Positive Influence

Chapter 9 - Jen and Vicky


You wake up the next morning bleary-eyed and fuzzy-headed. Guess you didn't dodge the hangover after all, but you've had worse.

You look to your left and see Val, who sleeps curled up next to you. She is naked, beautiful and entirely adorable. You run your fingers through her hair and smile. She murmurs and shifts in her sleep but doesn't awaken. Despite your less than stellar condition, you decide to get a little morning stretching in. You carefully roll out of bed and start a routine. You straighten up after some toe-touches and see Val's crystal-blue eyes locked with yours. "Lovely sight to wake up to," she murmurs groggily.

"Not half," you grin and lean down to give her a kiss.

She eagerly accepts and pulls you close as your tongues entwine.

You pull back after a few seconds and laugh, "Morning breath."

Val giggles too, "Let's get cleaned up, I stink."

Val lifts the covers away and pauses to let you ogle her naked body. After a giggly, cute moment, she gets up and drags you to the shower. Val turns on the water and lets it run for a bit while you wait. You can't wait to feel that hot water against your skin, wash off the residue of last night and feel fresh all over again. Plus some hot steamy water will feel nice on your hungover brain. The water finally runs hot enough, and you step in. It's so fantastic! You feel instantly refreshed. Val quickly joins you and the two of you scrub each other down.

Val lingers with her face in the water stream, cooing with delight. "You hungover too?" you tease.

Val pivots towards you and splashes you with a small amount of water. "I've been better," she giggles.

You push her back and begin washing her back, "How's your head?"

"Just a little fuzzy," she purrs as you lather up her tight body. "After two whole bottles of wine? I'd be dead!" You laugh, "You're really something else, maybe your liver has superpowers too!"

You continue scrubbing as she giggles and complains.

"That tickles!" she laughs. You take a brief break to kiss her as the two of you rinse off and step out of the shower.

Once wrapped in big fluffy towels, Val rubs her temple and groans a bit. "Bleh, maybe we should pregame a bit before girls' brunch."

The relief from the shower is quickly fading, and some toast, coffee, and Advil sounds like just the ticket.

"You going to be okay?" you ask.

"Hmm?" Val looks up, "Yeah."

You give her a worried glance, but she shoots you a reassuring look. After a moment, she digs out a bottle of Advil and leads you to the kitchen. Val's dainty movements in the kitchen are always a delightful contrast to her powerful physique. In a few minutes, you each have before you two slices of hot buttered toast, a mug of rich coffee, and two Advil pills.

"Thanks baby," you mutter groggily. The moment Val sits down, you slam your pills with a big gulp of coffee and start tearing into your toast. Val does similarly, only inhaling her toast first.

The moment some food hits your stomach you start feeling better. All the toast is gone in moments, so you and Val shift gears. You make small talk and sip your coffees, enjoying the pleasant, intimate morning. Minutes slip by as you talk, and soon it is time for you to head out.

Val's head whips around to the oven, reading the digital clock on it. "We should get dressed and get rolling to brunch. I'll drive again," she offers.

You give her a look. "You really don't have to drive me to and from, baby, honestly."

She bats her thick long eyelashes at you. "I know, but I want to."

You make an exaggerated show of giving in to Val's girly persuasion, then agree and kiss her. She then stands up and drops her towel. You stand up too and she pulls away your towel with a single finger and a single movement. Your eyes are drawn immediately to Val's naked body. You admire it like an amazing work of art. She could have been carved from marble. Val wraps her arms around your waist and lifts you off your feet. You gently wrap your legs around her and submit to her greedy lips. You don't know how long you kiss, but you do know that when you finally part you are both breathing heavily. She shifts to support you with one arm and slaps your ass with her free hand.

"C'mon boytoy, we need to get going." She giggles.

Val sets you back on your feet and the two of you go up to her room. You quickly dress. You pull on your usual ensemble of jeans and a t-shirt. Val wears a red summer dress with white sneakers. The two of you walk out the door and hop into Val's car. The drive to the diner is easy and uneventful. Val pulls into a parking spot and checks her phone. "Lena and Zoe are already there," she says, "and Jen and Vicky should be here soon too."

You exit the car and walk into the diner. The same waitress from last week recognizes the two of you and leads you to one of the diner's non-booth tables. You spot Lena's face at one of the seats, and Zoe's fat ass hanging over either side of her seat. She turns and waves you over with an excited smile.

Zoe is wearing a t-shirt and knee-length tights that cling to her chunky hips and thighs. Lena is wearing a modest purple sundress with a floral pattern.

"Hey you!" Zoe smiles, "have a seat. We've already ordered for you..." She says, trailing off as if that is a bad thing.

You sit down and look at the two of them. You cock your head at Zoe, and Lena jumps in, "Coffee. For the whole table. Also maybe a round of orange juice."

You look between the two ladies, and thank Zoe for thinking ahead. "Some OJ would really hit the spot today," you remark.

Zoe nods with a smile. "Lena and I are going to share a side of bacon while we wait for our food," she glances at her friend,

Lena looks surprised. "We are?"

"Yeah," Zoe answers, "I'm starving already!"

Lena purses her lips in thought, then announces, "I'm doing it today. I'm going to eat that Big Boss Breakfast and not pass out. But I'm gonna need every bit of space in here," she pats her soft tummy. "Val, Anon, you guys can split the bacon with Zoe."

You nod in agreement, not entirely sure if sharing a side of bacon is the same thing as passing out. Zoe grins and nudges you. "The more meat the better!" She laughs.

The waitress sidles up with the expected coffee and orange juice. When the drinks are distributed, Zoe does indeed order a side plate of bacon. The waitress records the order with a smile and walks to the kitchen.

"I'm going to be so full," she says, "but I have to try everything."

Lena gives her a look.

"All in one sitting? Because it certainly sounds like you'd want to try that."

Zoe nods. A moment later she bursts out laughing. "I would if I could, even if it meant wheeling me out of here with a forklift! You've seen how much stuff is on the menu here, right?"

At that moment, the waitress returns with the plate of bacon. She sets it on the table and turns to Zoe with a knowing smirk. "You'd have to be REALLY hungry to eat everything on the menu in one go. I added it up once, you'd be putting away more than 30 pounds of food. And that's before you start going through all the build-your-own combos."

Zoe pauses for a moment, as though doing some mental math. She pantomimes her belly expanding, as though seriously calculating the prospect of downing more than 30 pounds of greasy diner breakfasts. She seems to come to a conclusion, nodding. "Yeah... It's a good thing we're not at a booth."

Lena says nothing, apparently shell-shocked by the very notion of eating so much, even in jest. The waitress grins and saunters away, leaving the four of you in relative privacy again. The four strips of bacon on the side plate are quickly divided up. You, Val, and Zoe each claim one, and Val and Zoe split the fourth. Lena watches the three of you eat with an unreadable gaze. You assume she's somehow focusing her hunger for later. The crispy meat is gone in a flash. As you're wiping your fingers on your napkin, you see Lena perk up and wave at something behind you. You hear a pair of familiar female voices squeal excitedly shortly after.

You turn in your seat and see two female figures. Their faces are unmistakable: Vicky's cherubic round face and almond eyes, and Jen's pale high-cheeked countenance.

"Val! Anon!" they exclaim, waving at the table. They stroll over and embrace Val and, a touch awkwardly, you. You get a good look at the girls before they each wrap you up in a hug.

Vicky's put on weight. She's wearing tight shorts and a deep-necked tanktop that accentuates her abundant bosoms. Her shirt leaves her flabby midriff well-exposed, and a doughy roll bulges shamelessly over her waistband. Vicky's not especially bottom-heavy, but her legs and hips are soft and dimpled. Her face is soft and round with a fleshy double chin, and her silky black hair is gathered into a simple ponytail. Her eyes are still her dominant feature. They're large and doe-like, and typically make her look vulnerable or embarrassed.

You exchange quick greetings and small talk, then Vicky maneuvers towards an open seat. You and Jen pause for a moment and look at each other.

"You made..." you start to say, and then you pause, searching for the most diplomatic way to ask this.

"A lot of... progress," you finish lamely.

"Yeah." She cracks a small smile.

Jen is wearing a knee-length black skirt and a matching tight blouse that shows off a hint of her creamy stomach. Next to your fat lady friends, Jen looks (relatively) slim, but she's definitely carrying a few extra pounds. She wears the weight well, and her height gives her a soft, voluptuous look. Jen also wears a thin leather collar with a stylized heart on it, and her raven hair is cut into a bob that frames her face.

She pulls you into a brief but warm embrace, then releases you and looks at you for a moment. "I'm still learning to love food, but I haven't relapsed into starving myself," she says a little abruptly. "I... have my limits. I eat until I'm full, and then I stop."

"That's good," you say, and you mean it.

Jen looks embarrassed for a moment. "Let me sit down then we can catch up," she says. She sits in the seat opposite you, pauses for a moment and takes a deep breath. "Okay," she says, "Where to begin. It's been an interesting past few years."

You smile and wave for the waitress, who was already in the process of delivering coffee and juice for Vicky and Jen. The other girls talk among themselves while Vicky and Jen focus on catching up with you. Jen goes first. Since high school graduation, she had been working at her father's coffee shop, no more than two blocks away from your apartment. She loved it there, and talked about one day opening her own business. You're surprised to find out that she'd been working so close to you, but are also glad to hear that things are starting to work out for her.

Jen was about to mention some hobbies she'd gotten into, but the waitress chose that moment to take everybody's orders. Just like last week, Val, Zoe, and Lena put in for Big Boss Breakfasts. Vicky asks for one as well. Jen looks a little embarrassed and lets you order before her. You ask for a hearty yet still reasonable spread with waffles, sausage, and eggs. Jen orders a crepe combo with bacon and eggs, but appears undecided about getting hash browns on the side.

"You should get the hash browns," you say.

"I dunno. I don't feel very hungry," she says.

"I'll make a deal with you. I'll get hash browns on the side too if you do," you offer. Jen lights up a bit but asks, "But what if I can't finish mine?"

"Then I can eat them for you, so nothing goes to waste," you reply.

"Deal." Jen smiles.

The waitress crisply records everybody's orders and heads off to the kitchen. Vicky asks you about your job. You answer in some detail, though there really isn't a whole lot to tell. It's an office job. You do emails, talk to suppliers and customers, and sometimes offer input onto new business plans. You remember that Vicky was admitted to a well-rated engineering program, and you ask her how that went. She admits that it was good, though not great. She enjoyed all the classes she took, but didn't excel in any of them.

"I did well enough to get an engineering job at a design firm downtown. Still doing my parents proud and living up to their high expectations," Vicky says.

"They still let me - no, all but demand - that I regularly swing by their restaurant and grab some of their leftovers. You know how they are, they would think they'd failed as parents if I lost any weight," she adds with a laugh.

Val chimes in, "Omigosh, my grandparents are exactly the same way. They must've fed me constantly whenever I visited them. They must have been beside themselves that I never plumped up. They approved of the muscle but always worried that I'd be cold."

"Immigrant families, am I right?" Vicky laughs in response. "They were always like 'back in the old country, being fat meant you were successful! Now eat up or you'll bring us shame!' Lucky thing I like food..."

"They grew up in a very different time," you say.

"Yeah," Vicky replies. "I don't hate them, hell I do properly love them. They're just.... Their families didn't always have enough to eat, and they never wanted me to experience that." Vicky looks distant, and slightly sad, for a moment.

"Then again, I can't imagine not loving food, so I'm accumulating this -" Vicky lightly wobbles her squishy tummy - "in all the timelines. Hey, the extra buoyancy helped for swim team!" The table breaks into laughs.

A moment later, the smell of fried goodness fills your nose. The promised brunches are arriving. Delivering four mountains of fried goodness is beyond the waitress alone, and one of the cooks is helping bring out the food. Zoe, Val, and Vicky look at their breakfast feasts excitedly. Lena is psyching herself up for her inevitable stuffing. Jen excitedly surveys her sweet breakfast, and your own portion looks divine.

You eagerly dig into your food, and you're immediately filled with contentment. There's just something about diner food. It can't be good for you, but it's just so tasty.

Juggling conversation with five ladies is tough, and when most of them are chowing down on huge meals, it's all but impossible to stay focused. You spend most of the meal savoring your food and watching your friends. Zoe, bless her, is easily the most vocal and talkative. And somehow, she's making her breakfast disappear as quickly as anybody. Lena isn't saying much, she seems off in her own little world, determinedly shoveling pancakes and eggs into her mouth. Val is smiling and laughing at every little joke. Vicky is... Vicky. Jen's apparent discomfort regarding food seems to have evaporated, and she's already put a big dent into her crepe plate. She's even started getting into her hash brown side. You think you might have seen her this happy before.

You spend breakfast talking about inconsequential things, bantering, and generally having a good time. You've finished your main plate and are prepping to finish off your hash browns when Jen looks at you.

"Anon?" She asks.

"What's up, Jen?"

"Are you.... Gonna finish those hash browns?" she asks as her face flushes.

Oh? Time for some of the old Anon fattening magic, it seems.

Also you do suddenly feel the weight of all the sugar and grease you've put down. You scrape a few morsels of hash browns for yourself, then pass the plate over to Jen with a smile.

"Go for it," you say.

"Thanks Anon," she replies. As Jen starts on her extra helping, she remarks, "I just feel more comfortable when I eat with friends..."

You look over to see how the other ladies are faring. Val and Zoe have finished their Big Boss Breakfasts and are chatting like it was nobody's business. Vicky isn't far behind. Lena looks like she's struggling to finish her massive portion, but her determination is obvious. She forks pancakes and eggs into her mouth between huffs of obvious discomfort. The whole table is watching her, and that only serves to spur her on. A few minutes later, she spears the last morsel of pancake, swallows it, and sways in her seat with heavy eyelids.

Lena slumps back in her seat, and pats her overfilled stomach with both hands, and grins widely. "I feel... Amazing," she murmurs. "It's only getting easier the more I pig out..."

She cracks her eyes open and looks at the table. "...Can I have some more?"

A moment. Lena busts out laughing, and the rest of the table follows. You and the girls settle into small talk as you let your food settle. You look over at Jen and you see she finished her whole meal, plus both her and you extras. She smiles at you and pats her tummy.

"Hey Jen," you say. "You never did mention what hobbies you had gotten into. Something to do with the internet?"

"Oh!" she replies, suddenly remembering.

"Yeah, I actually stream videogames every few days," she explains. "I have a lot of fun and somehow even get some donations. I'm also getting into digital art a bit."

"Oh yeah? Where can I find your portfolio?" Val asks.

Suddenly Jen squeaks and hides her face behind her hands. "Don't look my art up here," she barely manages to say. "It's pretty... Racy," she finishes with a giggle.

Jen does tell you her profile name, however. "All the girls know what I do," she explains, "But I only tell people that I trust. People will think I'm weird!” she giggles.

"Jen, I won't think you're weird no matter what art you make," you say calmly.

"I hope so...." She says quietly.

All the other girls have knowing smiles. They must have seen Jen's art and are staying quiet to spare her feelings.

Lena slowly looks over and says, "None of us think you're weird, Jen. Everyone deserves to be happy, especially when they're creating."

"Thank you, Lena."

Val looks over at you and places her hand on yours. "Was your brunch good again?" She asks.

"Yeah, it was good."

Your pals go back to chatting among themselves. You realize you missed the group dynamic with them, and feel a little guilty for falling out of contact. But they're here now, Val fits right in, and it feels like old times. Sure your friends got fatter, but you aren't exactly surprised to see it, and they're happy. Not to mention they're all wearing the weight well. The conversations start to lose steam, and Vicky is the first to break the spell. "It's been great to see everyone, but I gotta get some stuff done today,"

Everyone murmurs agreement, and the girls slowly stand up amidst a ripple of scraping chairs and groans.

"That was wonderful, Lena," you say sincerely.

"Thanks for coming, Anon," she replies, and gives you a big hug.

You return the favor, minding the comfort of her stuffed gut. "If Val's a regular, then I hope you don't mind if I'm a regular too," you say.

Zoe starts laughing, "You must really like Val. None of our boyfriends bother with coming here. This isn't even a girls-only thing; it just panned out that way."

You and Val share a look. The adoration you share is plainly obvious to all.

"So...Zoe...?" you start.


"This was nice. It was great to see everybody again, thanks for inviting me."

Smiles break out around the group. Zoe responds, "It was good to see you too. Though you should know you won't have my full respect unless you can solo a Big Boss Breakfast," she giggles with a cheeky wink.

Your stomach burbles even at the notion. "Maybe some day, Zoe. Until then I'll just have to accept less," you laugh with a hand on your stomach.

At that, the group waddles over to the counter to pay their bills. A few moments later, everybody is loitering outside and sharing more small talk. At least until the food comas start to hit. Vicky starts looking a touch unsteady on her feet and pipes up, "Alright kiddos I should get home and nap this off while I can still drive."

The other overfilled girls say similar things. You all share your proper good-byes and head back to your respective cars. Val leads you back to her hybrid and gets into the driver's side. You hop into the passenger seat and she starts the car. She begins to drive, but immediately swerves it into the next lane to avoid hitting a slowpoke truck.

"Good reflexes!" You say with an excited chuckle. "No food coma for me," Val gloats.

The rest of the ride is pretty uneventful, so you decide to look up Jen's art online. You find a website that hosts Jen's work, which you begin to peruse. You look at a couple of pieces, then quickly realize that Jen is definitely exploring some fetishes with her art. Several pieces are variations on obese women being dominated by much skinnier women. Pointedly, the skinny women are sometimes downright emaciated, and the torments often involve refusal of food to the fat women. The style for this series is actually quite rough and grimy, you can't imagine this being taken as erotic.

Val quickly glances over and recognizes what's on your screen.

"Those pieces are so sad," Val comments.

"You know Jen struggled really badly with anorexia back in high school, right?" you ask in reply. "Yeah, but she's not like that any more," Val insists.

You thumb through more art as you explain, "Maybe not, but it's not the sort of thing you get over in a day. Val, it was really bad. Jen told me some days, lunch around me and the other girls was her only meal."

"Oh..." Val says, looking a bit saddened, but then quickly brightening up.

"She did talk to us about that a few times. She is doing a lot better, Anon. You should have seen how happy she was when she told us she needed new bras a few weeks back."

You look over at Val, "You know we went to prom right? We never dated, but I don't want you to be jealous if we're trading Jen stories."

Val shoots you a quick smile, "I'm not jealous honey. Jen's cute, high school you had good taste."

You chuckle. "Regarding bras. She actually outgrew her prom dress by a little bit after commissioning it, mainly in the bust. Jen definitely wasn't fat, but you should have seen how happy she was to be showing some cleavage for once."

This tends to excite Val and her cheeks turn a cute pink color. "You know, I think if I was a bit slimmer, I might have been a candidate for those... torture pictures," Val jokes.

You've been flipping through pictures this whole time. The current series is much more positive: fat women of all sizes happily eating rich foods, or smiling in the presence of various treats.

You turn to Val and address her kinky comment, "You'd definitely fit the dominant thing for those pictures, but you get why the doms are all skinny chicks right?"

Val smiles, "Not even slightly."

You raise an eyebrow. "Really? Val, these pictures are a pretty literal representation of Jen's struggle with anorexia. The skinny women are all evil, and the fat women want to eat and be happy."

Val blinks a few times as the pieces click. "Oh my god I'm such an airhead sometimes," she exclaims.

"It's ok honey," you soothe.

"Jen never said anything about wanting to be fat," Val mentions.

"We talked about this back in high school, and I think she stands by our conclusion from then. She just wants to love food. She's less concerned about how her body winds up," you explain.

"Yeah, she's said as much to us girls," Val says. "I did keep an eye on her today. That brunch was the most I've ever seen her eat in one sitting."

"Sounds like you, Lena, Vicky, and Zoe are pretty solid foodie role models for her," you reply.

"Actually us bigger girls are inspiring to Lena too," Val admits a little bashfully. "The whole Big Boss Breakfast thing is fairly new. Last week was the first time Lena finished hers."

You laugh. "Looks like the old 'Anon feeder magic' has started a feedback loop."

Val laughs at your unintentional pun, "Hehe FEEDback loop. And maybe. They like to think of it as, you made them comfortable exploring something they already knew about themselves."

You narrow your eyes at Val, "So you knew all along. When you were giving me shit about them last week, you were just testing me?"

Val looks hurt at your bluntness, "I guess so, but I wasn't trying to. I'm sorry, I didn't want to put you on the spot back then."

You soften. "Sorry Val, that was mean."

She smiles back, "It's ok."

Val navigates back to her place. The two of you jam out to some pop on the radio as she drives. In a few minutes, she's parked her car and you've followed her back to her place. Val's apartment is starting to feel awfully familiar these days. You sit down on her couch, while Val rummages around in the kitchen. You resume looking through Jen's artwork online. Her art at this point is fairly recent, so Jen must still be creating. She's still very focused on making fat fetish art, now with some traditional paintings in the mix. One painting in particular catches your eye, a picture of a chubby girl in lingerie, eating a piece of cake. There's something almost magical about it, the sensuality and beauty of it. The tagline beside it says "Better than sex." It's the most popular painting on her page, with over ten thousand people having viewed it. You scroll to another piece and blink instinctively. A massively fat, blob-like man holds a knife and fork while staring at a tiny slice of cake. A skinny woman in a maid outfit holds a platter with a single, comically-small cupcake on it. The title is "Feed me." It has over three thousand views, with a couple hundred likes. You also see that prints are available for sale.

"People love the over the top excess fetish art," you say aloud, looking over to Val, who is now fully present. She's sipping a cup of tea while staring at you intently.

"Really?" Val says, as if in doubt. "I didn't think people cared about that so much."

"Oh yeah? Check this out," you reply and hand Val your phone.

She looks at the painting of the blobby man. Then, she starts scrolling to new paintings. At one point, she stops, giggles a bit, and remarks, "This one is pretty hot, actually," with a cheeky smile.

Val hands your phone back, and you look to see what she was looking at. It's a painting of a buff man, embraced and caressed by several very obese women. They're all shaped differently, but they all have devil horns and are grinning lewdly at the man. Some of the women are holding donuts or slices of cake. The man looks at the treats with a smile, and his face is smeared with frosting.

"How'd you find this one?" you ask with a smile.

"I dunno. I just thought it was sweet," she replies.

"Sweet? Well, that's one way to put it."

Val giggles, "Everybody looks like they're having a good time. The girls have a cute man to play with, and the man gets to blow his diet. It's a little lewd, but also kinda wholesome."

You take a glance at the comments. Most of them are supportive, with people saying how much they'd love to have a man like that. Others jokingly bemoan not having a harem of cute fat girls feeding them.

Val looks at you quizzically. "You reading the comments?"

"Yeah. It's a lot of horny people. Internet as usual... So what did you like about this piece? Is it the fact that it's got a cute guy and some cute fat chicks?"

"I suppose that's part of it," Val says with a smile. "But this one feels oddly personal. One interpretation is that the muscley guy is you, Anon,"

You feel blood rush to your face and to your dick.

Val continues, "Another is that the muscley guy represents me. I basically took binge eating lessons from the other girls, you know."

"You did?" you ask, confused.

Val laughs, "Yes! It may not seem like it, but I was pretty serious about a good diet when I was with Dale. The day he finally moved out, I set up a girls' dinner for support. Lena actually had the idea to hit a buffet, and basically encouraged me to pig out. To be honest, I didn't need much encouragement... But it felt so freeing to eat so much, even if my tummy was killing me afterwards."

"How much did you eat?"

Val breaks out laughing again, "I can put away way more food now, but it was a lot for me at the time."

She pats her tummy, still full from brunch, "Gotta start somewhere, ha. And, ultimately, that day set me on the path that would meet me up with you."

You crawl over to Val and kiss her. She returns the kiss and deepens it for a moment, then pulls away and holds your face in her hands.

"I knew you were a keeper when you let me have that last piece of pie on our first date. Even if you're mean sometimes," she purrs.

Before you can react, Val has pushed you onto your back and straddled you. She grabs your wrists and kisses you hungrily. As your hands are pinned above your head, you can't do much except sit and endure it. You feel her weight shift and her bare thighs grind against your jeans. Val looks at you with a devilish grin and keeps your hands pinned. "I can be mean too," she says with a smirk.

Even though you can't see it, you know her expression turns rather serious. Her face is so close to your own that you can feel her breath on your lips. Your gaze meets and locks on her eyes. You see a mixture of lust and apology in them.

She stops grinding and releases your hands. Val chews her lip and looks away from you. "Anon... I'm not ready to put out yet."

"Come on, darling. Don't tease me," you say, grabbing her thighs and sliding your hands up her smooth legs.

"I'm sorry," she says, "I just... need time."

She grabs your arms again just as you reach her panties under her skirt.

"Anon, I'm serious. I'm not trying to be cutsey 'mean' here, I'm ...just not comfortable fucking yet."

You let your hands fall to your sides, unsure of what to do with them.

"Val, it's ok. We can go at whatever pace you want," you hear yourself saying.

"Can we please do something else? Like, maybe... take a walk?" she asks.

You nod and help her up off of you.

"Are you alright, Val?" You ask with concern.

She breathes heavily, trying to calm her racing heart. "Yeah... I just... got a bit scared there for a moment."

"It's dumb.... I just wanted to be sure our first proper fuck would be really good and I just wasn't feeling it and-"

You gently grab Val's hands.

"Baby, it's ok. Our first time doesn't need to be some spectacular orchestrated thing. It'll be amazing because it's you," you say.

She smiles, and you continue, "But if you're not ready yet, we can wait. Or do something else if you're still feeling lewd..."

You trail off, not knowing what else to say. She looks you in the eye, then goes in for a quick kiss. "Thanks for understanding. I know I can be ridiculous sometimes..."

"I hope you're not mad, but my mood is genuinely off now. Can we still go for a little walk?”

You reply, "Sure. It's a nice day. Just let me get my shoes on and we can go for a little walk."

You finish putting on your shoes and hurry to catch up to her.

"Alright, I'm ready to go now," You say.

She smiles back at you. "Great."

You hold her hand as you begin your walk to the park. The two of you talk about... well, everything. You relax and just enjoy her company. As you reach the gate leading into the park, you stop to look at her.

"I really hope you know what you're doing," You say, "I don't think I'll ever get over you."

Val chuckles, blushing a bit. The two of you stroll around the park hand in hand. The sun is warm, and a cool breeze keeps the temperature comfortable. Neither of you says much while walking. Val stops by a bench and sits, directing you to do the same.

"I'm really sorry I freaked out like that," She says, turning to face you, "but I just... it's really stupid, but..."

"What?" You ask, sitting next to her.

She exhales a deep breath before continuing. "I just got really... really... paranoid. I have no idea why."

You frown, waiting for her to explain. She takes your hand and looks into your eyes.

"Ok maybe I have some idea why. I've still got a lot on my mind after yesterday. I'm trying not to obsess over all the tests and stuff, but it's not easy to relax..."

You nod, encouraging her to continue.

"Anon, what if this doesn't work? What if it winds up hurting me somehow?"

Val is clearly getting agitated. You try to think quickly and compose a response. "Val, it's going to be alright."

She shakes her head, leaning into your shoulder. "I don't know if I'm ready for this," she says.

You wrap an arm around Val's waist.

"If the doctors come up with something, it'll mean you could make a big change to your body and your lifestyle. It's natural to be nervous about that."

Val nuzzles into your neck a little more and replies, "I know... And I'm getting ahead of myself. It's only been one day."

You feel a momentary twinge in your head, and close your eyes tightly in response. As suddenly as it came, the headache is gone, and you put it from your mind. After you're able to open your eyes without wincing, you look at Val and smile. She looks at you with concern.

"Are you alright?" she asks.

"Yeah, just a little headache," you reply. "Guess I'm still a touch hungover."

"Ok, if you say so," Val scolds. "I'm sorry I bothered you with my worries."

You bring your other hand up to caress her cheek.

"It's not a bother at all," you say, and go in for a quick kiss on her lips. After pulling back, you put on a wry smile. "You know, you've got a built-in big girl support network with the ladies. Have you ever asked them what it was like for them to gain weight?"

Val smiles back at you. "Not particularly. That is a good idea though, but I would have thought of it myself eventually!" She laughs.

Her face darkens again. "Ugh, but again that's gonna be contingent on the doctors figuring something out to make calories stick to me."

You hold her hand, "They'll figure something out. Besides, there's always the option of a deep-fried butter buffet!" you joke.

She smiles, but again her expression darkens as she starts to speak, "I just don't want to lose you, that's the other thing."

"Is that what's really been bothering you?" you ask.

Val answers, "I'm still overthinking this, but will you still like me if I get fat?"

"Of course," you reply without missing a beat.

She smiles at your honesty but seems oddly wound up. "What if I get, just, ridiculously fucking fat? Double... Triple..." She pauses, then blurts out "- Quadruple my weight? What if I start getting stuck in doors? What if I start breaking furniture with my fat ass?”

You have no words for a moment, struggling to grasp the bizarre situation you've found yourself in. Val looks at you as if expecting an explanation.

"Val..." You start cautiously. "I'm getting the impression that those are things you maybe kinda want to see happen to yourself."

"What?! No! I mean yeah, that's true, but..."

You reply, "None of those things will happen any time soon, honey. It's not like you're just going to wake up tomorrow weighing 500 pounds. We'll have plenty of time to see the changes happen."

She sighs, "But what if it does happen? You'll still like me?"

You smirk as your cock immediately starts to stiffen, "I can't say I'd hate that..."

Val shoots you a glare. Ok, no jokes. You return her gaze with an even expression and remind her, "Val, I agreed to help you get fatter. You asked me out so that I could help you gain. Why on earth would I run off when and if you start filling out?"

"I don't know, because you're scared of commitment?"

You give a small frown, "Commitment isn't about being stuck in a rut with someone, it's about wanting the same things out of life and being willing to put that other person ahead of you."

Val throws her arms around you and buries her face into your shoulder. A single sob wracks through Val, "I'm in uncharted waters, I never thought I'd be doing this, and I've only really known you for a couple weeks. So much has changed already, and it's exciting, but the future just seems so uncertain right now..."

You gently rub her back with one hand and hold her with the other. "I know this is easy for me to say, but I hope it's easy for you to visualize a future with me in it. Because that's my plan. I want to be with you wherever these uncharted waters go."

After a few moments of these comforting words, Val gains her composure. She wipes her eyes and leans back, taking a deep breath, "I'm sorry. I'm a wreck. You're right, we'll do this together. I just really needed to hear you say it."

You gently hold Val's chin and turn her to face you. She goes in for the kiss this time. It's a gentle peck at first, but soon turns into something deeper. Finally, you pull away and look into her eyes, "Together."

The two of you savor the moment, then Val breaks the spell. "You ready to head back?"

"Sure," you reply.

The two of you stand and make your way back to Val's apartment. Your hands are together the whole way. The rest of the afternoon crawls by in a lazy, pleasant fashion. You and Val while away the day playing videogames, then later put together a pasta dinner. Dinner is a rich penne marinara, with Val's own homemade garlic bread and a Caesar salad. You eat a generous portion, and Val of course absolutely pigs out. Towards the end she strips off her dress and insists you feed her to her limit. You oblige, and feed her more, watching her belly slowly swell more and more. After finally putting away every last crumb, Val puts her head on the table with a groan. "So full..... But so good..."

You joke, "You're making me nervous about my own cooking, baby. Both in terms of quality and quantity!"

Val looks at you with glazed eyes and a dopey smile, "You know, I haven't been to your place yet. I bet you're a great cook, Anon."

You think for a second then laugh, "Well you have seen what I can do while helping out." You shoot Val a devious smile, "How about I start whipping up a second dinner right now?”

Val groans, this time with less pleasure, and lets out a belch. "Ugh please no.... I am actually totally stuffed..."

You smile back, "I could get used to hearing that."

Val sleepily smiles back at you, "Could you help haul me up to bed?"

"Of course," you nod.

You help Val up, and support her as she unsteadily walks to the bedroom. She slowly lays back on the bed and starts massaging her overfilled gut. You take the opportunity to strip off your clothes, enjoying the feel of the cool air on your skin. You crawl into bed next to Val who is still rubbing her belly. You snuggle up close behind Val, feeling her warmth. She wiggles and coos with pleasure as you get close, and your hands inevitably find their way to her tummy. The two of you lay there for a while, easing the ache of her over-indulgence.

Val nestles her head in the crook of your shoulder, and looks with glazed eyes at the ceiling, "this is nice...."

"Good," you reply, feeling content.

"But maybe I could make it nicer," you whisper into Val's ear.

"Mmmmm," she moans back.

You slide a hand down the curve of her glutted gut and slip under the band of her panties. Val is already so slick and hot. You easily slide two fingers into her, and hear her moan with pleasure. You push your fingers in and out of her, slowly picking up the pace as she grows more and more excited.

"Oh... Yes... Fuck, yes!" Val moans as you fingerfuck her, making her sweat and squirm.

You whisper in her ear, "Do you want me to eat you out?”

"Ohhhhh... Yeah..." Val whines.

You slowly pull your fingers out of her, and lick them clean. She tastes of salt and sweet, like the most decadent dessert in the world. You reposition yourself to be between her corded legs. Val helps you remove her panties, then spreads her legs invitingly and lays back. You kneel between Val's legs, rubbing her thighs as you prepare to eat her out.

"Do it," she whispers. "Fuck, I want that."

You grin and nod, then slowly start to lick up her thighs, savoring every moment. You trace your tongue up to her slit, which is already dripping with anticipation. The scent of her is already making your head dizzy. You press your face in, and gently start to lick every inch of her slit. Val starts to squirm the moment your lips touch skin, and you immediately know that you are on the right track. You bring your lips and tongue to her clit, and Val cries out as she arches her back. Your lips and tongue trace patterns up and down her slit, and you find her special spots. The more you suckle on her clit and lick in particular ways, the louder she cries out. Val grabs your head and holds you in place, and you continue to press against her button as you suckle and lick. The girl is soaking wet, and her juice tastes delicious. After a few minutes, she begins to shudder and shake, and you know she's getting close. Licking slowly and softly, you keep her orgasm going as long as you can. She contracts and twitches around your face, and it feels so fucking good that you'd do this all day. Eventually she relaxes her grip on you, and that's when you know it's time. She begins to pant and sigh, and you crawl up her body so you can look into her eyes.

"How was that?" you ask.

"Oh, God...." she moans, still catching her breath.

"Good?" you ask cheekily.

She bats her eyes at you, "Perfect."

You're conscious of just how much Val's juices have saturated your face, and dip into her bathroom for a towel. You come back having wiped your face, and Val has hauled herself into a sitting position and reaches for the towel. You hand it to her, and she cleans herself up a bit. Val bites her lip and flashes a predatory grin, "Your turn. I'm ready for some dessert, so get over here."

You obediently climb onto the bed, and Val firmly pushes you onto your back. She repositions onto her side, and helps you slide off your boxers. Val licks her lips as she eyes your cock, and starts licking and teasing it with her lips. You groan at the intense feeling of her warm mouth surrounding your dick. She slowly sucks on your cock, flicking her tongue against the underside and swirling her tongue around the head. She takes your whole length down her throat, making you groan and shudder with ecstasy.

"Val...fuck...yeah..." you grunt, as she continues sucking.

You reach your hand down and grab hold of her hair, pulling slightly on it as you thrust forward. She makes a humming noise, and continues to pump your dick with her mouth. Soon, you're not thinking straight as you begin to feel a tightening in your stomach. You grunt and thrust deep, as you feel an intense pleasure running through your whole body. You shudder as you release into her mouth, and she greedily sucks every drop you have as you do so. All of your muscles seem to contract at once, and you feel as if you could pass out.

"Oh shit...that was amazing," you pant, flopping your head onto the pillow.

Val slowly squirms and scoots to lay in the same direction as you. The two of you hold each other and bask in the afterglow.

Val pulls some covers up, and the two of you lay and cuddle wordlessly for a while. Some time later, Val breaks the spell, "Do you have work tomorrow?"

"Yeah..." You reply glumly. "And I don't have any clean clothes here."

"It's ok if you have to go," she says gently. You roll over and look into her deep blue eyes. She gazes back with absolute adoration.

You move in to kiss Val, and the two of you make out deeply and for a long time. You pull back.

"I don't know what I was ever worried about," Val muses.

"You're so amazing," you say quietly. Val pulls you close again, and the two of you bask in each other's presence.

Eventually you do reluctantly roll out of bed and start dressing yourself. Val watches dreamily. She gets out of bed too and dons a thin pink robe to see you out. You gather your things and share one last kiss before stepping out her front door. Your ride home is quiet but lonely. Once you get home, you shower up and trade texts with Val for a while before falling asleep.