass," you say between guffaws, "Being able to eat a dozen donuts in one sitting isn't something normies will respect."

Cassandra giggles, her round face turning a bit pink. "Well, maybe not," she agrees, "But they should. Everybody knows the average human stomach can easily house those dozen donuts. But ask some random Joe Schmoe to do it and most of them will tap out around number six." You smile, turning to face Cassandra.

"Y'know, you've got a point. And deep down, I think normies are jealous. Not giving a fuck is a superpower that we'll always have over them, right?"

Cassandra grins and nods in agreement. "Exactly! Our ability to embrace our size and indulge without shame is something they'll never understand. And hey, who knows? Maybe one day they'll be coming to us for advice on how to let loose and have some fun." She pats your belly affectionately. "I know you taught me how to finally be myself, and I'll never stop being grateful that you gave me a second chance," she adds, pulling you in for a hungry kiss. You return Cassandra's kiss with equal fervor, your hearts beating in sync as you revel in the moment. As you pull away, you look into her eyes, a twinkle of mischief there.

"Speaking of donuts and not giving a fuck," she whispers, "I'm ready to kick this weekend off in a huge way..."

You slap her ass with annoyance and groan, "That is a truly bottom of the barrel pun, baby," but you chuckle along with her. She draws your attention to the glass of weight-gain elixir, still sitting right where you made it.

"You know what to do," Cass says, then steps away from the counter.

You bend down and gingerly pick up the glass of the seething fluid, turn back to the counter, and cautiously pour the potion onto the oversized chocolate donut that Cass had brought.

Despite seeing the elixir used on multiple occasions, you still hold your breath as you carefully tip the glass. The fluid seems to jump more than flow out, disappearing into the donut and leaving no trace. The chocolate-encrusted donut doesn't seem to change, though you'd swear it seems oddly more enticing.

You turn to Cass, who by now is practically drooling with anticipation. She notices your gaze, then jiggles your ass with obvious excitement.

"To the bed!" She declares, then sashays out of the bathroom, leaving you to carry the now-cursed snack. The mattress creaks quietly as Cassandra settles her bulk onto it and as she moves around. You enter the bedroom to see her sprawled out enticingly atop the sheets, her hips and torso subtly posed to accentuate her plush hips and pendulous breasts.

She holds a plate with a massive slice of cheesecake. It's easily a quarter of the circle, with a texture that's visibly dense white cream plus a stately assortment of berries and mingled syrups atop it. You already know that it's cursed too, and your heart pounds with excitement at your impending mutual transformation. You look at Cassandra lustfully, a thrill coursing through your veins as you drink in her luxurious figure. With a determined stride, you walk over to the bed and lay down next to her, the mattress shifting under your weight.

"Are you ready?" You ask Cass with what you hope is a smoldering tone.

"Yes," she whispers in reply.

You bring around your plate with the cursed donut, and take the treat in your hand.

Cass lifts the cheesecake up too, the crushed-cookie crust so dense and sugar-laced as to withstand the motion.

"Open your mouth, sugar bun," you command, using your favorite pet name for Cass.

"Open your mouth, stud muffin," she replies in kind.

Cass brings the slice of hexed cheesecake to your waiting maw as you push your hexed donut into her greedy mouth.

No matter how many times the two of you have recreationally used the weight-gain hex, the first bite of a cursed treat is always a mind-melting experience. Your senses are saturated with creamy sweetness and the earthy-tart tang of the fruits, and you desperately gnash away at whatever morsel Cass manages to shove into your mouth. You barely manage to keep advancing the donut into Cass' insatiable jaws, hardly noticing when she chomps down on an unlucky finger or two. Cassandra, for her part, seems equally lost in the moment. Her cheeks bulging with each bite of your donut, she moans and groans, clearly enjoying the decadent taste and the rush of power that comes with it. In mere moments, you feel a familiar warm, heavy euphoria flooding your body plus a gentle bubbling sensation deep in your guts. Before you know it, you find yourself sucking desperately on Cassandra's fingers, and she's doing the same to yours. As the narcotic, ecstatic buzz of the magical fattening further saturates your body, you pull Cassandra close. You greedily kiss and suck at her lips, her cheek, her neck, her earlobe; you grind your softening body against hers, your cock already leaking with excitement. Cassandra is just as eager as you are, returning your kisses and caresses with equal fervor. As you press your growing bellies together, you can feel the weight of her massive breasts against your chest, her soft, squishy thighs trapping your leg.

You nuzzle you face between Cass' expanding breasts, pressing deep into her flabby chest.

"It's like I can't tell where I end and you begin," she moans.

You come up for air and grab one of her back rolls, feeling it steadily inflate under your fingers. The mattress creaks as the two of you grind against each other, and you add, "And we're not even close to done with expanding..."

Cassandra giggles, a deep rumble that vibrates through your bodies. "That's right. And I don't just mean tonight..."

She leans in to kiss you again, her tongue tracing the seam of your lips. You pull her yet tighter, fighting against the soft masses of expanding blubber between you and the increasingly flabby heft of your arms. Your mind is aflame with visions of indulgence and hedonism, but also utterly suffused with love for this incredible woman you're squished against. You don't even need to ask to know that she means a long-term future with you. Perhaps you'll get even fatter and more indulgent with each other. Perhaps you'll delve deeper into the impossible mysteries of magic for fortune or just for fun.

Your concerns return to the moment as Cassandra whines with annoyance, struggling to heft a now-barrel-like thigh over your fleshy hip. You chuckle with amusement at her predicament, then reach down and grope around her blubbery leg to find a good angle. Her leg alone probably weighs more than most women at this point, and it settles against your flank softly, comfortably, yet immovably.

"Now you're mine forever," she giggles tenderly, with the merest tinge of menace.

"Cassandra, I could want nothing more..."