Positive Influence

Chapter 19 - Feedback Loop


The morning after, you wake up to find yourself nestled in the crook of Val's arm. You smile, nuzzle into her and sigh, content.

She shifts with a happy murmur, and you relax as you listen to the rain quietly pattering on the window. You turn your head, and meet her eyes. She smiles, and kisses you.


"Hmm, hi," she replies, kissing the top of your head. "How did you sleep?"

"Like a log. You?"

Val yawns and says, "Like a log crammed full of delicious food."

You chuckle and kiss her back, "That doesn't make a lot of sense."

Val wraps an arm around you, pulls you closer, then says into your shoulder, "Well maybe it doesn't need to."

The pair of you lay in silence for a while, just enjoying each other's bodies and warmth. You nuzzle into Val's hair and breathe in the scent of her. Some time passes. Eventually you hear buzzing coming from Val's phone. She grumbles, "Guess it's time to get up."

You laugh, "Look on the bright side, that means it's time to fill this up again," you poke Val's tummy as you speak.

She giggles, then replies, "Hmmm, I like the sound of that." She nuzzles into your chest and closes her eyes.

Suddenly, she blows a raspberry on your chest and rolls onto her back laughing. "Yep, big brunch sounds better than sleeping in now. Let's get ready."

Val rolls out of bed and strides into the bathroom. You hear some water running and the sound of a toothbrush scrubbing. You decide to get out of bed too and pull on some clothes. Val dips into the closet as you're zipping up your pants. She thumbs through her wardrobe for a bit before finally deciding to wear dark red leggings and a black midriff-bearing tank top.

"Looking good," you say. Val smiles back at you, and you continue, "I'll drive, like usual."

Val pulls her hair into a quick ponytail. She grabs your keys off of the nightstand and hands them to you, "Better get moving. I'm hungry!”

You laugh with her and head to the garage. Twenty or so minutes later you're pulling into a parking space in front of the diner. It's still raining. It's not very far to go, and you decide to simply run for the door.

"On three," you say, and Val nods in response.

"One, two, THREE!" The two of you leap out of the car and jog to the diner's front door. You hold the door for Val as she ducks inside with a giggle.

It's less busy than usual, and the two of you are the first of your group to arrive. The waitress recognizes you and directs you to a spacious table in the back. Though you weren't in the rain for very long, both of you got noticeably wet, and you sigh with relief as you get some coffee to help warm up. Val re-does her ponytail, collecting some now-wet strands of hair, when her phone starts buzzing. She takes it out and reads the message on the screen.

"Well that sucks," she says, and recognizes the sender as well as the subject of the message.

"Vicky won't make it today," she explains. "Jen, Lena, and Zoe are all carpooling and should be here soon though."

"Shit, well that's alright then," you say with a frown and take a drink of your coffee.

"Yeah, I guess," Val says, taking a sip of her own.

You put your hand on Val's and try to speak quietly, "So about this open relationship thing. I have to ask, did you have somebody in mind that you wanted to include?"

Val's face flushes, and she lowers her gaze. Her voice holds a tone of defiance, "If I told you that, would you be upset?"

"No, but I do have a right to know if this is to work."

Val looks up at you and you stare into each other's eyes. "I really want you to be part of this, but I'll let you decide," she says.

"Oh?" You ask, "What do you mean by a part of this?"

Val's cheeks get even warmer as she bites her lip and struggles with what to say. Eventually, she manages, "I was thinking about Lena."

"Lena?" You ask, "Why her?"

Val looks like she wants to collapse into herself but she maintains her composure, "She's never been with a girl, and neither have I. I think it's something that could be really special for us."

"This isn't going to be one of those things where I'm just being dragged into it is it?"

"No, please, I really want you to be a part of this."

Your mind whirls. You sip your coffee and think. A moment later you ask, "Have you talked to her about this?"

"Err, no," Val reluctantly admits. You reply, "I think you'll have to cross that bridge with her first."

Val sighs, and her cheeks begin looking less flushed. She then says, "We haven't talked about that, but we have talked about you. She's had a crush on you for a long time, Anon."

"What? Seriously?" You ask, somewhat surprised. Val nods.

Your mind races with how you want to approach this. "Well then I guess we should talk to her together," you say.

"Do you really want that? You don't have to if you don't want to."

"You said you want me to be a part of this, and this is an important way I can participate."

Val smiles. You lean across the table and give Val a quick kiss on the lips. "No woman, no person could ever take your place. Other people may make us happy, but you'll always make me happiest. I promise."

Val smiles and kisses you back. "Do you want to talk to her tonight?” she asks.

You think for a moment, "Yeah."

Val grins, "Ok. I'll invite her over for dinner."

The two of you return to less important topics for a few minutes, and eventually you hear the door open and a trio of familiar voices. You twist in your seat and see Zoe, Lena, and Jen entering the diner. They're a bit wet from the rain but they perk up as they see you. Zoe walks up to the table first, "Are you two okay? We got caught in that storm."

Val says, "We're fine. How is everything else?"

"Good," Lena replies.

As usual, you quickly take stock of how the ladies are dressed as they make their way to their seats. Zoe is dressed in a tight black tank top and skin-tight blue shorts that cut into her chubby midriff and thighs. The button looks like it's hanging on for dear life. Lena is wearing a purple dress that falls down to her feet and a pair of black leather boots. Her coppery hair is plastered to her face by the rain, and you make a conscious effort to not ogle her sizable round ass as she sits down. Finally, Jen is dressed in a pair of skinny jeans, a cutesy tank top, and combat boots. Her black hair is worn down, framing her face and making her eyes stand out. You also notice a hint of tummy pudge bulging underneath her shirt.

Some chat immediately starts up once the requisite greetings are done. The bigger girls talk about what to add to their usual orders, while you and Jen peruse the menu for your own breakfast options. You decide that something including an omelet sounds good. You glance up at Jen, who is still looking over the menu. You can help but notice that her face seems a little bit rounder. Though Jen actively wants to put on weight, you decide it's probably not the best idea to ask her directly. Instead, you ask, "So what are you thinking of ordering?"

She replies, "Oh...I dunno. I think I'll have the bacon, egg, and cheese omelet with a side of hash browns."

You nod at the menu, "Funny, I was thinking about getting an omelet too."

Jen giggles, "Maybe something else too. I've just been really hungry lately!"

You smile at her, "And that's good, right?"

She nods, "Mhmm, it's really good. But I've been needing to eat a lot."

Zoe pipes up, "Jen, that's just how much people normally eat. And if you want to be a big fat babe like us, you'll need to step up your eating even more."

Jen shrugs in reply, "I'm not really trying to be, I just...like food."

Zoe tips a packet of sugar into her coffee, licking her fingers clean of any stray crystals.

Lena laughs, "That's how it starts, Jen! I was a size 8 before I discovered baking!” Jen laughs, and the rest of the table follows along.

Zoe thinks for a second then smirks, "Well, I was never exactly skinny, but partying my way through college really packed on the pounds. It's easy to forget that booze has calories!”

Lena suddenly looks at you with an unreadable expression. She starts, "Hey Anon, you remember when we got in trouble, right?"

You nod somberly, "Yeah," but the waitress arrives before you can continue.

Lena, Val, and Zoe order their customary Big Boss Breakfasts. Val adds on a whole extra stack of pancakes with a mischievous giggle. You order an omelet with some waffles, and Jen orders an omelet with a fairly large crepe. The waitress saunters off, and you pick up the thread Lena left, "Yeah I remember. I haven't thought about that night very much."

She bites her lip nervously, "I kinda have. That was really scary, things could have gone a lot worse."

Val looks at you expectantly. You explain, "Right, I guess you never found out about this, somehow."

Lena nods her head and you explain, "So this is from back when we were in high school."

"Short version, we were at a party that had some drinking going on. We weren't supposed to be drinking, and the party got raided by some cops. Lena and I wound up getting caught."

"Cops? Why the hell were cops raiding a party?" Val asks, baffled.

You continue, "To this day I don't know. Thankfully Lena and I hadn't had much to drink, so we were basically sober. The cop still put us in the car and was planning on hauling us to the station. Somehow I managed to talk him down, something about 'you have the power to ruin our futures right now, are you sure that's justice?'."

Lena speaks up, "We didn't get in trouble with the law, but our parents still found out. Our families got together to talk about it, and Anon claimed it was his idea. Going to the party was actually my idea, but he wanted to protect me. It actually worked, my parents let me off with a slap on the wrist."

In that moment, you catch what might be a flash of adoration in Lena's eyes. You conclude the story, "Yeah, it sort of worked. My parents were still pissed, but they were glad I didn't drink and drive or something. They grounded me for basically that whole summer, then I went off to college,"

You rub the back of your neck and scan each of the girls' faces, "Yeah... Not exactly great memories. It would have been nice to have a proper going-away party, but them's the breaks I guess..."

Jen says, "Yeah, that sucks, Anon. But it worked out in the end and we're all here now. That going-away party would have been premature anyways!"

You smile, "Yeah. Cheers to that."

A moment later, you catch the unmistakable smells of savory greasy-spoon foods. The waitress shows up with everybody's orders and soon after, the table is piled high with buttery, carby goodness. Everybody digs in. You take a moment to enjoy the company, but you find yourself wanting to know one thing. You don't dare ask Lena about her crush in front of the others. And besides, that's conversation for this evening. Val heavily swallows a huge mouthful of food and speaks up, "So... I've got some big news. It's related to what Dr Rohaz is working on."

Zoe points a fork at Val, "Well, don't keep us waiting, and I don't want to guess!"

Val takes a deep breath, "Ok, so I am clear to tell you guys about this but keep it on the down low. The doctor has started a trial on a drug that halts the negative effects of obesity."

Zoe drops her fork with a clatter. Lena looks on with wide eyes. Jen forks some egg into her mouth and chews thoughtfully.

She then asks, "So like, somebody could eat whatever they wanted, and however much they wanted?”

Val nods, "Yeah. That somebody would still plump up, but it looks like no risk of heart disease, no diabetes, none of that."

Jen raises an eyebrow and flashes a cheeky grin, "No diabetes even if I put away a gallon of soda per day?"

Val laughs, "Well, I don't know about that... Why? Do you want to test that?”

Zoe locks eyes with Val and makes a very serious face, "Val, can you get me into the study?”

Val hesitates but then nods, "Maybe. I'll have to talk to the doctor, but I think it should be doable."

Zoe nods with a big grin, "Yeah. That would be awesome."

You look at Zoe and inquire, "Zoe, dare I ask why you want to be in that study? The drug is literally only weeks old."

While her dark complexion hides it a bit, you can tell Zoe is starting to blush.

"Anon..." She starts, "Just look at me." She motions to her belly, a pudgy roll bulging over her waistband, "I'm fat as fuck, there's nothing secret about it. I also happen to fucking love stuffing this fat gut full of fatty food. I know it's not healthy. I know it's not sustainable. But I want to have my fun while I can and maybe walk it back later."

"Zoe..." Lena starts.

Zoe sighs, "Lena, you were there for all this. I was always at least chubby. I'm lucky that I wasn't really bullied for my body when I was younger. My mom told me stories, people were meaner to her. Dad too. Real talk, most of my family is grade-A fatasses, and I know all too well the quality of life that gets lost." She pauses, looking at Lena and then to you.

Zoe then casts her eyes down to her half-finished plate, pushing a lump of sodden pancakes around with her fork. She quietly says, "I wouldn't want it for me. I want in because it means my folks might get it sooner. And that would mean more quality time with them."

You feel a surge of emotion well up inside you. The table is silent and motionless. Val reaches across and gently grips Zoe's hand. "I understand," Val says.

Zoe asks, "No offense, but how?”

"I understand the sense of duty. Dr Rohaz thinks my body has molecules that might help this thing work, and I want to give something back to this world."

Zoe gives Val a wry glance, "This drug isn't made from, like, your toejam or anything gross, right?"

Val begins to laugh, then covers her mouth trying to contain herself. Then, smiling big, she answers, "No. Nothing like that. Just a bunch of proteins I can't pronounce."

She continues, her tone lighter, "Also, Zoe, it's ok to want to do this for you. All this medical stuff started because I wanted to get fatter, there's nothing wrong with you wanting to be fat and healthy for yourself."

Zoe looks to the side, biting her lip. "Yeah," she says, defeated. "I suppose you're right."

She then cracks a smile and resumes eating her food, "Dieting sucks anyways. I'm a monster when I'm hungry. Better for the world I stay nice and full."

Zoe abruptly pauses and glances to Val, "I will be able to keep eating big, right...?"

Val giggles and leans in, "Zoe, the drug worked wonders on the health of a guy who weighs more than eight hundred pounds. It'll work fine for little old you."

Zoe flashes a devilish grin and retorts, "Little? Oh you're on, blondie. I'm gonna make today a brunch for the ages!"

Zoe then motions to the waitress and orders something more. The waitress' eyebrow raises in amusement, but she accepts the order. Zoe then grins back at Val and says, "How about an impromptu eating contest?”

Val laughs and replies, "Sure, why not? So how do you want to do this?”

Zoe swallows a bite of food and thinks momentarily, "Ok, how about simple endurance? Each of our Big Boss Breakfasts plus whatever else we can fit into our tummies."

Val spears a morsel and replies, "Sounds good to me. That pancake stack had 4 extras, by the way."

The sudden shift of this conversation has given you a throbbing erection in spite of yourself, and the prospect of Val and Zoe both stuffing themselves to the limit is almost more than you can handle. You methodically work on your own food, and hope your face doesn't betray your lust as you watch Val and Zoe pig out. The waitress returns and deposits an extra stack of pancakes before Zoe. "We'll go one for one on extras, easier to keep track," she explains. Val grins, nods assent, and continues stuffing her face.

Zoe takes the time to announce, "I'm gonna win this." She downs the whole stack of pancakes in a handful of huge bites, and then continues eating. She gloats, "Carbs are my bitch, I could eat this stuff all day."

The waitress has been discreetly monitoring the makeshift contest, and immediately responds when Val signals for another wave of food. The excitement is palpable as Val and Zoe match each other bite for bite. Lena continues packing away her own huge breakfast and watches with an amused grin. Jen doesn't bother hiding her excitement, and is soon saying encouraging things to both sides of the contest.

Right on cue, the waitress swoops by and deposits a huge slice of blueberry pie in front of Val and Zoe. Val catches your eye and winks as she grabs the fork and stabs the pie, collecting a huge chunk and shoveling it into her mouth. Val locks eyes with Zoe as they both eat, and she makes a faux tough expression then breaks out giggling. At this point, you and Jen have finished your own mortal-sized breakfasts. Lena puts down her fork, swallows heavily, and sighs before patting her own satiated belly. "I for one am stuffed," she says.

Val and Zoe eye each other, both with full forksful of blueberry pie. Their own initial breakfasts have been handily eaten, and Val eyes Zoe and giggles, "You getting full, Zoe?”

"Getting full? Yes. Am full? No chance!"

Zoe snickers and forks the last bit of pie into her mouth.

A moment later, you all hear a strange "pop" sound. Zoe's face screws up in confusion, then looks down. You follow her gaze.

The button on Zoe's shorts finally gave up the fight, and Zoe's engorged belly overwhelmed her waistband in a surge of umber pudge.

Silence falls for a moment as everybody processes what happened. You try not to stare at the lovely exposed softness of Zoe's chubby belly, and a moment later Zoe breaks into roaring laughter.

"Well. Shit. That was unexpected," she says after calming down, poking at her belly. Val smirks and winks at you, then looks down, blushing faintly. You look down and see that Val's belly is pooched out with visible roundness, testament to how much she's eaten. Zoe speaks up before you can dwell on your girlfriend's gut.

"Ok, tall stuff, with that button gone, my true power can be unleashed. You ready to see what a real eating machine can do?"

Val accepts her challenge, "Bring it on, Zoe!"

The waitress, showing a surprising level of professionalism and timing, takes her cue to drop off the next round of the contest. She smiles and winks at Val and Zoe as she drops of another pair of plates. For this round, Zoe called in a serving of bacon and biscuits, each plate large enough to be a breakfast in its own right. The two gluttonous girls dig in again, dipping their biscuits in a provided bowl of gravy. Though the contest is still close, Val and Zoe are both finally starting to slow down. A few minutes later, they've finished the last bits of the course with groans and glazed eyes.

"Had enough?" Zoe says to Val, her breathing starting to get heavy.

"There will never be enough," Val retorts defiantly.

This time, there is a decided lull before ordering the next round, with Val and Zoe catching their breath and rubbing their bulging bellies. Jen has been looking at Zoe with an expression that could only be called hunger. Suddenly, she can no longer help herself and reaches a hand over to Zoe's engorged gut and starts rubbing. Zoe seems surprised at first, then she starts to enjoy the feeling of being touched, and even rubs her hand along Jen's arm. Her eyes close in ecstasy.

"It's so tight," Jen remarks with wonder. "How does all that food fit?"

Zoe giggles. "I don't know, it just does."

"Hey! No fair! You're getting help in the form of belly rubs!” Val complains.

"Don't worry, baby, I got you," you say, reaching over to Val's bloated, aching gut. Val's stomach is so full she practically looks pregnant, and your fingers meet a surprising tautness as you caress her skin. A small groan escapes her lips as she slowly relaxes back into her seat. A few moments later, her eyes snap open. Val looks over to the dutiful waitress and makes a signal.

"My pick," Val says with a sudden fire, "And this isn't over until I say so."

"My body is ready," Zoe retorts, as Jen continues massaging Zoe's gut.

In a flash, the waitress returns. Her expression is one of decided amusement at all of your behavior, but she doesn't say anything. Instead, she deposits a pair of creamy strawberry milkshakes in front of Val and Zoe. She walks away, being sure to give her generous hips a deliberate sway as she does so. Zoe stifles a belch and glares at the milkshake, "Fuck... That's a lot of cream..." Val wastes no time in leaning forward and taking a long sip. She somehow hides her manifest discomfort and snickers at Zoe, "So confident just a moment ago..."

Zoe's glare swings towards Val and she brings the straw to her lips. "Victory or death!" She proclaims then starts sucking down her own milkshake.

Jen has moved to providing constant belly-rub support for Zoe, and you do the same for Val. You can practically feel Val's gut swelling under your fingertips as she steadily consumes her milkshake. The process is slow, as Val and Zoe both want to avoid a dreaded brain freeze. They also have to take frequent breaks to groan and gasp at their overpowering feelings of fullness.

"Fuck, it's so thick," Val gasps as she stops sucking down her drink. She's still leaning into you, but she's sitting up a little straighter.

"C'mon guys, there's only a little bit left!" Lena says encouragingly. Sure enough, both milkshake glasses are almost empty. Val and Zoe are both looking worse for wear, swaying slightly in their seats and with blissful gluttonous exhaustion on their faces. But they finish it. They grunt and groan, they wince and blink, but they finish both milkshakes. Hollow slurping sounds give way to exhausted groans and creaking chairs as Val and Zoe both lean back, their bellies so glutted they can barely think. Jen and you both keep up your respective therapeutic massages, to the relief and appreciation of two very overfilled ladies. Without opening her eyes, Val says, "Hey Zoe...? Wanna... Call it a draw...?"

Zoe's slow to respond, but when she does, there's a lot of emotion in her voice. "Yeah... Sure thing, Val... Heckuva fight..."

Lena beams across the table at them. "That was incredible, you two! By my count, you've each put away about five thousand calories just now."

"Heh, I'd say about right," you add. "But who's counting?"

Val moans and delicately brings her hands to her stomach, "Well... I am, for starters..."

"Nerrrrrrrd," Zoe lazily calls out from across the table. Val quietly giggles at the quip.

"That was... Amazing..." Zoe continues. She peeks an eye open, "Hey Val?"


"You're... Serious about... That fat drug, right?"

"As serious... As taxes..." Val replies, deadpan.

Zoe nods slowly, then closes her eyes and snuggles into her chair.

"Why are you asking?” Jen asks.

Zoe replies, "Because... Being this full feels amazing... And I want to do this again..."

"I love... A good challenge..." Val agrees.

"Val... I'm blaming you..." Zoe replies.


"I'm gonna get.... So fat by trying to out-eat you..."

Val starts laughing but ends up groaning as her stomach protests the extra movement.

"I just realized something really funny..." She explains.

"What's that?" Lena asks.

"So they say that people who have chubby friends are more likely to put on weight themselves, right?”


"Well in our case, we're all inspiring each other to eat more and more. It's a ....FEED-back loop!” Val cackles.

Groans erupt all around the table. "Val, that pun was god-awful, even for you," Jen complains.

Val indulges in one last guilty giggle. Jen breaks the spell, "Hey guys, we still need to pay, right?"

Val and Zoe groan in unison, and dig around for their credit cards. Jen offers to run Zoe's card, and Val looks at you expectantly with her own. You reluctantly get up and join Lena and Jen at the cashier's counter. Lena paid up first, and you lost track of her as you handled your own bills. At one point the cashier's eyes flicked upwards and her mouth cracked a smile, and once you turned to head back to the table you realized why.

Lena didn't return to her seat across from Val. Instead, she's now seated next to Val, her hand gently rubbing Val's distended belly as Val smiles contentedly. You take a deep breath. And then you smile. Lena doesn't notice you until you sit back down. She tries to stop, but you gesture for her to continue caressing your girlfriend's stomach. You then place your own hand on Val's aching gut and begin making soothing circles.

Until your had touches Lena's, and you practically feel sparks fly. She immediately pulls her hands back. "Agh! Sorry," she says, as you both laugh.

"No no, I like it." Val grunts, not realizing you and Lena had touched.

You and Lena look at each other, then resume your work on Val's middle, paying careful attention to your hand positioning. You'd be self-conscious about this whole gluttonous and sexually-charged episode, but the table you're at is somewhat out of the way and out of sight. Val's eyes flicker open, and she smiles.

Jen has been tending to Zoe's middle on the other side of the table, and Zoe has been laying back with a satisfied smile on her face. Jen looks like she's in heaven digging her fingers into Zoe's doughy tummy. Lena stops and speaks up, "Hey, uh, guys. We're paid up, and maybe we can sleep off all this food somewhere more comfortable."

Zoe groans unhappily, but concedes and sits up. Lena adds, "Zoe, lemme fix your shorts. I think a safety pin will work for the time being."

Lena gets up and moves to the other side of the table as Zoe turns in her chair. After some digging in her purse, Lena produces a sturdy safety pin as promised, and carefully affixes it in place of the missing button on Zoe's shorts. Even with the extra give, Zoe's chubby flab bulges over the waistband and through whatever spaces it can find.

She regards the makeshift repair uncertainly, "I don't know how long that'll hold, Lena."

"All the better reason to get you home pronto," Jen says. "C'mon eating champ, I'll help you to the car."

Zoe groans and stands slowly as Jen helps her up and supports Zoe's waddling away from the table. Once they've moved on a bit, Val grabs Lena's shoulder. "Hey, Lena?"

"Huh? What?" Lena asks absent-mindedly, apparently already spacing out a bit.

"This might not be a great time to ask, but are you free this evening?"

Lena pauses, seemingly trying to place a finger on a specific spot on her head, "Uh... yeah. I'm free. Whadda ya want to do?"

Val shifts in her seat, straightening up, and steeling herself to stand. She answers, "I was thinking that I could cook some dinner. I don't think I've ever cooked for you."

"Oh, really?" Lena asks, straightening up as well to give the taller girl a questioning look.

After a moment, Lena's face brightens up. "Okay! Just let me know when you want me to come by, and if I should bring anything."

She glances out the window and her face falls, "Oh crap. I shouldn't keep Jen and Zoe waiting. Plus, it's still raining. Ugh, I can't run with all this food in my tummy."

Val smiles and gestures for Lena to go, "That's ok Lena. I'll text you the details in a bit. Try to stay dry!"

With those words, Lena makes her way to the door and exits into the downpour. Val braces herself against the table, huffs, and finally heaves herself to her feet. You're on your feet too, offering a stabilizing arm as you make your way to the door. The waitress gives the two of you a pleasant "goodbye!" and you think you catch her making a lascivious facial expression as you turn to leave.

You unlock your car remotely with your keyfob, and prepare to duck into the pouring rain with your girlfriend. After a deep breath, you pass through the diner's door. Val yelps as she gets pelted with rain. You help her quickly shuffle to her side of the car, trying not to think about how drenched you're getting in the few seconds required. Once Val had flopped into her seat, you dash around the hood of your car, stumble into the driver's seat, and slam the door behind you, finally finding respite from the rain. You and Val exchange a look. You're both soaked.

"Let's get home, dry off, and get under some nice warm covers..." She says.

"Sounds good to me," you say and lean over to give Val a kiss, "Plus I bet you could use a nap," you laugh.

After a quick kiss, Val nestles into her seat with her eyes closed. You start your car and pull out of the parking spot. Nobody's on the road due to the weather, but you need to take care on the slick roads. The drive is easy for you to handle though, and soon enough you're returning to the familiar garage in Val's complex. You park the car and squish your way over to her door to help her out. After grabbing her hand, you lead her to the elevator and enter it with her. The moment you get to Val's condo, she herds you to the laundry room for a fresh pair of towels and immediately starts stripping off her soaked clothes. You do the same, and soon you're both cuddling into luxurious and fluffy dry towels. You giggle at each other as you dry off.

Val moves closer to you and nestles onto your shoulder, "I'm glad you're here, love," she says.

The sleepy tone of Val's voice and the fact that she's slowly putting more and more of her weight onto you proves it's time for a nap. It's your turn to herd Val to another room, and you help her up the stairs in spite of her groans. "C'mon, let's get you into your bed."

The two of you enter her bedroom, and you lay her down gently in her bed. Val nestles into the warm blankets and reaches a beckoning arm out towards you. You let her grab you and pull you into the sheets next to her. Once you make yourself comfortable in the cozy bed, you say, "That was really fucking hot today, watching you stuff yourself silly."

Val smiles and snuggles closer to you, "Mmmm... I agree. I've never had a guy appreciate my eating skills like you do," Val hums contently.

In under a minute, Val has succumbed to the brewing food coma. You keep an arm wrapped around her snoozing form and distract yourself with junk articles on your phone. Lulled by the rain and Val's sleepy breathing, you find your eyes getting heavy. The white noise of the thunderstorm, the warmth of the blankets, and the scent of Val's hair is precisely what you need to drudge off to a peaceful sleep. You set your phone aside and decide to doze for a little bit.