Positive Influence

Chapter 13 - Sharing is Caring


In the morning, you wake up to Val texting on her phone.

"Good morning, baby," you mutter and blink your eyes. Val turns towards you. She looks surprisingly haggard today. You sit up and kiss her cheek.

"How do you feel?" You ask. "You seem drained."

"Mmmm," she whines and turns away from you.

"I didn't sleep well last night," she explains. It comes out more like a statement than a complaint.

"How come? I couldn't tell," you say, and fumble around for your clothes.

"I had a nightmare."

"About what?" you ask, concerned. You find a pair of pants and pull them up.

"About the future," she says. Her voice trembles a bit as she says it. You pause and look at her.

"It felt so real... Robots were rounding people up, and butchering them like livestock..." she says, her voice wavering.

"It was just a bad dream, honey," you say reassuringly.

"I know... I just couldn't really get back to sleep, and my tummy started feeling funny again too."

"I thought you were tossing and turning, but I sleep pretty hard and didn't think anything of it," you say, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Val sits up, "The funny thing is I'm absolutely ravenous right now. Brunch is still on, but it's only going to be us, Zoe, and Lena."

She explains, "I was texting the group when you woke up. Vicky's out of town for work, and Jen came down with a flu..."

"That's too bad," you remark, "So.... Do you want to get a bite before we go out?"

"Yes, please," Val says, "I'm craving.... Something sweet."

"I'll take care of it, baby," you kiss Val on the cheek and head down to the kitchen. You dig out some pop tarts and set them into the toaster, and start brewing a small pot of coffee. Val enters the kitchen as you're tearing strips out of a piece of bread. She gives you a quick hug and kisses you before moving to impatiently watch the toaster. She drums her fingernails on the counter and tells you, "I also texted Dr. Rohaz about the tummy issues. She suggested I take my medicine in the morning and with food."

You swallow some bread, "I hope that helps, you looked pretty uncomfortable."

"Yeah, me too..."

The toaster ejects the pop tarts, and Val transfers them to a plate. You pour some coffee for each of you, fetch a dish of sugared butter, and follow Val to the table. Val inhales the pop tarts, then shakes a pill out of each bottle. Yellow pill, white pill, and Val washes them down with coffee. She looks down and pats her flat tummy, "C'mon, make me huge..."

"I want you to be happy," you say.

"...I'm happy when I'm with you. And I'm happy that you're supporting me."

You grab Val's hands, "I know baby, and I figured you were pretty serious when you stuck by my during my bleed."

Val's bleary eyes brighten up a bit, and she chews her lip, looking for the right words. "I.... I think... We make a really good couple."

Neither of you wants to voice the feelings in the air, but you settle for leaning in and kissing Val. She tastes of coffee and sugar, and you think you're never going to be able to get enough of her. She sighs into your mouth, and the two of you make out and cuddle for a while. Eventually, she comes up for air and says, "We should probably get going soon..."

You reply a little sheepishly, "Oh, right... Hey, I'll drive today, just in case you aren't 100%."

Val smiles, and her eyes sparkle, "Perfect. I feel like tackling a huge brunch today. In fact," she bites her lip, "It's good that you're driving, because today you might have to roll me out of the diner..."

Whatever you were going to say catches in your throat, and you feel your cock throbbing in moments. Val looks at you with false innocence and giggles, "Well, are we gonna get going soon?"

You stammer, "Uh, right yeah. Let's get dressed and get going?"

Val laughs, and finishes her coffee. You drain your own cup, then take Val's hand and let her lead you to her room. The two of you strip off your sleeping clothes and look for the day's outfit. For you, a button shirt, jeans, and that beanie again. Val dons a v-neck shirt and some striped sweatpants. She tugs on the waistband, showing how much space the pants have. "I'm gonna fill these up, and then some..." She whispers.

Val steps close, running her hands through your hair and pecking you on the lips. You notice a faint trace of morning breath, but it doesn't matter. "One day at a time, baby. And today, let's fill that tummy of yours." You say.

Val kisses you one last time, then the two of you walk to the garage and hop into your car. You roll out of the garage and onto the main road, heading for the diner. Val is already working on getting you excited, "I can't wait to eat all those pancakes..." She smiles.

You take your eyes off the road briefly to give a playful cuff to Val's thigh. She briefly rests her hand on yours, and you drive with your free hand for as long as you can. Eventually, you reclaim your other hand to properly operate your car. The weather is gloomy, and low gray clouds threaten rain, though they haven't delivered yet. You arrive at the diner and score a parking space near the door. You also spot Zoe's car as you park.

"Well, we're not the first ones here." Val says.

You hold the door open for her, "Just in time, too."

Val laughs, and you both step into the diner. You and Val exchange pleasantries with the waitress. She recognizes the two of you, and directs you to a table where Zoe and Lena sit. Lena spots you first and jumps to her feet. Her plump ass knocks over her chair, but she takes no notice as she hurries over to you. You chuckle, "Lena, what's wrong? Why are you so excited?"

She wraps her arms around your torso and gives you a big hug.

"Because I last saw you in the hospital, dummy," Lena replies, holding you tight, "It's so good to see you back on your feet, and back at Sunday brunch!"

You feel another set of arms wrap around you as Zoe embraces you too. Zoe sobs once, and you look down to see her smiling at you with tears in her eyes, "I'm glad you could make it."

Val's long arms wrap around the group hug, and you all start giggling. Being pressed between the women feels great. Zoe and Lena are so soft and warm, and the tightness of the group hug presses you deeply into their flab. You try not to enjoy the moment too much, desperate to not pop a boner. Val and the other girls eventually release you and shuffle back to their seats. Lena stoops down to right her chair. She's wearing sprayed-on capri leggings and a frilly blouse. Her hips and butt strain the fabric to creaking as she bends down, and in a moment, she's righted the chair and sits on it.

Zoe gives you a gentle nudge with her elbow, "Anon, are you okay?"

You turn your attention to her. Zoe's actually kind of glammed up today, she's dressed in a tight black tanktop with "QUEEN" stretched across her ample chest. An intricate multi-strand chain is wrapped around her neck, and a bevy of bracelets jangle on her left forearm. Zoe sits across the table from you, but you caught a glimpse of her spangled skirt just before she hugged you. You also just barely saw the edge of a blue thong peeking out from under the flappy hem.

You exhale, "Yeah, I'm good. Just need some coffee and breakfast."

Lena addresses Val, "So you mentioned that the doctors might have figured out how to help you chub up?"

"Yeah, like I mentioned in the texts. I only started the meds yesterday, but I'm hyped to see how quickly I can start packing it on!" Val pats her flat stomach for emphasis.

Zoe sips at her coffee, "It's still crazy to think that's how your body works. The genes, the microbiome... It's way over my head, but I bet those scientists are having a field day!"

Val blurts out, "Oh thank God," as the waitress sidles up to your table. Zoe and Lena order their usual Big Boss Breakfasts. Val does too, but she makes sure to add, "I'm feeling really hungry today. Can you add a biscuits and gravy platter for the table? Oh, and I might order some extra stuff later..."

The waitress raises an eyebrow. "I'm serious," Val intones, "Oh and I'd like the sweet coconut cream coffee today too."

"Ok sweetie," the waitress relents and records Val's order.

You order a midsized spread of bacon, eggs, and waffles. The waitress saunters off, and you remark to Val with a smirk, "Sweetened coffee?"

Val smiles back, "Well today's my first day as a fatty, so it's calories wherever I can get them!"

Zoe snickers, "More like day zero. But if you eat like this on the regular..."

Lena muses, "Would it be weird if I baked a cake or a pie?"

Val is practically salivating, "Oh god, one of Lena's pies... I think a whole pie would be a good dessert..."

Lena cocks an eyebrow, "Maybe two then. One for Val, one for the rest of us to split."

Everybody starts chuckling, and Zoe cuts in, "Ok, ok, blondie. Let's see how you feel after breakfast. Take it from me, it's easy to let your ambition get ahead of your stomach capacity."

Val snaps back to the moment, "Yeah, you're right. Today's my first day of eating for real, and what's the point of getting fat if I'm not having fun while I do it?"

Zoe beams, "Exactly. It's an exciting new world!"

Lena smirks, "That it is, Zoe. That it is."

Time passes with fairly light conversation, and the waitress finally rolls up with trays full of food. She expertly deposits the mountainous platters of Big Boss Breakfasts in front of each of the three girls, and your combo breakfast looks downright paltry in comparison. As for the biscuits, it takes a little doing, but the waitress barely fits the platter into the center of the table. The biscuits look delicious, but at that moment, you sense an unspoken agreement that whatever leftovers might remain will be claimed by Val. "Dig in, bitches," she commands.

The three ladies begin shoveling in food. You do likewise, and you are immediately overwhelmed by the taste sensations.

Zoe starts, "So Lena, any luck finding a new boyfriend recently?"

Lena answers glumly, "Not really. I was going to go see somebody this weekend though."

Val says with her mouthful of food, "You said 'somebody', not 'some boy'."

Lena hurriedly swallows a huge mouthful of sausage, a blush forming on her cheeks, "Your point?"

Val pauses, sensing as though she made a mistake, "Lena? Did I say something wrong?"

Lena sighs, "Well I *was* going to tell you all fairly soon anyways... That somebody was Karla from work, and she fucking stood me up,"

She sniffs, her eyes starting to glisten with moisture, "My first foray as bi, and it goes that poorly...."

The table is stunned to silence. Zoe is characteristically the first to start back up, "Lena, I'm sorry. And Val's sorry too," Val eagerly nods her head, and Zoe asks, "Do you want to talk about it?"

Lena wipes her eyes, "It's alright... I'm sorry, I'm being a bad friend, making this all about me..."

Val replies, "Lena, I really am sorry, I had no idea. I'd never try to out you."

Lena looks at Val and smiles weakly, "I know, Val. I'm not mad at you, guess I'm still kind of upset from last night."

Zoe lightens the mood by pressing a gravy-sodden biscuit towards Lena's face, and saying, "You know what won't upset you?"

Lena starts giggling, taking the hint, and opens her mouth expectantly. Zoe pushes the biscuit into her open mouth, and holds it there with one hand as Lena chews and swallows the biscuit piece by piece. The process isn't exactly neat, and Lena winds up with a good amount of gravy smeared around her mouth, and Zoe's fingers are slicked with gravy too. Zoe pushes the final morsel of the biscuit into Lena's mouth, and suddenly starts gathering the gravy on Lena's face into her mouth and gently slides her finger past Lena's lips. Lena's eyes widen in shock, but accept Zoe's finger, and Zoe giggles as Lena licks it clean. Zoe retracts her finger with a quiet pop, and Lena sits there dumbfounded for a second before stammering, "Z- Zoe?"

Zoe nods happily, smiling, "I'm just having a little fun. Now eat up, sweet cheeks! I can't be the only girl in this club who hauls a dumptruck ass."

Lena seems to come back into the moment, and starts chowing down with renewed vigor. She hisses, "Fucking Karla, I should have known she didn't like fatties. I'll find somebody! Somebody who appreciates my curves, and somebody who wants to keep my tummy full!"

Zoe giggles and says, "See, I always know how to cheer you up."

Lena looks back with an exaggerated cutesy smile, cheeks bulging with pancakes and syrup. You steadily eat your breakfast as this scene unfolds. You glance over at Val. Most of her breakfast plate has already gone down her throat, her pace doesn't seem to be slowing, and she's claimed several biscuits already.

Val swallows a large mouthful and speaks up, "Lena, are you sure Karla was put off by your weight?"

Lena continues shoveling food, and says between bites, "Absolutely. Just this morning I was texting her about how she stood me up, and that bitch straight-up said I'd be cute if I put down the fork once in a while. Her exact words."

Val replies, "Well she's dumb, because you're already fucking adorable, Lena."

Lena swears before continuing, "And to think... I thought she was nice!"

"It's sad," Val says with a sigh, "People can be so mean over things that other people can't control..."

Lena shrugs and smirks, "Well, to be fair, I do have some control. I just really like food and I don't like running."

She glances around before continuing in a whisper, "That said, I do kind of like how people stare at my ass when they think I'm not paying attention. They aren't as slick as they think they are..."

"They're creeps," you say, fully aware of your recent conduct in surveying Lena's backside.

"Maybe," Zoe cuts in, "But none of us would be here if people weren't creeps or perverts in general..."

You reply, "The notion that my parents had to have sex in order to create me makes me want to be buried alive, Zoe."

Zoe rolls her eyes and grins, "Just making a point. Besides, Anon, don't tell me you've never used your looks to help persuade somebody?"

"I... haven't," You reply with confusion, "I don't think I'm anything special. I guess Val sees something she likes, at least."

"And you're pretty much perfect, babe," Val says with a smile.

"See?" You laugh, pointing towards Val with your thumb. Giggles break out across the table. Brunch continues in a characteristic fashion for each diner. You easily finish your modest helping, and pick at a savory biscuit to follow up. Lena is huffing and puffing, slowly scooping up the last remnants of her huge brunch. Val and Zoe have been done for a little while and have been chatting amongst themselves. Unlike Zoe, Val also ate most of the biscuit platter, and had multiple servings of very sugary coffee. You glance over at Val's midsection, and a sizable food baby has formed, gently pushing out under her shirt.

"I want... more," Val declares to the table. She sighs, and pats her stomach, "Seriously. I'm still hungry. Even though I ate so much, it feels like my stomach is just bottomless."

Zoe remarks, "Goddamn, girl. You better keep the food coming if all that wasn't enough. We can't have you wasting away!"

Lena leans back and groans, "For the life of me I can't understand how you do it. Go right ahead, I won't be going anywhere soon..."

You look at Val and ask her, "What sounds good for seconds?"

"Ooh, let's see..." Val smiles, "I'm still singsong for pie, so some of that... Hm, I think some crispy hash browns would be nice. Ooh! I've never tried their milkshakes! I'm going to get one of those too!"

Val flags down the waitress and relays her requests. The waitress wears an amused expression, but dutifully records Val's new orders. She turns and leaves. The four of you sip your coffee and make small talk, anticipating Val's gastronomic encore. Zoe is the first to spot the returning waitress, and her eyes go wide with an unmistakable "oh shit" expression.

A fat slice of pie, a pile of hash browns, and a milkshake are delivered before Val. Or rather, a pitcher full of milkshake is placed in front of Val.

"For the love of god," Val sighs.

The waitress grins and replies, "You ordered it."

"I did?" Val asks, genuinely puzzled.

"You pointed towards the 'shakes to share' section, sweetie. And I know what kind of a big eater you are, so I didn't question it."

Val tries to maintain a bit of a poker face, but she's clearly intimidated by the pitcher of cold sweet cream.

"I believe in you," the waitress chuckles, and claps Val on the shoulder before returning to her work.

Lena groans, "Oh fuck, Val. I think I'm gonna pop just looking at all that."

Zoe is more calculating, "The pie and hash browns shouldn't be a challenge for you, blondie. But that pitcher of milkshake..." Zoe pats her bloated doughy stomach, "I don't know how much I'll be able to help."

Val looks at you with pleading eyes, "Anon, that milkshake, I don't want to waste it... Can you help me drink it?"

You nod solemnly, "I think so," You look at the pitcher, "That's a lot of fucking ice cream though..."

"First things first, I guess," Val starts munching through the hash browns as the rest of the table watches. She crunches through them fairly quickly, though her pace starts to slow by the end.

"I'm starting to feel it..." Val says as she starts tucking into the slice of pie. You and the girls encourage her to keep going.

"God that was good. The cherries were fresh, and that crust was divine," Val moans as she drops her fork on the empty plate. She covers her mouth and quietly burps, then looks at the dreaded pitcher with fear.

"Well, time for the hard part," Val remarks, staring somewhere past the pitcher.

A moment later, the waitress cruises past your table, slyly dropping off a quartet of wide-diameter straws.

"Group effort?" You propose.

Lena whimpers.

"C'mon," you chide her, "Just a little sip. Surely you can manage that, right Lena?"

Lena nods, and accepts one of the straws. Between heavy, slow breaths, she says solemnly, "For Val."

Zoe takes a straw for herself, and you claim one as well. Val forgoes one, holding the pitcher in front of her. You say to Val reassuringly, "Just do the best you can, ok? We're here to help if you need to take a breather."

Val purses her lips, and nods, trying to work up her nerve. She takes a deep breath, lifts the pitcher to her lips, and tilts it back. She sips and gulps slowly, trying to head off a brain freeze. The liquid level barely seems to change as you all watch Val drink. She sets the pitcher on the table and moans, "Breather..."

You, Zoe, and Lena all lean in with your straws, and start sipping at the giant milkshake. Lena falls back first. Groaning as her stomachache worsens, "God that's so good, but I'm really about to pop. Go on without me..."

You pause your sipping to reassure her, "You did good Lena. You helped, and you can be proud of that."

She smiles dreamily as she leans back and rubs her stuffed tummy with closed eyes. The milkshake genuinely is amazing. A decadently rich vanilla flavor is carried by heavy cream and is interspersed with swirls of caramel, and you try to enjoy the dessert in spite of the ridiculous situation.

Zoe struggles along for a while longer, but taps out soon too. "Fuck that's heavy," she gasps. Breathing heavily, she continues, "I haven't felt this full in a long time, I need a minute..."

Val looks at you and says, "Ok, I'm ready to get back at it."

You withdraw your straw and Val raises the partially drained pitcher to her lips again. With slow, measured sips, she makes her way through the drink. As you watch Val gulp it down, your own helping of the milkshake starts to settle heavily in your gut. Your stomach burbles and churns as it accommodates the influx of dairy and sugar. You can't imagine what Val must be feeling.

She sets the pitcher down again, swaying slightly in her chair. Val doesn't say anything, but her out-of-focus eyes do. She breaths heavily in obvious discomfort.

Zoe emits a prolonged grunt as she leans forward with her straw. You dip your straw into the pitcher and start slurping the milkshake. At one point, Zoe pauses, pulls back, and belches behind her hand. "Oof, excuse me," she giggles, and resumes drinking. Soon, however, she too surrenders, "That's it... No more..." she grunts heavily and assumes the familiar leaned-back pose to ease her stomachache.

You look into the pitcher. A third of the container remains. Your brain feels fuzzy from all the sugar, and you feel like you could sweat milk. You take a steadying breath, and dive back in with your straw. It feels like a moment later your glutted stomach refuses any more. Sweet cream is threatening to crawl back up your throat and you finally heed your body's protests. You too, finally lay back, attempting to ease the ache in your swollen middle. Between measured breaths, you say, "Val, I'm sorry. I'm absolutely stuffed. It's gonna have to be your show from here on out."

Val looks at the pitcher. It remains a bit less than one quarter full. She stares ahead, her head tilted to the side. Your eyes wander down her body. You don't know when, but somehow her shirt has ridden up, revealing her pale, overfilled belly. Her pants have slipped ever so slightly, and you catch a glimpse of her black panties. Still staring straight ahead, Val lifts the pitcher one last time and says to nobody in particular, "Victory or death..."

She starts chugging the last portion of the milkshake. You stare, open-mouthed, as the pitcher is slowly drained. Her belly visibly swells more and more as she swallows the creamy treat. You've never seen her this bloated, and you slyly shift your pants to hide your raging boner. When a mere sliver of milkshake remains, Val pauses. She puts a hand over her mouth, muffling what would have been a huge belch.

Then she tilts the pitcher at a steep angle, and lets the last few drops plop onto her tongue. Val emits a sigh of truly deep relief and satisfaction, and finally flops limply backwards with a groan.

"Oh my God... I'm ready to explode, but I feel like I'm in heaven..." With a sigh, she stares up at the ceiling.

A moment later, the waitress comes by. With a warm, knowing smile, she asks, "Y'all get enough to eat?”

A chorus of groans answers her question.

"Good, good," she chuckles, "Well take some time if you need to. You know where to find me when you're ready to pay."

You watch as she sashays away, hips swaying. She enjoyed that, you think.

Val's eyes are closed. You watch as she swallows thickly a few times, before releasing another sigh of pure bliss.

This girl... you have to take care of her. But not just in the physical sense. You've never been the jealous type, but if you were, you'd be jealous of that milkshake.

Lena leans forward heavily with a slow grunt, "You did it, Val..."

Eyes still closed, Val murmurs, "No, *we* did it..."

Zoe straightens up, "Give yourself some more credit, Val. You did the lion's share of the work."

A small burp sneaks past Val's lips, and Zoe snickers, "Next time you're on your own though."

Val groans at the mere thought.

The four of you attempt to make some small talk and ease your aching stomachs. After a little while, Zoe pipes up, "Ok, let's get paid up. I think I need a nap..."

Val huffs and grunts as she tries to stand, but you stop her, "I'll get the bill, babe,"

She sits back down, but digs out her credit card and hands it to you, "You don't have to foot my bill, Anon..."

You look at her with confusion, and she smiles weakly.

"I... don't want you to feel obligated. You've done so much already."

You smile back, unsure what to say in return. You settle on, "Ok," and accept her credit card, rise with Zoe and Lena, and follow as they waddle over to the counter. The cashier smiles as she runs all of your cards, and understands Val's situation. You opt to pay for your own meal, deciding not to take advantage of having Val's card. Receipts in hand, the three of you shuffle back over to Val.

"Think you can make it to the car?" you ask.

"Yeah... I can try..." Val manages to get to her feet, "C'mon, let's go."

"God, my tummy..." She inhales through her teeth and clutches her distended belly.

"C'mon honey," you reply as you pull her arm over your shoulder and try to support some of her weight.

Val's belly visibly wobbles as you help her out of the diner. Zoe and Lena offer to help carry something, but Val waves them off.

"Anon's got it," she says with a weak smile. You mouth "thank you" as Zoe and Lena hold the doors for you and Val.

"Looks like no small talk today," Lena quips.

"Yeah," you laugh, "I need to get this one back for a nap," you gesture towards Val.

"Yeah, ugh. I think it's nap time too..." Lena agrees. Zoe concurs too but adds, "Yeah, if our new weight doesn't blow out my poor car's suspension..."

"Ok ladies," you laugh, "Same time next week, right?"

Lena and Zoe say yes, then waddle towards Zoe's hatchback. You awkwardly help Val take her seat in your car, then you climb in and start the engine.

"Thanks, hun," Val purrs, "You're my hero."

You don't really understand the joke, but you laugh all the same as you pull out of the parking spot and drive off. Val seems to perk up ever so slightly, and extracts her phone.

"What're you doing, honey?" you ask.

"Trying to add up all the calories..." She replies.

You chuckle, "Of course honey. For science, right?"

"Damn straight."

You focus on driving, but you can see and hear Val tapping on her phone in your peripheral vision.

Suddenly she starts laughing, "Oh my God, I'm going to give Dr Kovacs a heart attack when he sees me."

"What?" you reply.

Val looks over at you with a grin, "Breakfast was about four thousand. That's more than even I usually eat in a whole day!”

"Wow, really?"

"Yeah," Val laughs, "Give or take..."

You shake your head and smile, "And let me guess, you're already planning your next feast?”

Val nods and bites her lip, "Can we go to Arno's today?"

You can practically see the smile in her eyes as she gushes, "The food there is so yummy!"

"Let's see how you feel after you process that massive brunch, honey," you offer.

"Ok..." Val smiles dreamily and gently rubs her overfull tummy.

You've heard of Arno's and it has a stellar reputation. Truth is you're feeling pretty glutted yourself, and you aren't really thinking about dinner yet.

You roll up to Val's complex shortly and park your car. With a huff and a heave, Val manages to stand on her own, and she handles the front door. She immediately reaches under her shirt and unhooks her bra, then sits heavily onto the couch with a sigh.

"God I'm fucking stuffed," she says.

You chuckle and sit next to her, finally able to help massage her aching belly. After a few minutes, she's breathing more slowly and her eyes are starting to close.

"Mmm... that's better..." She slurs.

A moment later, you hear a quiet snore escape her lips. You continue the belly rub, enjoying the feeling of her taut, soft skin, and doing your best not to wake her. However, you hear a faint buzzing noise from next to you, from her phone. You look over and see that the screen shows some incoming texts. You decide to let Val nap. Soon enough her rhythmic breathing has lulled you to sleep too.

Your dreams are filled with floating through endless halls of purple fog, with your stomach rumbling and pangs of hunger throughout. You wake up an indeterminate time later to find Val running her fingers over your own stomach. Her eyes are glossy and tired, but a smile graces her lips.

"Hey baby," she yawns, "How are you feeling?"

"A good bit less bloated," you groan, "How about you?”

"Better now," she smiles, "I feel a lot better. I know what we should do."

"Hmm... that sounds ominous," you say, groaning as you stand.

She giggles, "It's nothing to worry about, let's just go for a little walk,"

Val stands and adjusts her pants, "It'll help with digestion. Besides, I'm resolved to becoming a fatty, but I'd like to try and stay fit too."

You nod, "Sure thing... let's get going."

The two of you pull on some shoes, and Val makes sure to flash her tits at you as she replaces her bra. You and Val begin to leave the apartment, when you remember that you have no idea where you're going. "How about we go to the park?"

Val smiles, "Sure thing, handsome. I know a path we haven't taken yet."

You nod, and the two of you make your way to the park, and begin your walk. Val's tummy is still a little curved, but she's regained most of her energy and is moving easily. The two of you meander around a set of paths near some waterways, and after a few minutes you sit on a bench and people-watch for a while. You hold hands and watch as people of all types go past. Occasionally, you comment on the passers-by once they're out of earshot.

"Wow, check out that guy! He's huge!"

"Yeah, and look at that girl to his side... she's so tiny!"

"Aren't they cute, holding hands?"

A tall and extremely fat man approaches hand-in-hand with a petite woman. She's short, swarthy, and wiry, with her oil-black ringlet hair barely reaching to the man's chest. Her waist looks to be narrower than one of her man's thighs.

"How cute," Val says quietly, "They look like they're in love." She beams at you.

The fat man looks down at his girlfriend and sighs, "I wish you didn't have to work so much, Alanna. I hate spending the days by myself."

"You know it's only until I finish my degree, pumpkin. I don't like being away from you either..." The petite woman replies, leaning into her partner's soft, broad torso.

"Yeah, I know," The man looks down at his feet, "I'm just homesick. We're going to be apart a lot, you know?"

"I know," Alanna nods.

Their conversation trails off as the odd couple steadily walks away from you and Val.

Val giggles once she gauges the couple to be out of earshot, "Do you think she uses her man like a bed? He's so big, and he looks pretty soft..."

You shrug and chuckle, "Maybe? It's a funny mental image... She seems pretty happy with him."

Val giggles again, and you grin. The two of you continue to enjoy each other's company as you watch for more passers-by to comment on.

"Hey, look at that guy there!" Val says suddenly, staring over at a man and a woman. The woman is around your age, but the man is far older.

"I'm guessing that's a father and his daughter," you say. The man is dressed in a nice suit, and the girl is dressed up in a pretty dress with ribbons in her hair. You can guess she's going to be going to some kind of event. She has her father's arm in her other hand, and they both grin and wave at the two of you when they see you looking. You and Val smile and wave back, and they continue on their way.

You make some small talk with Val, when somebody catches your eye.

Or rather, several somebodies. A fair-skinned and very athletic young man is running backwards and shouting encouragement to a group jogging after him. The group of followers is a blend of men and women in workout clothes, and most of them are quite overweight. They huff and jiggle, but keep a surprisingly good pace. The leader of the group is a portly woman in matched pink shorts and a sports bra, and she waves to you when she sees you looking. You grin and wave back. The group of joggers trots past, and your face falls as you think.

"I need to start working out again," you mutter to nobody in particular.

"Nah, you're fine," Val disagrees.

You shrug, and smile. Val scolds you with fake sternness, "Doctor's orders, mister. You need to stay lazy for the time being,"

You laugh and take her hand, "I don't think that was the exact guidance,"

"It wasn't?" Val giggles and pulls you in for a kiss. You hold her close, glad to have her by your side.

"Are you getting a little thirsty?” Val asks.

The afternoon sun is pretty warm, and the two of you have been out for a while. "Yeah," you reply, and start walking with Val to return to her place.

"So, what's the plan for when we get back?" you ask as an aside.

"I dunno. Cool off? Watch some TV? Videogames?” "All of that sounds good to me," you reply with a grin.

You and Val start heading back to her place, proceeding along a winding route through the park.

You spot a squirrel darting and weaving along a tree branch high above the path.

"Look at that crazy rat," you say, staring up at it.

Val giggles, and stands with you to watch the squirrel's antics. It seems to be chasing after some kind of insect, and in its frenzy it drops a nut in its wake. The squirrel jumps down and easily retrieves the fallen nut with its paws, then darts off again, out of sight.

Val squeezes your hand, "Ready to go?"

"Yeah," you smile back. You and Val start moving again, staying beneath the canopy of branches, and in the shade. Eventually the two of you emerge from the park, turn, and walk along the road in Val's neighborhood. You arrive at her complex shortly, and she opens the door.

"Thanks for the walk," you say. "I really enjoyed it."

Val smiles and leans in to kiss you before you go in. You linger for just a moment, savoring the feeling of her lips on yours.

"C'mon, let's go upstairs," she says, and you follow her up the stairs to her room.

Val strips off her shirt and pants, and removes her bra for a second time. You look her up and down, as she bites her lip and smiles.

"Well? What do you think?"

"You're... amazing," you say, staring at her soft, pale skin.

Val grins and sits down on the bed, looking up at you. "So are you," she replies, as she pats the bed. You sit down next to her and embrace her, kissing her deeply. You run your hands up and down her back, and she leans against you. The two of you stay like that for a while, just enjoying the closeness. Val smacks her lips, "Bleh, I need something to drink..." She gets up off the bed and ducks into the closet. She emerges wearing a light silk robe, and beckons you follow her down to the kitchen. Val reaches into the fridge and pulls out a pitcher of cold water. She pours a large glass for herself, then fills a twin glass and hands it to you.

"Here," she says, kissing you again before taking a long drink from her glass.

"Thanks," you reply.

Val kisses the top of your head and shuffles out of the kitchen. You follow her and take a seat next to her on the couch. Val looks over at you and remarks, "You know, Arno's does delivery..."

"So that's dinner sorted then," you laugh.

"I decided I didn't want to get dressed up," she giggles, then flips on the TV.

"Getting some practice for the lazy fatty lifestyle, I see," you joke.

Val scowls and throws a pillow at you. She then laughs, "It's Sunday. We all have a God-given right to be lazy on Sunday."

Val flips through the channels a bit, then settles on a calm antiques-repair show. You don't even have to look over to know that she's already digging through the side table and rolling a joint for you to share. She lights up first, taking a long drag and holding it, before passing the joint to you. You hold it between your lips and take a long drag, holding it in for a moment. You exhale slowly, feeling the smoke flood throughout your lungs. The physical sensations feel good, and you smile to yourself.

"So... what do you want to do?" she asks in between puffs.

You shrug, "Whatever you want to do."

Val giggles, "This is kinda boring, even to high me. Wanna dungeon crawl some more?"

You chuckle, "Yeah," and stumble over to the console to retrieve a pair of controllers.

Val starts up the console, loads the game, and resumes from her save point. The two of you sit on the couch and get back into your game. You and Val assume control of your characters in a huge cavern of crystals. The two of you start looking for monsters to fight and loot to claim.

"You find anything good?" Val asks. "So far this level is a bitch to loot. It's Crystal Monkeys and weird spider-frog things... that one looks weird."

You take a look at your map and scan the area. The caverns are huge, and your progress is slowed by you and Val being stoned. You're having a blast though, even laughing off game overs from clumsy playing. Eventually your stomach grumbles and you check the time. It's well into the evening, and definitely time to order some dinner. Val pauses the game, and pulls out her phone. A moment later, you're looking at Arno's online menu. Some pasta sounds good, so you punch in an order for spaghetti and meatballs, then hand the phone back to Val. Going by how long she scrolls and pokes at the screen, you wager she's ordering quite the meal.

She smirks, and refuses to let you see what she ordered.

"You'll get to see soon enough," she laughs.

You affect an exaggerated pout at her secrecy, before breaking into laughter, leaning over, and kissing her. Val returns the kiss and briefly slips her tongue into your mouth, then you break away and she resumes the game. You and Val continue to tear through the cavern, fighting off creatures and searching for valuables. You get quite far into the game before the food arrives. Val giggles, looking at her scantily-clothed self, "Can you answer the door, honey?”

You nod and head into the foyer, and open the door to reveal a greasy, round-faced young man holding an insulated bag.

"Uh yeah, picking up for Valentine Sojka," you say.

"Sure thing," the delivery guy says with a bit of a squeak. He fills your arms with a pile of steaming boxes, their aromas immediately making your mouth water.

His job done, the delivery guy lopes back to his car, and you drop off the boxes on the kitchen table. You peek in the boxes to find your spaghetti, and array all of Val's boxes on the other side of the table. She saunters up to the table, her robe belt untied.

"Well, let's eat," she smiles.

You sit down with your boxes, and start opening them up. Your spaghetti and meatballs made the delivery trip well, barely looking worse for wear. You peek over at Val's side of the table. A monstrous serving of gnocchi sits in front of her, and a dish of ravioli steams off to the side. Val herself has just finished unwrapping some garlic bread. You heft a meatball-filled forkful into your mouth, and pop it in. Val does similarly with a gnocchi-laden fork. The two of you hum with pleasure almost in unison as the rich flavors hit your palates.

"Good?" she asks.

"Perfect," you say with a sigh.

You savor your way through the pasta, laughing and joking with Val the whole time. Val quickly demolishes her pile of gnocchi and starts in on her ravioli. Despite seeing her appetite on multiple occasions, you're still awed by her ability to eat. You scrape up the last remnants of your spaghetti, push your plate away, and turn your full attention to Val with a grin. She grins back, and slips a free hand under her thin robe to grope a breast. She sighs, then spears a ravioli, lifts it to her lips, and gives it a slow, sensual lick.

Val is clearly getting turned on by stuffing her face for you. She licks her lips, then groans, then writhes on the chair a bit. "It's just so good.... I don't want to stop eating..."

Inspired, you reach across the table, pick up a ravioli, and hold it up to Val's mouth. She opens it eagerly, and you slip the little pasta pocket into her mouth. She sucks on it greedily as she closes her lips around your fingers. Val closes her eyes and you withdraw your fingers slowly.

"More please..." she whispers, then opens her mouth invitingly.

One by one, you hand-feed Val the remaining raviolis. The number isn't small, and Val starts rubbing her stomach to keep making room. She leans back, smiling.

"Good.... The best..." She groans. "I'm so full..."

She sways slightly in her chair, slowly licking her lips. Her robe has fallen completely open, revealing her very swollen middle and rock-hard nipples.

"I ordered... some dessert too..." She giggles. "I want... something sweet... Something thick... and gooey... to fill my belly..."

You look around and find a box that hasn't been opened yet. You remember it when picking it up earlier, and it wasn't warm.

You open the box, and you find two thick slices of golden-brown cheesecake. "Tiramisu cheesecake..." Val explains, "One for you... one for me."

You flash Val a devilish grin, "I don't have much of a sweet tooth tonight..."

Val's eyes widen in shock, but her lip-biting betrays her excitement.

"And I don't think you're in much of a position to resist," you intone.

You slide your chair around to hover behind Val's. You lean down closely, and breathe hotly in her ear. "You ready?"

Val nods eagerly. You carefully pick up a slice of cheesecake, gently cup one of Val's breasts with your free hand, and bring the cheesecake to touch Val's lips. She opens her mouth eagerly, and you slide the cheesecake in. As expected, she pushes out her tongue and begins to lick off every last bit of the dessert.


She squirms and moans, taking lusty breaths between greedy bites of cheesecake. Val lays back submissively as you cram the dessert into her mouth.

"More... please..."

Soon enough, you feel Val's lips and teeth gently bumping into your hand. You press the last remnants of the cheesecake and its crust messily into Val's mouth, no doubt smearing her face with the creamy dessert. Val groans and breathes slowly. She gasps, "More... Cram it down my throat, Anon... Please... make me fatter..."

You sit there for a moment, staring down at her bloated belly. You wonder how the hell you got so lucky. You'll do anything for her.

"More..." Val whines, as if reading your thoughts.

You get up, fetch the final slice of cheesecake, and settle back into your seat behind Val. You bring the slice to her lips.

"Ohh yesssss..."

You watch as she greedily licks and slurps every morsel you can give her. Her cheeks are so stuffed, you doubt she could fit another bite of anything else.

"Fff ... hehehe... Thish ish the best dinner I've evah had.... I'm sho full...."

She swallows heavily, gasps for breath, and scarfs another huge bite. Soon, the only remnants of the cheesecake are smeared all over Val and all over your fingers. Val sighs heavily and slumps relaxedly into her chair. "Thank... you... honey..."

You lick your fingers clean and circle around to survey Val. You caress her bulging belly while she grins like a fool, her eyes half-shut.

"Mmmm... so full..." she beams, basking in her afterglow.

You lean down to be even with Val's face. "You're a mess," you chuckle, and start licking the smeared cheesecake off of her. She giggles and gasps as you do so, and you start working your way down her languid body.

"Haaa....." Val breathes sharply as you slide your fingers under the rim of her panties. She shifts her weight, and you slide the soaked black undergarments from her crotch. Her glistening pussy is all yours. You dive in immediately, eagerly lapping up the sweet honey that oozes from her slit.

"Ohh, yes... yesss..." she hisses.

Shoving your tongue as far into Val's slick folds as you can, you start sucking on her clit. You gently bite down on the sensitive flesh, and she begins bucking her hips. Soon, she's thrusting her crotch into your face, rubbing her swollen clit against your tongue. Moaning loudly, she starts clenching her thighs and quaking. After a few more minutes, she goes over the wave, shuddering and shivering through her orgasm.

"Keep... going..." she hisses between clenched teeth.

You gladly oblige and keep licking and sucking on her clit. Her thighs start to tense again, and you feel Val arch back again. Her moans are suddenly cut off, then Val looses a throaty belch. Her next breath catches in her throat as she groans in ecstasy once more. You bury your face deeper into her warm folds, determined to keep Val in heaven for as long as possible.

"Y... you're so amazing...." she sighs, as you lap up all the honey that you can. She slowly relaxes into the chair again, a blissful expression on her face. Her hands tremble, hanging limply at her sides, and her panting eventually slows.

"Oh, my God...." she chuckles, more than a little dazed.

"I'm... gonna need a minute or two..." she sighs, laying awkwardly on the chair.

"Take all the time you need, baby," you say.

You dip out of the kitchen, fetch a towel from the bathroom, and wipe off your face. You return to the kitchen and offer the towel to Val. "Thanks," she sighs, wiping up the juices from her crotch.

Val opens her eyes and smiles at you. "That was... everything I wanted it to be." Her smile slowly fades.

"My tummy hurts..." she whines.

"Let's get you somewhere more comfortable," you offer.

You help her up from the chair, and guide her to the bedroom. Once inside, you gently lay her down on the bed and sit next to her.

"Do you need anything?" you ask.

Val rubs her aching stomach and whimpers. "I've stuffed myself silly before... but it's never ached like this..."

You make a concerned face, "Well, your stomach is basically mortal now... Think some pepto might help?"

"Yes, please... Something..."

You step into the bathroom and rummage through Val's medicine cabinet. You shake out a couple of antacid pills, and fill a small glass with water. You offer the antacids to Val.

"Thanks," she says, quickly gulping them down with the water.

Val sits up, a queasy expression on her face. She sighs and looks around the room. You grab a couple of pillows from across the bed, and push them behind Val's back. She sighs happily and lays back into the pillows, massaging her overstuffed tummy. You climb into the bed and sit next to her, also easing the ache in her gut.

"Ooh, I'm so full," Val sighs.

"What would you like to do now, beautiful?"

Val looks up at the ceiling, thoughtfully stroking her rounded belly.

"Let's watch some TV..." she says, reaching futilely for a remote control beyond her reach. You carefully clamber over your stuffed girlfriend, grab the remote, and hand it to her. She settles into the pillows with a dopey smile.

You flick on the TV and settle into the bed next to her. Several of the channels are all fuzzy, but you find a cartoon playing.

"Hey, this looks familiar," she says.

"Sure it does, it's the episode where..." you trail off, realizing you don't remember this show all that well.

Val smiles serenely, clearly having amazing patience for this show. "Ssh, let's just watch," she says.

Soon enough, you feel Val's breathing become deeper and more regular. She's asleep. You watch TV in a daze for hours, until you eventually join her in dreamland.