Positive Influence

Chapter 7 - A Milkshake


The sun is now peeking over the horizon when you awake. You stretch, feeling your muscles wake up, then head into the kitchen. You're going to have to decide what to make for breakfast today. You put some pop tarts into the toaster, and boil some water for instant coffee. You're going to have to get a new coffeemaker soon, because this one is crap and takes forever to heat up. You eat your food, get dressed for work, and prepare to head out.

Suddenly you get a text from Val. She says she's got a Saturday appointment at Dr. Rohaz's clinic. You feel a small pang of dread but also a twinge of excitement. Val's offered to make dinner again tonight. You'll bring the files you found in case she's curious.

Work is a drag but also a blur. Enough customer emails have come in that you had to split them with your co-workers. You call in for a delivery lunch, a modest sandwich, scarf it down, and get back to work. 5 o'clock rolls around soon enough. Satisfied with your progress, you log out and head to your car to drive to Val's place. You barely have to wait after ringing the doorbell for her to answer the door. Today she's opted for a loose-fitting blue dress with the top three buttons undone. A thin silver chain with a small charm dangles around her neck.

Your palms start to sweat.

"Hi." She smiles sweetly. Her eyes travel up and down your body, and she puts a finger to her lips. Then, Val wraps you up in her arms, lifts you off your feet, and kisses you square on your lips. The second you feel her lips on yours, all thoughts disappear. The world fades away; there is nothing but her. You wrap your arms around her and kiss her back with as much vigor.

You're distracted as the smells of garlic and tomato waft from the oven. Val senses your distraction and sets you down. "I made lasagna," she explains. "I hope you like it."

"Everything you make is incredible, baby," you fawn. Val shoots you a sunny smile over her shoulder as she leads you to the kitchen. She pulls the pan out of the oven and places it on a folded cloth on the kitchen counter. She starts serving up large helpings to the two of you. Val might as well have scooped you some and taken the dish for herself. You still can't help but gawp at her serving sizes.

Val sees you staring and bursts out laughing. "That leftover casserole didn't go too far," she explains, patting her (flat) tummy.

She tears into her lasagna quickly yet cleanly. You dig in with vigor after today's light meals, but you have to consciously remember to set your own pace.

"Mmm, this is delicious," you rasp, still working to catch your breath. "You didn't need to go through all the trouble."

"It was no trouble at all. I've always loved cooking, and it's always so nice to share."

You smile and pause for a moment, before remarking, "I'm getting distinctly.... Domestic vibes from you today, Val."

"Good!" Val beams. "I want you to actually feel at home here."

"It's... Nice," you reply, trailing off slightly. You're not sure what else to say. It hasn't even been a week - could she really be the one?

Val plops another heap of lasagna onto her plate and continues to eat. You've been finished, so you drive most of the conversation. You thank Val for her stock tips, gloat about your earnings, and plan your next move. The conversation flows easily.

"So, had any more of those weird dreams?" Val asks, setting down her fork.

You pause, and try to think back. "No. I can't recall any more."

You change the topic to Dr. Rohaz. Val fills you in on her conversation with the endocrinologist. "She's really nice, and she certainly seems knowledgeable. They might have to take some samples from me on Saturday. I'm kind of scared about that, but I'm willing to do it if it means answers," Val says.

She continues, "I can count on you to be with me on Saturday?" You reply with an emphatic "of course".

She asks, "So what did you learn about my new specialist?"

You keep your phone handy for reference, and you briefly summarize what you judge to be the most relevant papers. Val listens intently, still stuffing her face. She nods through the whole thing, "I'm really glad I have you for support. It's hard to process all this new stuff."

Val forks the final morsel of lasagna past her lips and swallows. She sets down her fork and drops her hands to her now-swollen stomach and sighs contentedly. She stares off into the distance for a moment, and then looks you in the eyes and grins.

"I'm just so hungry," she says, rubbing her stomach.

She cocks an eyebrow, "How about some dessert, and maybe we can get handsy?"

You respond by sliding s hand under the table and up Val's skirt. "I'm full, but you can be my dessert," you say sleazily.

Val giggles and agrees. "Go to the couch and get comfy. I'll be there in a minute or two."

You gladly do as she says, and flop down onto the plush couch. You hear Val rooting around in the fridge and cabinets, and an electrical whine emanates from the kitchen a few times. Minutes pass with no Val, and you're just about to get up and search for her, when you see her emerge from the kitchen. She's got a glass in one hand, and a pitcher in the other. The pitcher is full of a creamy white milkshake.

Val cocks her head at you expectantly. "Well? Get your dick out, and tell me how much of this milkshake you want."

You laugh and start removing your pants. "Maybe just a quarter of that glass. Just enough to get a taste," you say.

Val definitely fills it to about a third.

Once your pants are in a heap on the floor, Val hands you the glass, sets the pitcher on the coffee table, and kneels before your erect cock. You wait a moment, Val envelopes your cock in the pleasurable warmth of her mouth, and you start drinking the milkshake. You let the sweet vanilla goodness flow down your throat as Val eagerly teases the head of your cock. Pleasure quickly spreads through you, from the thick creamy sweetness you're chugging, and from Val's lips and tongue. You try to hold in your groans, but you can't help but let them flow freely. You look down to see Val smiling as she sucks eagerly on the base of your cock. Your modest serving quickly disappears down your throat. In your hedonic haze you vaguely want more, but decide to savor Val's efforts to get you off. You place the empty glass on the side table, then grab Val's head as she sucks. Your hands find their way into her hair and you gently force her to take more of you into her mouth. You feel the hotness of her throat enveloping your cock, and quickly cross into blissful arousal. You give a few harsh throaty grunts as your hips thrust reflexively into Val's mouth. Val eagerly does all she can to please you. She continues to lavish attention on all your most sensitive spots as you rapidly approach orgasm. You can only gasp and moan in pleasured awe as your cock is expertly brought to climax. You look down at Val, your eyes filled with an emotion of pure lust as your hips thrust to meet her mouth.

Pleasure soars through you, and you find yourself floating in a sea of ecstasy. Your eyes roll into the back of your head as you find yourself blasting spurt after spurt of hot cum into Val's eager mouth. She eagerly swallows each blast as her throat greedily accepts your offering.

You fall back into reality, and gently release a hand from Val's hair. Your body stills and your eyes open. You look down at Val, stroking her beautiful hair. "That was incredible," you whisper to her.

Val sits back, licking her lips and wiping her face. She caresses your thighs for a little while as you come back to your senses. Once you've recovered a bit, Val stands up and strips off her dress. She drops it to the floor in a heap, and stands before you wearing only a lusty smile. You take a moment, as always, to admire her amazonian figure. She strikes a sexy pose for a moment, then kicks the dress aside and lies down on the couch.

"Whenever you're ready, hand me that pitcher and start eating my pussy," she purrs.

Val doesn't need to tell you twice. She grabs the pitcher with one hand, and grabs your hair with the other as you bury your face in her vulva. She tastes divine-- sweet and musky all at the same time. You spend a long time exploring her with your tongue, but you don't want to miss a single bit of her essence. You can't quite see what she's doing, but her moans are muffled by gulps. What you can see is her stomach swelling more and more as she chugs down the milkshake. Between the leftovers, the lasagna, and the torrent of milkshake, you reckon that Val's belly must be near it's limits. She's really getting off on her gluttony, and your renew your focus to pleasure her pussy.

You flick your tongue against her clit, and she immediately shudders. You do it again, and are rewarded with a breathless moan echoing out of the pitcher. But it doesn't last long. Her breathing gets shorter and quicker, but she continues to drink. She gulps down the milkshake with raw force, as if she's dying of thirst and this is the only water in the world. Her moans are now almost incoherent, but she still drinks. You lap up her sweet nectar eagerly, and enjoy every moment of eating her out. You know that she's close. Surely, this must be killing her, but she doesn't give up. You glance up and see Val's thrown her head back and tipped the pitcher all the way back. A moment later, she sets aside the empty vessel and messily runs her tongue around her mouth. She barely makes a dent in the sweet mess dripping down her chin, and she grabs your hair with her both hands, and shoves your face even deeper into her folds.

Her bulging stomach gurgles and wobbles stiffly, and her moans are now little more than screams of ecstasy. She tastes, smells, and feels so good. Your job is to eat her out and drive her insane with pleasure. She bucks her hips and whines desperately, "Don't stop...fuck, don't...stop."

"So... full... I need more... Oh God, oh God.... Don't stop...." Her lewd pleas are music to your ears.

You flick your tongue against her clit as she wails, "Yes! Yes! Harder! Oh my fucking God, I'm coming! Don't stop!" Val grinds her pussy into your face as she comes for what feels like forever. Tears roll down her cheeks and she trembles and trembles and shrieks. As her quaking subsides, she finally lets you up for air.

"Jesus... What the fuck was that?" Val asks, panting.

"The best feeling in the world." You grin, between breaths.

Val holds you at arm's length and looks at you. Her face and neck are still spattered with spilled milkshake.

"Do that again."


She doesn't answer. You feel something wet drip from your chin and down your neck. You look down only to see Val's eyes fixated on your mouth with a mixture of lust and love.

"Do that again."

You grin, and press your face back into her. Val stiffens as your tongue darts in and out of her slick folds. She bites her lip hard enough to leave a dent, and her knees buckle slightly.

"Oh fuck yes... That's it... Don't stop..." Val whispers, as you lap up her sweet juices.

Damn, she tastes so good. She grabs your head, pulls it closer and runs her fingers through your hair. Her other hand grips your shoulder as she grinds her hips into you. She presses your face as far into her as she can get it, almost making you choke. She pushes your head up and down, in small motions at first then gaining momentum.

"Mmmm..." she hums, watching you eat her out.

You don't want it to end. You want to feast on her pussy forever and suck on those gorgeous tits for all eternity. Val's thighs shake and her eyes roll into the back of her head as she comes again.

"Oh my... Fuck." She whispers.

She plants a hand against the wall to keep herself from falling. She stares at you, opens her mouth to say something, then closes it and stops.

"I... I can't get over how good that felt... I have to say this."

You lean back, working your jaw and feeling sensation return to your tongue. You look over Val and she's a gorgeous gluttonous mess. Her upper body is still splattered with spilled milkshake, and her belly looks ready to pop. You can make out some beads of sweat across her body, and she slowly, gingerly brings her hands up to rub her stuffed gut. She'd be a dead-ringer for pregnant, but you know that belly is only full of food and dessert.

"Val, what's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just... Shit... That was amazing... I need to stay here and rest for a while though..."

"Do you want some help cleaning up?" You ask.

Val finally surveys herself and sees what a mess she's made. She laughs a little, before wincing and soothing her aching gut. "I'm gonna need your help. I might explode if I move too fast, hah...." She says.

You duck into the kitchen and dig out a couple clean towels. You wipe Val's remnant juices off of your face, and sit down next to her on the couch. You start licking the globs of milkshake off of her as she giggles at your tongue. You giggle too, "I might have to eat more things off of you! They always seem to taste better that way." You make the last few stray globs disappear with tender kisses, then hand Val the towel so she can dry off a bit.

"That was fantastic." She smiles as she dabs the sweat from her face.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"I... Ooooh! I have another request." Val Says, grinning at you.

"Oh?" You ask.

"Can you make me a joint?" Val asks. "My tummy never aches as much when I'm stoned, and I need the help tonight, hah...."

Val genuinely looks torn between gluttonous and post-orgasmic bliss, and the practical discomforts of a distended belly. You can see the strain on her face, and hear her guts churning and sloshing. You can only imagine how she feels.

"Anything for you, baby," you say. You dig in the now-familiar side table, roll up a fatty, and hand Val the weed and a lighter. She takes a deep hit, holding the smoke in for about a good five seconds before releasing it.

"I just... Ooff! Shit my tummy is killing me!" Val complains, wincing and clutching her belly.

"You'll get used to it." You kiss her forehead, and she leans into you. She wraps an arm around you, holding you tightly as you massage her stomach. You pause a moment to take your share of the weed. You light it up and take a huge drag. You hold it for about three seconds before releasing, and you hands are light and numb. You dispose of the burnt end, and return to ease Val's overfilled stomach. All four of your hands work in concert, and she feels amazing to your touch. She softly coos and moans in relief.

"It's been so long since I've had someone to help me... I feel so much better." Val says. "Never thought I'd ever really get to be myself..."

"You're amazing," you giggle, "and don't you forget it."

Val's body begins to relax, and she closes her eyes.

"I'm not sleeping," she purrs, "I'm just really relaxing and enjoying this feeling. How about you turn on the TV?"

"Sure thing," you say.

You flip the channels for a moment, but end up settling on some nature show. You figure Val will just fall asleep, so you lean back and relax too. Time passes in a comfortable haze, and you find yourself rooting for the various predators featured on the show. You're still pinching yourself. This is all too good to be true. You decide to bring up something you've been wanting to ask Val.

"Hey Val?....."

"Mmmm." She replies.

"What's your favorite animal?" You ask.

Val thinks for a moment, "Cat... ummm... dog... horse... monkey... ooh, and bear!" She says.

The two of you cuddle and keep watching nature shows as your heads slowly clear. During a segment on tropical lizards, you realize you're feeling sober again. It's not terribly late, but you glumly figure that you should head home soon. Val's comfortably splayed across you, and you're not going anywhere with her there. You'd just have to awkwardly roll her onto her stomach to get her off of you. A dilemma.

You decide to make the most of your remaining time with Val, and delay the inevitable as long as possible. She does eventually stir, sitting up and looking at you. "It got chilly," she remarks. "You were keeping me plenty warm," you joke.

"Yeah but you don't have a belly full of shake sapping all your heat," she retorts.

Val slowly and delicately rises to her feet, one hand on her rounded tummy. She pauses a moment to burp, then bends down and retrieves her dress. She pulls it over her head and shoves her arms into the sleeves before doing up the front. She turns, and you find yourself staring at the most beautiful creature on earth. She smiles, and shuffles back to the couch and settles back on top of you again. "You feeling less cold?" you ask.

"Better," she says, stroking your face.

She leans in to kiss you, and you wrap your arms around her. Her lips are warm and soft against yours. When the kiss ends, you stare into her bright blue eyes.

"Thank you," you say.

"For what?" she asks.

"For a lovely evening."

Val smiles and nods. "It was for me too."

The two of you stare at each for a moment, before she leans in to kiss you again. This one lasts a little longer.

"I should be heading home," you say, as if suddenly remembering.

"Oh. Yeah, you've got work tomorrow right?"

"Monday through Friday.... Just a part of the rat race," you reply.

Val begins to slide off of you, and you try not to groan.

You slowly get up and retrieve your clothes, donning them as you do. Val watches you dress. "You can come over whenever you like," she says brightly. "Call it a standing invitation," she adds.

You smile and nod. "Thanks Val. I'll definitely take you up on that." As you head to the door, she rushes up and wraps her arms around you from behind.

She whispers in your ear, "I'll even let you feed me as much as you like," and nibbles your earlobe.

You reply, "What if I want to feed you a whole lot?"

"Then I'll eat a whole lot. Simple as," she whispers back.

"Tsk, promises, promises," you say with a smile.