Positive Influence

Chapter 2 - A Second Date


Author's Note: Yes, another one, but there won't be many more. Finally felt like I was starting to get a feel for the characters and where the story could go. Still rougher than I like, but I cringe less re-reading this than I did the first chapter. Again, enjoy!

You roll out of bed, eat breakfast, then get dressed and set out for work.

As you get into the car to go to work, your cell phone rings. It's a Washington state area code, so you answer.


"Hey, I'm looking for Jason, is that you?" a woman asks.

You pause for a second, and then reply, "I think you've got the wrong number."

"No, I'm looking for a Jason. This is..."

The woman stops and corrects herself. "It's actually, it's actually Jane."

You say "I'm sorry, Jane, but I don't know any Jasons. Good luck with your search, though."

"Wait, wait, hold on. You don't know a Jason Palmer?"

"No, I really don't."

The woman who called sounds really put off by this. "Well, give this number to anyone you meet who matches this description."


The woman rattles off a description of a thirty-something man with lots of tattoos, then abruptly hangs up.

What the hell, you wonder.

You eventually settle in at work, and wouldn't you know it, but you actually have to do stuff today. Apparently your subcontractors still suck, and you have to clean up their messes. It's a good thing you got a raise to compensate, because doing this shit isn't exactly in your job description.

Fuck you Assemblyman Zarsky for getting re-elected. You deserve all this!

Despite your pissy mood, the complaints fall one after the other. You find yourself with some free time before lunch. Your mind immediately drifts to Val. How on earth can I get that girl fatter? You rub your hands through your hair in frustration. You make a few google searches on your phone. Lots of trendy fatty social media channels, lots of clickbait and shoddy science. You think, maybe I could find weight loss advice and flip it?

Your stomach squelches with hunger. You set out for the sandwich shop again, but with a new idea in your head.

Today, there's no lunch rush. In fact, the sandwich shop is almost dead. You breath a sigh of relief to see the same cute chubby cashier on duty again today, but are gripped by apprehension about your plan.

You think to yourself, "I won't be able to come back here if I come off as creepy. Hell, I don't even know why she should be able to help, but I just have this weird feeling that I should talk to her."

You walk up to the cashier and order a ham and cheese on wheat bread with a small diet soda.

"Anything else today?" the cashier asks.

"Nope, that's it."

You catch yourself and stammer, "well, you see, there is one other thing. Not a food order, but I wanted to ask you a question."


Your palms are sweating.

You say "So this friend of mine, she wants to get fat. But she can't make any weight stick no matter what she eats. I know this is weird, but somehow I got it in my head that you might be able to help."

"Somehow?" She chuckles. She places her palms on the counter, squeezing her ample breasts together and leans towards you.

"You're not nearly as slick as you think," her voice is almost a whisper, "and I know you like what you see." The cashier now grabs some of her tummy flab and jiggles it a bit.

"Yeah," she says, "yeah, you like what you see, huh? You like what you see." A smirk creeps up her face.

You manage to sputter, "Well...yes..."

The chubby cashier girl feels herself up a bit and says, "Well maybe I like being admired from a distance. Only my boyfriend gets to touch though." She winks, and you barely manage to keep your mouth from falling open.

"So, you wanted to know if I could help your friend?" Her tone is suddenly impatient.


You take a quick breath, then say, "So like I said, she's athletic, very muscular. She eats a ton, but just can't pork up at all. It doesn't make any sense."

"What does she weigh?"

"I don't know, a lot I guess." You can't remember. "Can you help her?" You ask hopefully.

"Maybe..." She says doubtfully. "I mean, I can't promise anything."

"What do you mean? Tell me everything!" You demand.

She recoils slightly, but explains, "One of my cousins is a doctor. He says that he's seen an uptick in patients coming to him, and their cases sound similar to yours. The doctors have medicines that can help most of them, but I don't really understand it. Now, I'm anything but a doctor, but I think your friend should talk to a professional."

You scoff, "What do you mean, a professional? Aren't you a professional?"

She rolls her eyes, "I'm only a professional sandwich slinger."

She giggles. "Speaking of, your food is getting cold."

"Uh, oh thanks." You reply. You grab your meal and eat. As you are stuffing your face, you notice some nearly naked people walking by. You pretend not to, but still catch a glimpse. Two women, and a guy, all fairly skinny, and with their naughty bits respectively covered by about a single thread each. Must be a harem. This fucking town sometimes, you swear... You finish chewing and wash it down with some soda.

After you pay, you leave the restaurant. You aren't sure what to make of the whole situation, but one thing is certain.

You're gonna see Val again tonight. You text her to set up another date.

You walk along, daydreaming about your evening with her.

Val replies quickly, "Hey cutie, I was wondering when I'd hear from you again. Same as last night? I'll cook again!" A smiley face with hearts for eyes and flowers adorns the screen of your phone.

"Sounds good, see you later." You type.

You stop for a second to stare at the phone. See you later?

You can't quite place it, but something about the wording seems off. Maybe it's just the tone though. It's got a flirty, upbeat feel to it.

You're probably just overthinking it.

You get back to work and pick through a few more to-dos. You're working quickly today, because you really want to be at Val's house by six. You want to see her again, and you want to make her see that you're a catch. You learned a few things today, and you just hope that it's not stuff that Val had already considered. Ultimately though, you're just going to have to put in the time and effort and see.

When you clock out, you rush home. You quickly change into some casual clothes, and head back over to Val's place. You hop into your car and drive over to her street, and find a parking spot not far from her complex.

You walk up to the door and ring the doorbell.

Seconds later, you hear footsteps walking towards the door. A moment later, it opens and you're faced with a vision.

Val is wearing a plain gray tank top and some low-hanging shorts. Her legs are muscular and toned. You stare into her bright blue eyes, which widen when she notices you looking. Her wavy blonde hair gives her a carefree and cute look.

"Hey there, sexy!"

You step into her arms, and tilt your head back. She plants a kiss on your lips, and then you pull her close. As you embrace her, she traces circles on your back.

Val pulls back a bit, and looks down at you and smiles. "You hungry? I just finished cooking!"

"Always." You lean in for another kiss.

She opens her mouth slightly, and you slip your tongue inside. She does likewise, and the two of you embrace in a tangle of limbs and wet tongues.

The intensity of the moment is broken when your stomach growls loudly. "Oh dear." You both break apart, and you look at each other, blushing.

Val giggles a bit. "Well, you get hungry fast. Let's get you fed."

You walk into the kitchen with Val.

"Oh come on, don't be shy!" She says, walking past you and nudging the door closed with her hip. You follow her into the kitchen, and actually focus on her interior decor. Her condo is nice, if a little plain. The kitchen is off to your left, neatly organized and sporting the usual array of sink, oven, and fridge. A sizable island counter top sits in the middle, and the dining table is to your right. The living room, as glimpsed through a doorway, has a few pieces of nice furniture, a TV stand, and a sliding door off to one side. The curtains are drawn back, and the glass glows with evening sun.

You watch as she walks over to a pan on the stove. She grabs a spatula, and scrapes the contents into a bowl on the counter. "I made chili tonight. Want some?"

"Yeah, please." You say.

She smiles at you and begins to spoon out portions of the chili onto two bowls.

Val's bowl is loaded with way more chili than yours, you can't help but notice. She notices your gaze, and glances down at her bowl. She then glances back up at you, a playful twinkle in her eye.

"You know..." She begins, leaning close to you. "...If you eat all your chili, you can stay a little longer."

She pokes your side with her elbow and giggles.

You laugh softly, "You're a terrible negotiator, haha."

She rolls her eyes and chuckles. "Fine."

She leans against the counter top, and spoons a bite of chili into her mouth. She chews slowly, then swallows and sighs contentedly.

"Ah, I knew I knocked this one out of the park," she says dreamily, "C'mon, let's sit and eat!"

You follow Val to the table with your bowl, and quickly get comfortable. You eat your chili, and make small talk with Val. You eat slowly, taking your time with it. You absent-mindedly push some chunks of meat around the bowl and sigh. "This is delicious, thank you."

Val smiles at you fondly.

You say "So about your request, me getting you fatter. I did a little research today, and to be honest I probably didn't find anything you don't already know."

She raises an eyebrow. "Really? Well what did you find out then?"

"Nothing that I'd call groundbreaking. Clickbait shit, calories in calories out, hell I thought about looking at weight loss advice and doing the opposite."

She chuckles. "Duly noted."

"I did find a few theories though. I wasn't convinced by all of them, but it got me thinking..."

You pause, wondering how to explain this one.

You say, "This is gonna sound weird, but I had a conversation with the cashier when I got lunch today. She says her cousin is a doctor, and that he's seen a few patients that just can't put on weight."

"Really?" She says, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, it was just a conversation, I wasn't going to investigate it." You say.

Val seems pretty interested in this, so you decide to continue, "I couldn't find any sort of condition or syndrome, but I guess it could be real. Val, I think your body might work a little differently."

Val replies silently, her expression unreadable.

Perhaps unwisely, you decide to press, "Did you never wonder about it? How you could eat with abandon and yet you'd stay a muscular, shredded babe?"

"Well sure," she says, "But I always figured I had some sort of self-discipline. When I'm training, I always try to make myself eat a balanced diet."

You reply, "Val, you ate enough to sate a family last night."

She laughs softly. "You might be right. I suppose you're really good at picking out the good stuff then."

You smile and nod. She scrunches her nose and looks down as if deep in thought. She opens her mouth to speak, but then stops and stares at you for a moment. Her pupils seem much more dilated than before.

"I just eat until I'm full, and I just eat whenever seems good at the time. Since I stopped playing football I guess I never did think about it." Val replies.

She continues. "It's always just felt like everything I put in my body, I could easily get it back out. I guess I don't know any different."

You say, "Val, if I ate like you and managed not to explode, I'd have to be rolled around within a couple months."

She laughs, though you can see a bit of nervousness in it. "I guess so."

"I still think you should talk to.... A fat-ologist? A dietitian probably? I can't shake the sense that there's something special about you. And they might know how to make you fill out."

She laughs nervously and looks away. "I'll be honest, I hadn't even thought about it before you brought it up. But now that you mention it...." She exhales shakily and stares at you.

"I don't know. I know it seems silly, but I feel like there's some reason I should go through with this." She pauses again; this time to collect herself. "I should just try."

"It means a lot to you, doesn't it?" You ask, "Your dream of being a big sexy fat lady?"

She smiles weakly and looks away.

"I can't explain why," Val whispers. "I just find the idea really really alluring. And I thought you could help me gain weight, and you would enjoy seeing me grow..." Val starts to cry a bit.

She continues. "But instead I just ruined everything, because....."

Val stops herself again and stands up straight.

"Because I'm just using you for my fantasy!" Val blurts out, tears dripping out of her eyes.

The ensuing silence fills the room, making you feel even more awkward than you already did.

"That's not true." You say.

"It so is! I'm sorry, but I can't..."

You blurt out, "Val! Val! Listen to me. You're not manipulating me. I chose to come see you, and you were perfectly honest with your intentions. You opened up pretty quick, but I actually appreciate the candor."

"You do?" she asks, her voice quivering.

"Yes," you reply, "All of this is new to me, and you are new to me. But everything just feels right. Although I'll really have to step up my cooking game if I want to impress you."

"You.... You're not mad?"

You say, "Of course not! You came on pretty hard, but I have to say that was actually refreshing.... And sexy. I like a girl who knows what she wants."

"I... I'm sorry the way things turned out."

"Don't be. I can think of worse ways for a first meeting."

You grab Val's hand, and intertwine your fingers with hers.

"So, how about that dinner?"

She smiles, wiping her eyes. You hear Val's stomach rumble a bit. She blushes slightly. "We didn't get very far on that chili," she quietly laughs.

You look into her eyes, smiling back.

"It still smells divine. Let's eat."

The two of you resettle at the table, and enjoy a delicious dinner of chili and bread. Val's mood brightens as she chews through the heroic portions before her.

You're struggling with the last bits of your bowl, and feel a little self-conscious as Val finishes off her double helping plus sides.

You slide your last spoonful into your mouth and swallow. This girl and her rich foods - you haven't eaten stuff like this in ages. You stifle a burp and say to Val, "Well at least we don't need to worry about your appetite."

Val laughs and burps. Then she slides over towards you, and moves her body closer up against yours. Her face comes close to your own.

She whispers in your ear, "The meal's not over until we've had some dessert." You make an exaggerated pantomime of exploding and dying. Val laughs as she gets up, "Ok, more for me then! But you should at least have a taste." She leans over and bites you on the neck. You yelp slightly. "Mm, tastes like you need sugar." She licks the site as you groan in fake pain.

Val chuckles seductively as she turns and walks to the fridge. She opens it, and you watch her rummage through its contents. She returns with a sizable ceramic baking dish. Part of you awaits whatever delicious torture she has in store...

"Val. Whatever you got in there looks delicious, but I'm afraid you'll have to do it justice yourself."

"Oh I intend to," she says as she takes her seat again.

You look at Val with a mixture of desire and fear. She takes the lid off of the dish, revealing a thick layer of blueberry cobbler. She looks at you expectantly, "Well, go ahead, take however much you want."

You look down at the dessert, and then back up at Val, who gives a wiggle of her eyebrows. You scoop out a small blob of cobble, just enough to sample the taste. Then you dig your fork into the cobbler, and take a small bite. You close your eyes for a moment and enjoy the sweet taste of the dessert. It's only fair after Val's teasing.

It's incredible, just like you expected. The crust is sugary and lightly crunchy, and the filling is buttery and sweet without being cloying. Soon enough your little sample is gone, but your stomach redoubles its protests.

"Mm, that hit the spot," you say, and give a stretch.

Val smiles and gives you a quick peck on the cheek, before standing.

She grabs the dish, and says, "Follow me into the living room?"

You stand, and follow her into the living room. She drops the cobbler off to the side, and draws you close to her.

"I had a really fun time tonight," she says.

"I did too," you reply.

Your lips find their way to hers, and for a moment you forget about the world outside this room.

She pushes you away, licking her lips. "Mmm, I knew I nailed that cobbler. C'mon and sit down with me, I know how you can work some of it off"

Val rummages through a side table while you plop on the couch. She brings out a joint and a lighter, and looks at you with an expectant smile.

"Hit me," you say, as you grab the blunt.

Val leans over you and lights it up, as you take a long drag. You feel the effects instantly, pulling you into a blissful state. You pass the joint to Val, who finishes it with a long drag of her own. The two of you exhale and cough a bit, stewing in the sweet skunky smoke.

"That was a good one!" she says, tossing the roach into an empty soda can.

You both lay for a while as fuzzy contentment spreads through your body again. Eventually, Val twists to retrieve the cobbler dish from the side table. She sets it on her lap and hands you the serving spoon. She licks her lips, then looks at you, pointing at her open mouth expectantly.

"You're going to feed me this cobbler, because I know you like watching me eat it out of the dish," she says.

You grab the cobbler and hold it in the air.

Val's face drops. "What are you doing?" She whines with a fake bratty affect, "I want it!"

"No," you say sternly.

"Yes! Please!" she says, pouting.

You put the serving spoon in your mouth, and lick a bit of the cobbler residue off. "It's pretty good," you tease.

Val peels her eyes away from the cobbler, and looks at you. "You're so mean!" she says, pouting.

"Come on," you order, "Take your shirt off."

You watch as Val complies with your order, revealing a lacy red bra that comfortably cups her tits. You openly ogle Val's exposed upper body. She raises an eyebrow, and gently squeezes her b-cup-ish tits. "You like this?" she asks.

You nod, and she begins to unhook the clasp.

"You want me to take this off?"

Your nod intensifies as she pulls the clasp apart, and wiggles out of the cups. Her tits bounce into view, and you stare at them in awe. Val's tits are round, perky, and soft. They sit comfortably on her chest and wobble slightly as Val breathes. Val gently rubs hear breasts and smirks. You look over the rest of her body, pausing to focus on her tummy. Val's tummy has clearly-defined ab muscles, but it's not very flat at the moment. It's pooched out with a gentle curve thanks to the huge meal Val just inhaled. You gently run a finger across it, and poke into her belly button.

"Ah!" she yelps.

You pull your hand back quickly. "Sorry," you say.

"It's ok," she replies breathlessly. "That.... Felt good," she explains. "But don't you have a job to do?" She abruptly says with a stern tone.

You nod sincerely.

"Well, get to it then."

You feel stupid as you remember the cobbler dish you've been holding this whole time.

You straddle Val, and slowly lower the cobbler dish onto Val's lap. Her eyes bulge, as she looks into your eyes. She opens her mouth wide, her tongue protruding a bit.

You dig the serving spoon into the dish, start scooping the cobbler from the dish and pile it into Val's mouth. She opens wide, and quickly starts to greedily chew and swallow the delicious pastry. You're able to put a decent amount in her mouth, which she quickly starts to chow down on. You feel like you're doing something bad, but you don't stop.

"How much is enough?" you ask, and Val nods. You continue spooning cobbler into her open mouth, and she seems to enjoy it.

"I'm full," she says after a while.

"But I'm not done. Keep that cobbler coming!" Val says.

"You're quite full, I think."

"Just give me more!"

She looks deathly serious for a moment, "If I want you to stop, you'll know. Now keep shoveling it in!" Her eyes glint of blue fire and her voice is utterly commanding.

A bolt of fear runs down your spine. "Yes ma'am," you squeak out, as you load up a heaping spoonful and hastily cram it to Val's waiting mouth. More than a few sugar-crusted blue blobs slop past her chin.

"Mmmm... delicious," she says.

You continue piling it high as her mouth opens to accept more cobbler, but the cobbler "dish" is now empty. "More!"

You show Val the empty dish and say, "That's all there was. Got anything else?"

Val furrows her eyebrows, and looks at the empty dish. "Seriously?"

She thinks for a moment, than says, "Could you go into the kitchen and bring the chocolate milk?"

You nod, slowly get up from Val, and walk into the kitchen. You open the fridge and survey its contents. You find the fabled chocolate milk, and pull out the container. You close the fridge door and hear some moans coming from the living room. You pause a moment to listen, and continue to hear the sounds of heavy breathing. You return to the living room and are greeted with a jaw-dropping sight.

Val is a vision of lust, sprawled across the couch. Her crumb-encrusted mouth lolls open, gasps and moans emerging. Her left hand cradles one of her breasts, tweaking the nipple between her fingers. You follow the trail of crumbs and cobbler goo to her glutted, rounded stomach. She almost looks pregnant, but with a food baby. Her shorts have somehow vanished, and you see her other hand slipped under her black panties. Her right leg is propped up on the cushions, the other hanging off the couch entirely. Val opens her eyes and looks at you.

"Here's the chocolate milk," you manage to say with a dopey voice.

You can't stop staring as Val continues masturbating. She doesn't slow down as she looks at you.

You feel very dirty, but a taboo rush of adrenaline makes you tremble with excitement.

"Go ahead," she says.

"Huh?" you say, out loud.

"Go ahead. Start pouring the milk."

You step forward, twist off the cap, and kneel down next to Val, who is now practically purring. You brace your fingers around the jug, bring it to her lips, and pour milk straight down her throat. She gags and sputters, but takes in all the milk you give her. You watch as Val's engorged stomach bloats even more and more, and you worry that she's about to explode. Suddenly her hand comes up and pushes the jug away from her mouth. Some milk slops on her chest, and she swallows roughly. She grabs her nipple with desperation and is moaning and gasping, "So fucking full, so fucking - fuck!"

You're about to pour some more milk down her throat, but you see her hand rising and a look of sheer bliss on her face. Val's fingers slip deep into her pussy as her whole body convulses with a mighty orgasm. Her free hand clutches at whatever she can reach as she cries in wordless ecstasy. She continues to moan as she calms herself down, her head sinking into the cushions of the couch.

"Fuck. Yes," she says, out of breath.

Val lays and pants, her overstuffed belly wobbling and sloshing in time with her breathing.

"Holy shit," she pants. "I've never known something to feel that good."

She struggles to sit up, resting her elbow on the arm of the couch.

Her arm slips, and she gives up. She weakly says to you, "I can't move." She gingerly pats her hands onto her distended belly, moaning in pain and pleasure. She looks over herself, seeing the cobbler scraps and spilled milk, "I'm a fucking mess," she intones.

You take a deep breath and nod, "Yeah. A mess."

Val laughs, a bit delirious from her physical ordeal.

"Let me help clean you up," you say. You grab Val's hand, put it to your mouth, and start licking the pussy juices from her fingers. Her eyes flutter close as her head floats back.

"You like that, baby?" you ask.

"Yeah... fuck," she groans.

She looks at you and smiles.

Suddenly her face is filled with horror. She pulls her hand back, and covers her exposed chest. Val's face flushes bright red as she turns away from you. "I can't believe I just did that," she whimpers.

"I enjoyed it," you say, trying not to laugh.

"I just masturbated in front of you and made you help. And I didn't ask!" She rasps, "Look at me, I'm a piggy mess and a pervert and -"

You finally read the room as Val starts crying again. You look around and find her tanktop, you hand it to her and she dons it wordlessly. Her shirt can't cover her bloated gut, and you steal a glance in spite of the suddenly glum mood. You grab her hand and gently clasp it between both of yours.

"You. Are. Amazing." You say with honest reverence. "I wasn't expecting this, but you'd have known if I didn't want to participate. If you're a pervert, then I'm a pervert too, because I didn't hesitate at all. C'mon, we can be perverts together." You say with a light tone.

Val is still sniffling, but she turns to look you in the eye.

"I'm such an idiot." She rasps. "Roping you into my fetishes is at least third date shit." She chuckles a bit. "You don't think I'm a whore?" She asks delicately.

You shake your head, "No. You're a sweet girl with some kinks, wants, and desires. I'm not criticizing."

Val beams. "You mean that? Really? Truly?"

"I swear."

"Then... kiss?" She smiles.

You feel your face get hot. You feel your heart beat slightly faster. Your whole body grows warmer. You lean in and kiss her.

As your lips meet, Val takes a deep breath and leans into the kiss. In spite of herself, her mouth opens slightly, and her tongue thrusts out. As it happens, yours does too.

You pull away and catch your breath. From the corner of your eye, you see a smile make its way onto Val's face. She beams at you with absolute adoration.

"I'm glad you're here." She whispers.

You stare at Val's face, and find yourself unable to speak for a moment. You find it hard to even look away.

Suddenly, Val turns away, her face contorting slightly. She unleashes a powerful and long belch - you're certain the neighbors could have heard. She meekly looks over at you.

"Sorry." She says timidly.

You wave your hand. "No need to be. You feel better?" You ask with a smirk.

"A little." She says.

Val's stomach burbles and churns. She lays her head back and moans, "Oof, I really don't think I can move."

"You sure you don't want me to carry you out of here?" You joke.

Val's eyes grow wide and she playfully slaps your arm.

"I don't think you could have even before I added all this tonnage," she jokes while patting her engorged stomach.

You make an exaggerated thinking face. "Hm. TV and some more pot then?"

"Maybe." Val smiles.

Her eyes are closed as she lazily continues, "The weed, papers, and lighter are in the side table."

You reach for the side table when Val interrupts you. "You didn't finish cleaning me, there are still crumbs and milk stuck to me," she pouts.

She strips off her shirt again to show the dessert remnants still clinging to her body. She looks at you with excitement and bites her lip. "Is there any way you could lick those off for me?"

"Consider it done."

You take a deep breath as you begin to clean Val up. She lies back and giggles as you scoop up the cobbler crumbs with your tongue. Somehow, it tastes even better when you eat them off of Val. You cheekily lick and nibble her nipples as you work down her chest, and she sighs and squirms in pleasure. You work along and up her overstuffed belly, and slide your tongue into her belly button. You slowly crawl back up her body, pausing to kiss and lick along her sternum, her nipples, and her lips. As you look into her eyes, you lean down to kiss her.

"That's better," she purrs.

"Pot time?" You ask.

"Pot time." Val replies. She puts her shirt back on and laboriously rolls over to watch you work. You roll a pair of fat joints, and hand her one. She leans over and lights it with a match, taking a long drag and holding it in for a moment. She holds the smoke in her mouth for a few seconds before releasing it slowly. Val awkwardly swings her legs to let you onto the couch, then strains and lifts her hips so you can position yourself under her. She gently rests her butt in your lap, and grinds into your boner when she feels it.

This act is too cute for you to complain about, and you close your eyes. You feel Val's weight settle into your lap, she looks at you and says with fake menace, "Now you're trapped."

"Oh no, crushed under a hot kinky amazon. My ancestors would be proud." You joke. Val laughs and hands you the lighter before taking another toke of her joint. You light up and take a big drag on your joint. It's way too damn hot, but it feels good. Val is so damn stoned right now that she won't be able to walk straight.

Val flips on the TV, and some insipid documentary on hillbillies or something comes on. You quickly smoked your joint to a roach, just like Val did, and you're quickly slipping into a deep and fuzzy euphoria. You watch the stupid hillbillies bumble about and talk to each other as the world starts to get wobbly.

"So, about what happened tonight." Val says. "You're so accepting, and you were such a good sport with how selfish I was. I wanna make it up to you, but not tonight."

You suddenly realize you've been idly massaging Val's overfilled belly. You slowly blink and look at her contented face, and say "It's ok baby, I'm glad to help. And I don't want to pressure you into doing anything you don't want to."

Val smiles and draws you in for an awkward, clumsy kiss.

"Mmmm, you're so good to me," she says. "Fuck yeah."

You're starting to feel woozy, and Val must see this, because she says "Nah, you go to sleep, I'll be here when you wake up."

You close your eyes and relax, comfortably, warmly pinned under Val's bulk. You feel your brain begin to shut down as you go into a deep, meditative state. You drift in and out of sleep as thoughts tumble through your head.

In your dreams you're running through a dark forest. Every so often you can hear the snarls and howls of a beast in pain. In the distance you can see a bright light. It seems so close, you could just run to it. You could open your eyes and be through the forest and to the light. You could keep running and never feel pain again.