Positive Influence

Chapter 5 - The Young Street Diner


You start awake in Val's bed. Val - the real Val - is lying on you, breathing softly. In a panic, your free hand gently pats your body - nope, you're skinny, you were only fat in the dream.

Golden sunlight peeks through the blinds as you wait for your heart to slow, and try not to think about your raging erection. Except you can't help but to think about it. Surely it's because Val is laying on me right? Surely that bizarre dream doesn't speak to me somehow? Perish the thought...

You sit up, leaning back and groaning as your stiff backsides complain. You rub at the sleep from your eyes as you take in your surroundings. You're in Val's room, and her sense of organization puts you to shame. The only clutter is a few items on her dresser and nightstand, and the discarded clothes from last night. You spot Val's phone, and hop out of bed to check the time.

8:30 AM

Huh. It's later in the morning than you thought. You hop back into bed, curling up with your knees against your chest and closing your eyes to relax. Val's arm wraps around you again, and you hear her groggy voice in your ear, "Baby, why'd you get up?"

You take a moment to respond. "I... had a really weird dream."

"Yeah?" Val asks. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I guess," you say uncertainly. "I actually remember most of it. I don't usually remember my dreams."

You recount the dream, how a version of Val was there, guiding the procession of metals as you ate and grew impossibly fat. You explained to her about the dream, and she seemed to care, but you can't shake the feeling that there is a catch...

Val snuffles in your ear, "Well I know for sure that Val was an impostor. I'd be so jealous if you got fatter than me!" She jokes.

"I dunno if you should be jealous. She was feeding me literal gold and silver. I don't know if you could handle me as that greedy of a sugar baby!" You laughingly retort.

"I already know I can handle you," she says.

A pause.

"I want to make you happy."

You take a moment to respond. "I feel the same way, Val."

The tension is lifted as the two of you cuddle and kiss for a while. Val's phone buzzes, and she pulls away with a start.

"I forgot to tell you, I've got a regular brunch on Sundays. You're welcome to come along." Val says.

"You make it sound like I can't."

Val laughs,

"It's nothing formal. Just me and a few of the old high school crew get together at a diner."

The old high school crew...

"Would I know anybody there?" You ask.

Val fixes you with a smug look. "Zoe and Lena make it almost every week. That was them confirming today."

...That seems like it was yesterday since you took the fall to save Lena. Then again, it'd be nice to see them again.

"When are we meeting them, and where?" You ask.

Val smirks, "They said they'd be there at 10, and it's at the diner on Young Street."

"I'll be there," you say.

You look forward to seeing your friends again. "We should probably get dressed, huh." You say.

Val nods, and kisses you before hopping out of bed. You watch as Val starts doing some stretching and yoga poses. She's still naked.

"What are you doing?" You ask.

"Stretching. You should do it more." Val says, before bending over and loosening up her back.

"But I like watching you." You cheekily reply.

Val's head pops up. "Perv all you like, but don't complain when you're stiff and sore."

The aches in your body make themselves known again. "Fine, you're right." You admit.

Val smiles at you. "Just do what I do. And try not to get too distracted by my ass," she explains.

"I'll try not to stare," you say.

Val turns around and drops to her hands and knees. She then does some more stretches with various other twists and poses. You follow along as best you can. Val's body ripples and flexes with every move she makes, and you feel a little self-conscious about how amateur and clumsy you must look. That said, you do start to feel more limber.

"So how do you feel?" Val asks, as she continues to work her body.

"Better," you say, as you rub a knot in your shoulder.

"Good. We should definitely do this more often."

"Definitely," you agree.

You marvel at Val's strength and grace as you follow her routine. You're definitely not in as good of shape as she is. The two of you hold each other's gaze, and by the time she's done, you feel a little light-headed. "That should help with the soreness and knots," she explains. "We should probably get dressed and get going."

You look at your phone. The time says that you have plenty of time before you need to be at the diner, so you and Val get dressed. You packed another casual outfit. Jeans and a t-shirt. Nothing fancy, but nothing too trashy. Val wears a tight tank top and a pair of short shorts that leave very little to the imagination. You try not to stare, but it's difficult. After getting ready, the two of you head down to the garage. Val offered to drive, and you see that her car is a hybrid. It's a nice ride, black with some racing stripes along the side. You sit in the front seat, while Val sits at the wheel, and you buckle up. Val fills you in on what Zoe and Lena have been up to since graduation. Zoe works at a law firm, while Lena helps manage some dental clinics.

"They're both doing well," Val says.

"That's good." You say. "I kinda fell away from the old crew during college. It will be nice to see them again."

"Well, you're always welcome at my house." Val says.

You reach over and squeeze Val's taut bare thigh. She beams at you, and the two of you steal a quick kiss at the next stoplight. You find yourself smiling the whole ride there. Eventually you arrive at the diner.

The Young Street Diner is an old building, with a tin roof and flaking signs. The parking lot is small, but there are already a few cars packed in.

You and Val walk inside, and make haste to take a booth in the back. The two of you are welcomed by the diner's lone waitress, a heavyset woman with a large bosom, dark skin, curly hair, and an inviting smile.

"Looks like your friends aren't here yet," she says with a pleasant voice. "Can I get you anything to tide you over?"

"Just some coffee for me," you request. Val echoes your request. The waitress leaves to bring your drinks. You and Val sit in silence for a moment, just enjoying one another's company. You try not to dwell on the fact that you feel somewhat cramped in the booth, and you're not a fat guy by any stretch.

"She's pretty," you say after a bit.


"The waitress. You were staring at her chest."

Val bursts out laughing.

"Oh no, I was not!" she protests.


"Okay, maybe I was a little. But she's got nice tits."

"I think you've got a thing for chunky ladies in uniforms," you tease.

Val throws a sugar packet at you and then bursts into laughter again.

"I'll have you know I have a huge crush on Darkwylde," she says through her laughs.

"That one goth singer chick? She's enormous, if I'm thinking of the right celebrity." You ask.

"Yeah, that's the one. She's so pretty and so elegant. And she gives tons of money to charity," Val says dreamily.

"Val, I'm right here." You say with a little annoyance.

Val blushes a bit and sputters while backtracking, "I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make you jealous. I just like what I like I guess...."

The waitress interrupts you with your coffees. She places a pair of cups on the table, fills them from a metal carafe, and leaves the carafe too. You and Val mutter thanks, and the waitress turns to leave.

She doesn't, though. She pulls out her order pad, apparently reviewing something. She also leans forward, her generous booty straining her pants. You're trying to be a good boyfriend and not ogle the waitress, but Val is practically drooling. You can't help but notice some lacy red underwear creeping up from under the waitress's waistband. The waitress then hums a tune and does a little dance, she's still lost in her order pad, and her ass is wobbling right at face level. Val is now visibly biting her lip, enthralled by the show. Then, as abruptly as it started, the waitress straightens up and walks away.

Was that on purpose? Or just pervy good luck?

Val turns to face you, her face very red. "Sorry," she mutters sheepishly.

"Val, I'm not mad. You can ogle all the cute fat chicks you want, but it's awfully rude when your boyfriend is right there." You explain. "Unless you're ok with us ogling cute fatties together?” you add.

Val's blush deepens, but she lets out a chuckle. "I'd be ok with that."

You take Val's hand and squeeze reassuringly. You also take a sip from your coffee and think a bit.

"You're new to the whole fat admiration thing, aren't you?" You ask.

Val nods shyly. She looks around, and drops her voice. "I've never told anybody this, but mentioning Darkwylde earlier wasn't random. I'd always liked her music, but she did a lingerie shoot a while back." She takes a quick breath. "It was really fucking hot. Something stirred inside of me, and -" she giggles and pulls in close to whisper, "Anon, that was the first time I masturbated to a woman."

There's a moment of silence as that sinks in.

"That explains a lot. Thank you for trusting me with that, Val." You say sincerely.

"Can I ask you something? How did you know?" Val asks, trying to match your warm tone.

"Baby, you weren't exactly subtle. I think you were literally drooling over that hostess at the Gorge." You reply evenly.

"Oh." Val says with a sheepish grin.

"It's ok," you reassure Val, placing both hands on hers. "You'll learn how to be a sly pervert some day," you joke with a wink.

The two of you laugh. Then you hear the door open. After a small delay, you hear a familiar voice call out, "Anon!"

You turn around and see Zoe and Lena approaching. Zoe is leading, her arms wide and reaching up for a hug.

You stand, and barely have time to look before Zoe wraps you up in her warm, plush body. You return the embrace, and Zoe releases you. Lena and Val are hugging too, and you get a good look at the new Zoe.

You still tower over her - she hasn't gotten much taller than the five-foot-one she was the last time you saw her. She smiles up at you from a dark, round face topped by a barely-contained tangle of jet-black curls. She's also definitely gained weight. Her thighs are so big, they're cutting into the space just short of her knees. Her crop-top is holding on for dear life. Her huge breasts and doughy arms stretch the poor shirt to its limit.

The two of you exchange excited pleasantries for a moment, then Lena turns to you. She greets you and holds out her arms expectantly. "So, we meet again, Anon." You smile and give her a hug, noticing that she smells like something floral, you can't place it.

You pull away and get a good look at Lena. You've always been fairly tall, definitely taller than Lena, but only by a handful of inches now - was she not done growing when you last saw her? Her skin is just as fair as you remember, and just as sprinkled with freckles. Her face is noticeably fuller, especially her lips. A feathery bob of coppery-blonde hair frames her features, and her emerald green eyes are partially obscured by a rogue lock or two of her bangs.

Lena's put on weight too, in all the right places. Her bust, now a full D-cup, is exquisite. Her stomach is soft and pliable, with a tiny bit of dimples when she laughs. You can plainly see this because her dress is rather stretched against her chubby belly. Her thighs are so thick, you can hardly believe they're real.

The four of you slide into your booth. Val re-orients to be next to you. Lena and Zoe slowly scoot into place across from the two of you, huffing, puffing, and jiggling as they do so. You catch the briefest flash of consternation darken Zoe's face as she finally settles in. If you're feeling kind of smooshed into the booth, you can only imagine Zoe and Lena's discomfort. In fact you're kind of surprised to see that Zoe even managed to fit herself into place. But before you can even think about voicing any concerns, you hear some footsteps approach. The waitress comes over with two more coffee cups. She fills these too and leaves them with Lena and Zoe. The four of you waste no time in perusing the menu. You discuss various food options and settle on what sounds good. In a few moments, you've all decided, and the waitress comes over to take your orders.

You order a modest spread of bacon, eggs, and pancakes. Each of the girls orders a variant of something called the "Big Boss Breakfast": a heap of pancakes served with a heart-stopping amount of meat and eggs. Lena looks a little uncertain, but Zoe assures her it'll be fun.

"We're all girl bosses, so we should eat like it!" Zoe ribs Lena. Zoe turns to you and says mischievously, "You're exempted from the boss requirement.... Today."

"Ha ha!" Lena laughs.

The waitress departs, and you smile at the two of them across the table. You're so happy to be with them again. Lena and Zoe fill you in on what they've done since graduating high school. Lena went to a community college and did the usual: partied, studied when she was feeling guilty, etc. She wound up finishing a biology degree, but through some odd career twists, wound up managing operations at a dental clinic chain. Technically it should be a bit above her experience level, but Lena's bosses are apparently happy with her performance.

Zoe went straight to a university about a three-hour drive from where you now lived. She did extremely well in her classes, but found herself with little interest in them. She came back to your town and got a job clerking at a local law firm. Zoe explains that it's just a step towards becoming a lawyer eventually. Right now, however, she's enjoying the free time she has.

"So... what about you?" Lena asks. "What've you been up to?"

You explain that you've got a job at the local shipping company, Oddgoods ExIm. You're technically a sales guy, but your job has involved higher-grade duties lately. You also explain that Val has taught you to trade stocks, but you're waiting to see if you can make any money like that. Zoe looks impressed. Lena grins and says she's jealous of you, then asks you what you did all this weekend.

Val pipes up, "We've been hanging out. Anon and I have hit it off real well, haven't we?" She looks at you warmly.

"Sure have," you say.

You grin at each other, then look at Lena, who appears a little troubled.

"I'm starving," she whines. At those words, your body remembers that you haven't fed it yet, and your stomach growls.

Right on time, you hear some movement behind you, as the waitress appears with everybody's food. She carefully sets a plate in front of you, and sets a platter in front of each girl. You saw a picture of the Big Boss Breakfast in the menu, but it's even more intimidating in person. Good thing you ordered a normal quantity. The girls begin shoveling food into their mouths, and you join them.

Zoe eats in bursts, alternately scarfing food down and chatting. Lena is quieter, steadily and methodically ingesting her feast. Val's somewhere in the middle, taking heaping forkfuls but also laughing and talking easily. You don't talk too much while eating, instead savoring the food, which is delicious. You enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the cafe, with the chatter of your friends, and the clinking of forks on plates.

You finish pretty quickly, and make up for your earlier quietness as the girls continue to plow through their meals.

"I think we should go out again," Lena says. "I had so much fun with you three, and I want more of it."

Zoe nods in agreement.

"Every Sunday," Val intones. "Zoe and Lena, you two haven't missed a single girls' brunch."

"What about you, Anon?" Lena asks. "Do you have any objections?"

"Of course not. This is a great way to spend a Sunday morning."

Zoe smiles at you warmly.

"You're invited, too," she says. "Three's a full group, but we can easily spare an extra seat."

The trio of huge breakfasts have almost disappeared into the girls. You notice that Lena has really started to slow down.

"So full," she groans between labored breaths and slow bites, "But I'm gonna eat this meal. I paid for it, damnit!"

Lena forks the last blobs of egg into her mouth, which she chews slowly and thoroughly before swallowing. Her eyes look distant and glazed as she shovels in her final chunks of pancake. There's one last strip of bacon. Lena picks it up between her thumb and forefinger, and slides the bacon past her lips. She chews slowly, swallows heavily, and slumps back.

"That's it, I'm gonna die. Death by breakfast..." Lena moans. She lays her head on the back of the booth, and gingerly rubs her aching belly.

At that moment, Zoe looks alarmed. She yanks her torso to the side, sending her huge tits wobbling, but she stays in place. Zoe's face falls for a moment, then she laughs, "I'm fucking stuck!"

She wiggles around in the booth, bracing her hands on the table and trying to push back. Her flabby body jiggles like crazy as she struggles, and the vinyl seat squeaks under her fat ass, but Zoe remains pinned between the table and the seat.

"Goddammit, not again," she whines. "Well, Lena, looks like you've got all the time you need to take a break."

"Oh, ok...." Lena seems barely conscious, her eyes heavy-lidded as she floats in a food coma.

Zoe's face darkens sightly further in embarrassment, as you try not to laugh. Val thinks for a moment, then looks over the empty plates in the table. Her gaze settles on a still-filled butter dish.

Val points at the dish and says to Zoe, "Maybe you could grease yourself up?"

Zoe's eyes widen, "Well, it can't make things worse."

Zoe's overfull belly is squished over the edge of the table like so much dark umber dough. She stifles giggles as she grabs some butter with her hands and tries to squeeze it between the table and her flab. Her hand goes under the table to repeat the process on the other side. She then purposefully jiggles and shakes her stomach to try and work the butter to the points of friction. Zoe repeats the process a few times, before seeming satisfied. "Ok, all greased up," she giggles.

"To freedom!"

She exhales, straightens up, sucks in her gut, and starts scooting. It's slow, and Zoe's face darkens yet more from the effort and the embarrassment, but she does eventually get free. Zoe stands at the end of the booth, her chunky stomach glistening with the day-saving butter. You and Val offer Zoe your napkins so she can clean up. Lena might be asleep, her hands tracing circles on her tummy.

Zoe accepts, dabbing at her belly, and salvaging some of her dignity.

You reach across the table and pat Lena on the shoulder, "Hey Lena, it's time to go."

She stirs and groans. A sudden burp escapes her lips and startles her awake. "Oh, excuse me," she mutters.

Lena blushes and opens her eyes. She smiles at you for a moment, sheepishly, as she sits up. The girls gather their stuff and Lena inches her way out of the booth. Val stands, and you do too. Val's sporting a visible food baby, her rounded stomach pressing against her tanktop. Your group heads to the cash register to pay up. You and Val move easily, Zoe and Lena follow behind.

Upon exiting the restaurant, you're hit by a blast of cold air heavy with the smell of pavement and impending rain. The sky is dark, and fat cold raindrops start splatting all around you.

"Shit, no fancy good-byes this time," Lena remarks. The four of you say quick goodbyes, and split off to your respective cars. Zoe and Lena drove together, and they waddle off towards Lena's SUV. You and Val quickly head to her hybrid. You hop in and she pulls out of the parking lot.

"So, what's wrong?" Val asks. "You're awfully quiet. Out with it."

You exhale and try to collect your thoughts.

"Zoe got real big," you reply. "Real fast. I wasn't sure what to think about it, for a while."

"Do you care?" Val asks. "I thought you didn't care about the other girls."

You shrug, "She was my friend - is my friend. Lena too. It's just a surprise to see how they've changed."

Val nods, and pulls onto the street. She says, "They talk about you quite a bit. You may not realize it, but your friendship back in high school meant a lot to them."


Val slows down as she navigates a set of lights, and she glances at you.

"You didn't judge them. All you cared about was whatever you had in common, and you didn't care about what made them happy." Val says." If it hadn't been for you, they might not even be here."

You stare back.

"They were struggling that much?" You ask after a moment.

Val sucks her lips in, nodding slowly. You sit back and digest this revelation. After a pause, you say, "I remember when the size-positivity movement started gaining traction. The big girls still got messed with a bit, but I mainly remember how much happier and confident they became."

Val grins and nods in agreement. "Yeah. Being big is hard and being a fat fetishist is even harder. It's really no wonder they needed somebody to turn to."

You reply, "Yeah, I have a fetish, but I didn't see them that way. They were my friends, who happened to be girls, and who also happened to like their food." You pause and glance at Val. "You don't have a problem with me, do you?"

She snorts and shakes her head. "No." She grins.

Val halts the car at a red light and looks at you, "When I broke up with Dale, I was rethinking a whole lot of things. And I felt free, for the first time in years. He was sweet, but he could also be so controlling." Val smiles with embarrassment, as you frown in appreciation that she's giving you information.

She continues, "He hated fatties, but he knew how to be civil about it. He couldn't accept me as anything other than his 'warrior queen', and I got tired of walking on eggshells around him."

You nod.

"I remember you were always really nice to me," She looks at you, and it's clear that she means it.

"I wanted to be your friend back then, but I worried what Dale would do. So I down-low stayed in touch with your lady friends, and they all but set me up with you when they figured out that you were single," Val admits.

"So I'm your rebound then. A platonic nice guy who can validate and enable you all day," you mutter.

"We were platonic for like less than a day. And that's a pretty uncharitable way to phrase things," Val's voice simmers with irritation.

You sigh, "Sorry." You lean back in your seat and think. The rain intensifies into a storm as Val drives, the white noise mirroring the static noise in your mind.

Val breaks the silence, "Are you resentful that I basically asked you out out of the blue?"

You sit forward and look at her. "No. I've thought about it, and I think that took great courage on your part. In fact, you've been fucking fearless about telling me what you want. And honestly I appreciate that."

You continue, "My comment earlier was needlessly mean. I should see it as the ladies watching out for me by putting you up to dating me."

Val nods, understanding your words, "Yes. That is a very nice way of looking at it."

The static of the rain abruptly stops as Val pulls into the garage and parks the car. You turn to look at her, staring into her deep blue eyes.

"I'm so happy that they did," you whisper, and lean in to kiss Val. The kiss is deep and long. She traces her fingers through your hair, and gently runs her palms up your back. Everything about the moment feels so right. Val pulls away, and nuzzles her head into your shoulder. "You're a good dude, Anon." Then she whispers, "And you've got a great dick."

Your cock immediately stiffens, but your junk aches at the notion of any sort of fucking today. Val giggles, and you laugh as well. You pull away a bit, to look into her eyes, "Would you be upset if we took a break today?"

You feel Val's sultry bravado drop in relief, "Not at all," she exhales. "Today's a great day for lazy cozy chilling."

The two of you walk to Val's apartment hand-in-hand, listening to the rain fall outside. The apartment is cozy and warm. It's decorated with bright pops of primary colors, much more cheerful than your apartment, and clean. Val breaks out a Tupperware of cookies, and makes some hot chocolate. You settle onto the increasingly-familiar couch, and Val follows, munching some cookies. She flips on the TV, some romantic drama, and cuddles up against you. The rest of the day passes by surprisingly slowly. At one point, the power goes out, leaving you and Val in near-darkness.

The outage only lasts for under a minute, and the two of you breathe a sigh of relief as the lights kick back on. Val turns the TV back on, this time some dumb comedy movie is on.

You're barely watching it. Val's pulled up her shirt, and you marvel at the incongruity of her situation. Her tummy is still a little pooched out from her epic breakfast, and she's still scarfing down sugary cookies. Yet, her steely abs are still obvious, if a touch rounded. You can't help yourself, you start caressing Val's tummy. It's strange how your hands seem to know exactly where to go in order to give her belly the most love. Her hands find their way into your hair, and she sighs contently.

Val checks her phone and turns to you, "How's a casserole sound tonight?"

"Delicious, also what kind?" You reply.

"Turkey. Also get up, you're gonna help me cook."

"I'm gonna need a few more minutes of snuggling," You say.

Val's eyes narrow, "I'm gonna need you to get up."

You comply, and head into her kitchen.

"We'll snuggle later, doofus. For now, help me prep this dish." Val orders.

The two of you divide the work, and in about half an hour, a delicious-looking turkey noodle casserole is happily baking away in the oven.

"Ok, we've got some time to kill while that cooks. Now I think I owe you some cuddles," Val says.

"That sounds excellent," you reply as the two of you lay together on her couch.

The two of you dreamily watch some TV until the oven starts beeping.

You perk up, "Dinner time!" Val gets the casserole out of the oven while you set the table. After about five minutes, Val hands out servings, and the two of you sit down to eat.

"Hey, this is good!" You compliment.

Val smiles, "Glad you like it."

You notice Val's portion is heaping, but a far cry from the heroic size her dinners typically are. "You not feeling too hungry, baby?" you ask.

Val works on her casserole at a steady pace. "I've got the doctor appointment tomorrow morning remember? I don't want them testing me while I've still got a huge binge in my system."

"Oh, right," you reply dumbly. "Well, let's save some for later then."

Val smiles and nods, and the pair of you clean up the kitchen. She looks at the covered leftovers,” Your doom comes tomorrow," she says to the dish with a chuckle, then closes the fridge.

"Now... we can get stoned and watch dumb TV if you'd like," Val says with a smile.

"Sure, sounds like a plan to me," you respond.

After the two of you light up, you turn on the TV and settle in for a night of laziness. You zone out for a while, but soon find yourself rousing from your trippy stupor.

"Baby?" You call out.

"Yes?" Val follows up.

"Have you been getting any weird internet issues? Other than that creepy text you saw me get earlier?" You ask.

Val pauses, then nods, "Just got a weird message on my phone. It said something about our doom being upon us, and that we should prepare."

"What?! That's fucked up!"

"Yeah... I got another one soon after that. Saying the same exact thing."

"Same exact thing? Dude, are you sure?"

"Yes. Yes I am sure," Val laughs.

"I hope it's just some weird malicious troll," you say. "What did you do?"

"I deleted the messages," Val responds.

"Yeah that's what I did with my creepy messages too."

You and Val toke a little more. Your responses to the strange messages put each other at ease, and another dose of pot certainly helps clear your minds.

"I'm glad you're here, dum-dum," Val chuckles. "I'm glad you're my boo."

"Me too, babe," you smile.

The two of you slowly and sensually make out. It's a little strange knowing that neither of you wants sex tonight, but it's still fun to kiss and cuddle. Things end with you laying on Val's firm warm body, her strong arms wrapped around your chest. It's getting late, and you send a quick message to your boss saying that you'll be a little late due to a doctor's appointment. You just don't say whose appointment.

Val yawns. "We should get some sleep."

"Yeah," you agree.

The two of you head for Val's room to get ready for bed. Val giggles and tugs at your shirt, "Let's sleep naked again tonight."

"Don't have to ask me twice," you grin.

You and Val giggle and tease each other as you strip the other's clothes off. Both of you have a dumb grin as you both brush your teeth and ogle each other in the mirror.

"You're going to be the death of me," you laugh, as Val strikes a similar pose.

"I don't care," she smiles.

Val plants a minty-fresh kiss on your cheek, "C'mon, let's get some shut-eye."

She drags you over to her bed and both of you tumble face-first into the pillowy softness.

You lay in her warm embrace, just enjoying the feeling of being close to Val.

You drift off to blissful sleep to the rhythm of her breathing.