Positive Influence

Chapter 23 - Plus One


The sun is streaming in through the window, and you slowly open your eyes. You feel good, rested, and warm. Everything really is looking up. Somehow you don't even have a hint of a hangover. You turn to Lena but she's already somewhat awake. She elbows you gently, and you smile at her.

"Morning, cutie," you say. "Did you sleep well?"

Lena buries her face in the pillow and moans softly. "I think I'm hungover," she says, muffled by the pillow.

A groan from your other side heralds Val's awakening.

"You too?" You ask her.

Val responds with a groggy "Mmhmm."

"Okay if I get up and look for some medicine for you ladies?" You ask.

Lena and Val both nod. You look around, and with amusement, you realize that you'll have to climb over one of the girls to leave the bed. You decide to roll over Lena on your way out of the bed. You do your best to not squish her too much but you don't do a great job.

Lena interrupts you as you're above her, and she pulls you in close with a grin. There is a certain level of desire in her eyes, but she never says anything. You kiss her gently on the lips. Val laughs softly and strokes your back. Lena feels amazing under you, and you're sorely tempted to make the situation even hotter. But you still have work to do first. You pull yourself away from Lena and stand up. She gives you a sympathetic smile, looking lovely despite her bleary eyes. Val and Lena both tiredly watch you as you collect some clothes and dress. You slip on boxers, some light shorts, and a t-shirt, and turn to find Lena and Val gently nuzzling into each other.

"You two, you look beautiful," you breathe.

Lena and Val smile at you sheepishly and blush slightly. Val stiffly lolls her head to the side and groans, "Head hurts... Save me, Anon..."

You reply, "Okay, okay, I'm going. Just hang in there, alright?"

Val and Lena both nod. You quietly exit the guest room, and you hear some movement in the kitchen as you head that way.

You round a corner and see a shirtless Marcus working at a coffee maker. You say "good morning" and he looks up with a bit of surprise. "Morning," Marcus says with a voice that sounds slightly raspy. You move over to a glass-fronted cabinet that contains some cups, then ask Marcus, "Hey, do you know where I can find some headache meds?”

Marcus tilts his head to one side and, with a little bit of a worried look on his face, says, "I actually don't, sorry dude."

You reply with disappointment, "That's alright."

You then hear the pit-pat of some bare feet approaching, and see Jen enter the kitchen. Her hair is a mess and she's wearing an oversized t-shirt with a koala bear design. She yawns then says, "I do. Hangover?"

"I'm alright," you reply, "But Lena and Val are feeling kinda rough."

Jen grunts, then walks over to Marcus and whispers something in his ear. Marcus nods, then kisses Jen and pads out of the kitchen. Next, Jen goes to the fridge and opens it. You're not used to seeing Jen in such a casual setting and situation, and you deliberately focus your eyes to not be on her ass. She rummages through the fridge and eventually draws out a pitcher with a green-tinged liquid. With a yawn, she fetches a trio of ceramic mugs and pours the liquid in. As she does so, you fill a pair of glasses from the tap. Jen then puts the mugs on a small tray and slides the tray your way.

"Anti-hangover herbal tea," she explains. "I figured somebody would need it," then she pours a mug for herself and takes a long swig.

"Thanks," you say.

Jen closes her eyes and sighs with relief. A moment later, she grabs some breakfast bars from a countertop basket, tossing a few onto the tray, and keeping one for herself. "This works a lot better with some food," she explains.

You lift one of the mugs (decorated with the faded remnant of some corporate logo) to your lips and take a sip. The tea smells and tastes better than it looks, with a soft, vaguely fruity aroma and a tingly mintlike flavor. Marcus announces his return with the unmistakable rattling of pills in a bottle.

"Thanks boo," Jen says as Marcus hands her the bottle.

Marcus turns to regard you. "Anon, you and your girlfriends are cool. I'm a simple dude. Anybody who likes good food and good herb is somebody I can probably get along with."

Jen laughs to herself and sips at her tea.

"Alright," Marcus says, "I gotta catch up on some grading." He walks over to Jen and they share a passionate embrace.

Marcus pulls away and says to her, "Have a nice brunch with your friends. Someday I'll be able to join you!”

He pours a cup of coffee with a laugh. As Marcus turns to leave, he pauses, holding his fist forward expectantly. You oblige him with a fist-bump and say, "It was good to actually chat a bit. Hope the grading doesn't suck too much."

"Yeah me too!" Marcus laughs and leaves the kitchen.

Jen takes a long drink of her tea. A moment later, she tears a bite out of her breakfast bar. You put the water glasses on the tray, then shake out a couple of headache pills for the girls and add them.

"Brunch in.... An hour I guess?" Jen asks.

"Works for me."

Jen places her tea on the counter and texts one-handed on her phone. She then says, "Alright. Take care of your ladies then let me know when you're ready to go. Think we can carpool?"

You try not to be taken aback with how easily she's already adjusted to referencing your ladies or girlfriends in plural.

"I think that should be fine," you say.

Jen mumbles in reply, then you grab the tray and leave the kitchen. "Thanks for the help!” you say as you leave. Jen says "no problem” to your back.

You carefully reopen the door to the bedroom and see Lena and Val still on the bed where you left them. They fell back asleep, so you set the tray on a side table, and start gently nudging them back awake. "Lena? Val?" you say. Val and Lena open their eyes and stare blankly at you.

"I've got breakfast in bed and some hangover remedy," you explain. "Wake up girls, you need this."

Val groggily says, "What are we doing?"

Lena sits up and says, "Breakfast in bed!"

"It's not much," you caution, then put a glass each of water and tea on each nightstand flanking the bed. Lena and Val are both sitting up, their torsos uncovered by the sheets. There's something pleasant, almost wholesome about this sort of casual nudity. Lena picks up her mug of tea, sniffs it, and coos with happy surprise. "It smells like berries!"

Val and Lena each take a sip of their tea then swallow their pills. You place the tray with the breakfast bars between them, then sit on the edge of the bed next to Lena. "Eat up, and tell me how you feel after," you say.

Val and Lena each pick up a breakfast bar and start shoving it into their mouths.

"Good?" you ask, after they have finished.

Val and Lena both nod and say "Yes!"

They both grab their water and tea and eagerly begin drinking them.

"Feeling better already," Val giggles.

"Same," Lena concurs. With her free hand, she slaps her doughy tummy, "That said, everybody knows that the real cure for a hangover is to fill your gut with carbs, grease, and coffee."

You can't help but smile. Val and Lena share a conspiratorial smile back.

"Probably," Val agrees. "See, the trick is that you've gotta really pack it in. And it helps if you've got cute friends to egg you on."

Lena gives Val an approving pat on the shoulder, "Damn right."

You check your phone. Time is ticking past, and you don't want to make Jen wait.

"You girls ready to get dressed?” you ask.

"Definitely," Val says, then leans over to give Lena a kiss on the lips.

Lena leans into Val briefly, then pulls away and chugs the remainder of her tea. Val swings her long legs out of the bed, then gets up and strolls to her bag, looking for something to wear. Lena slides out of bed too and stretches briefly. "I'll just take a second to freshen up," she says, then you watch her jiggle her way into the bathroom.

Val has already found something to wear, and tosses you a look as she bends over to put it on. You smile and nod. It's a simple outfit, and honestly kind of messy, but none of you are going to be particularly well-dressed today. Val has pulled on a simple set of matching black underwear, a pair of dark purple elastic shorts, and her gray tanktop from yesterday. On the shirt is a small, flowing skull motif printed on it in a type of marbled beige and white.

"Do I stink?" She asks with some concern. You lean in and bury your face between her breasts, then sniff playfully.

"You smell good," you say simply.

"God, you are a pervert," Val says with a laugh.

"I had to be sure!” you reply with mock offense.

The bathroom door opens and a nude Lena emerges. You pull away from Val, then she walks over to Lena. "Hey Lena," she says, "Can you give me a sniff test? I want to be sure I don't stink since I'm re-wearing this shirt."

Lena squints at Val, then steps forward and gives her a long, lingering sniff. It takes her a moment to respond, but she seems satisfied with what she is smelling. "You smell good."

With a laugh, Val says, "You sure?" then buries Lena's face into her chest. Lena squeaks then giggles, playfully nuzzling between Val's breasts.

"Are you ready to go?" Val asks after releasing her.

Lena steps back stretches while replaying, "Still need to pull on some clothes."

"So that's a no!" Val giggles.

"I'm gonna go freshen up for myself," she continues, then Val slips into the bathroom and latches the door behind her.

You watch as Lena crouches down and retrieves something from her bag to wear. Her eyes land on the clothes resting in the bag and she mutters to herself, "I mean, I don't exactly have anything else, do I?"

She bends down and looks them over. You watch as Lena steps into a plain pair of blue panties, then snugs them up around her wide butt. She then pulls on a gray sports bra, and slides on a lightweight short skirt. She finishes dressing by slipping on a wrinkled black tanktop. Your eyes are locked on Lena as she stands and turns around. Your heart begins to beat a little harder. "You look good," you say.

"Meh," she sighs, "This outfit is messy but that's ok."

You wave a hand over yourself and say, "I'm not exactly put together today." You then lightly pinch your ears and nose, and feeling a twinge of sunburn, you laugh, "And maybe I should have used some sunblock too, hah."

Lena squints quickly at you, then gives a short laugh. She looks you up and down, then shakes her head.

"Now I see it. It's not just your nose and ears that are crispy," she says.

"I've had sunburns before, it's just a hazard of the summer," you reply.

The bathroom door clicks and Val re-emerges. "What's going on?" She asks casually.

Lena jumps in, "I was chiding Anon for letting himself get sunburned."

"It's not that bad, especially considering how long we were out there." you reply.

Val stands and leans on the doorframe. Her face curls into an odd smile, "Well we can't just let that go." Her eyes dart to Lena then back to you, "Lena and I are going to make sure you get plenty of aloe on all the red areas."

Lena grins and says, "I will gladly help."

You adjust your shorts, and the girls giggle. At that moment, you hear a gentle knocking on the door, and Jen's voice calling out, "Hey, you three ready to go eat?”

"Yeah, we are," you call back to her.

The door clicks open, and the girls all file out. Jen is dressed in a white tanktop, jean shorts, and a gray flannel long-sleeve shirt. Perhaps in deference to the limited clothing options of her friends, she has only trace makeup and sturdy sandals on her feet.

"My car will fit us all," you offer.

"Sure," says Jen.

You lead the way out of the house and into the pleasant warmth of the late morning. It's a short walk to where you left your car yesterday, and you click the fob to unlock it. A moment later, you and the three girls hop in. You're driving, Val is up front, and Lena and Jen are sitting in the back.

"To the diner," you say, then start the car.

A chorus of relieved murmurs replies to your comment. The car rumbles to life and starts rolling forward.

"You don't know how much I've been craving a big breakfast," says Jen.

Val smiles and replies, "That's just what I was thinking too."

Lena smiles and says, "We need the calories and grease to cure this hangover."

Jen turns to look at Lena, "Well it's the patriotic season after all, right? And we have to do our duty as good citizens to keep our farmers in business!”

Lena nods and says, "Yeah, that's part of it. You know how it goes."

You ease your car onto the main road, then slide into the pleasant groove of the drive. The girls chit-chat a little, but you're busy focusing on the road. You work your way up and down a few small hills, then exit the highway and turn onto a smaller road. A couple minutes after that, you're pulling up to the very familiar metal-sided diner. You recognize Zoe's car in the parking lot as you and your friends proceed into the diner.

The diner is warm and welcoming as you enter. The smell of fresh coffee greets you as soon as you step in, and the usual waitress gives your group a flirty smile as you enter. The waitress leads your group to a table in the back, where Zoe has already been waiting. She's sitting with a cup of coffee in her hand and a smile on her face. Zoe greets you enthusiastically, "Hey guys, how are you? There's plenty of seats, and Vicky is on her way."

You pull out a trio of chairs as Jen goes around to sit next to Zoe. Lena and Val maneuver you between them, and sit on either side of you. A few minutes of idle chit-chat passes before Vicky arrives. She walks into the diner at a casual pace, and is smiling from ear to ear.

"Hey guys!" She says excitedly. "I had a great time yesterday, and how lucky that we can kinda keep the good times rolling!"

Lena smiles weakly as Vicky takes her seat and says, "Yeah, good vibes. Gonna be honest I'm not exactly feeling this whole chipper.... Thing right now."

Vicky rolls her eyes as she settles in, "Aw, did you booze a little too much yesterday?"

"Yeah, I did. Should be right as rain after some food though," Lena grumbles back.

Val's rested her head on her hands and gives Vicky a mopey look too. "I'm hungry, and my head hurts," she says with a playful whine.

Vicky shakes her head and smiles gently. "Okay, okay, Sorry, I didn't realize you two had it so bad."

To the relief of all, the familiar face of the usual waitress appears, and the girls waste no time requesting their usual Big Boss Breakfasts. Jen puts in for a large crepe combo plate, while you stick with an average omelet combo. Coffees make their way to the table, and not a lot of small talk occurs before the food arrives. The waitress does her usual routine of delivering the brunches with cutsey flourishes, then trots away with swaying hips. Everybody at the table digs in eagerly.

"This is always so good." Zoe says with a smile.

Vicky comes back from first taking a few bites to say, "So, I'm in a good mood today because my company's designs finally got approved! The power banks are going to go into production!"

Val, Jen, and Zoe look at Vicky with grins.

"Hey, congratulations! I'd say that's pretty awesome for a project you and your team put together!" Val says with a laugh.

Lena congratulates Vicky a beat too late, and you catch her putting her phone away. Her face remains impassive, but later in the meal you slyly text her, "Hey, what was that?"

Lena sends back, "I heard back from my friend at the University. From her word, and I trust her, I'm 99 percent positive that we did in fact catch Brad cheating."

You text back to Lena, "When should we tell Vicky?"

Lena sends back, "I'd say it's better to tell her about it in private."

"Good point." You reply.

The rest of the meal passes in a flurry of bites. Zoe and Val's appetites characteristically heat up as the meal progresses, and additional helpings appear at their request. Said helpings also go into their bellies in short order. At one point, Zoe asks Val, "Hey, I just realized something. You've been seeing Dr Rohaz every Saturday, right?"

Val confirms that she is indeed seeing Dr Rohaz on Saturday mornings, and Zoe points out that, "You and Anon were at the party basically all day yesterday. I'm just curious, did you skip?”

Val holds up a finger, hastily chewing a bite of eggs. A few moments later, she explains, "Yeah, I've been pretty good about checking in with the good doctor, but I take the occasional break. This week we traded emails instead, she knew I wouldn't be visiting in person."

Zoe nods her head. "That makes sense. So how long are you going to keep seeing her, anyway?"

Val takes another bite of her eggs, then answers, "For as long as it takes. Probably even past when I'm well into blob-girl territory."

Zoe smiles knowingly. She replies, "No worries. You've got your own life of course," and she narrows her eyes with a smirk, scanning your side of the table, "And I'm sure it's pretty fun having two lovers now."

Val giggles, Lena blushes and says, "Well, we just started our relationship, so it's still quite new to us..."

A little awkwardly, you gently rub Val's and Lena's shoulders simultaneously. Val giggles again.

Zoe says to her friends, "Yeah, it's cool that two women can share a man," and Lena makes a wry face.

Zoe concludes, "Well I think you can guess why I asked. I'm not getting any skinnier over here!" she chuckles at her own joke.

Val replies, "The doctor is working on it. She has to get extra ethical clearance if I'm going to recruit people I know."

Zoe nods, and responds, "That makes sense. I had to check. Gotta be sure you don't forget about us little chubsters once you become the blob goddess."

Lena and Val both laugh heartily at this. Lena replies, "If you're getting turned on by our physical changes, you must be having fun with us."

Val says to Lena, "Yes, I very much am."

At that moment you realize something. Vicky has barely been contributing to the conversation. As soon as you realize this, you hear and feel a fist slamming onto the table. All eyes turn towards Vicky, who is glaring at her phone. She looks up with a shocked expression that turns to embarrassment. "Sorry," she says quietly.

"Is everything ok?" you ask.

"Yeah, it's fine. I just couldn't really sleep last night," she replies quietly.

Lena replies, "Well, if you need a place to stay, we wouldn't mind."

Vicky bites her lip as sadness wells in her eyes. She stalls for time by shoveling some pancakes into her mouth.

"Vicky?" Lena says with concern.

Vicky seems to get some composure back as she chews deliberately, then swallows repeatedly to clear her mouth. She takes a gulp of coffee, then a deep breath.

"I had another fight with Brad. It was a bad one. No, he didn't hit me or anything. But I haven't been telling you guys the whole story."

You can tell that she is choosing her words carefully.

"Alright, Vicky. You know you can trust us," Val says calmly.

A glimmer of a smile cracks Vicky's lips. She scans around the table, sighs again, and says, "Brad has been cheating on me. I've known for a while."

"That's terrible," Val replies with a frown. Similar comments pop up from around the table.

Vicky nods with no small amount of anger.

"My apartment lease will be up in a few weeks. I'll kick him off when it's time to renew," she says.

Vicky is putting on a stoic face but she's clearly seething under the surface.

Her eyes dart towards Lena, "Hey Lena."

Lena seems to shrink in her chair, "Did I do something wrong?" she says in a small voice.

Vicky shakes her head, "No, you're fine. I know you were trying to do some spy work. Sandy at the University has been my mole too, they're why I know."

"Oh," Lena says and visibly relaxes.

Vicky continues, "I know you guys are trying to spare my feelings, but I know what I'm doing."

"Are you sure?” Zoe asks, then continues, "If you need anything, we're all here for you."

Vicky nods, "Thank you. It's really nice of you guys to say that."

An awkward silence descends for an interminable time. It's broken when Val bites down on a strip of bacon, the crispy meat crunching abnormally loudly. Vicky bursts out laughing, and chuckles emerge around the table too. "I'm not trying to be a killjoy," Vicky says pleasantly, "But I wanted to clear the air since you guys were digging too. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm still starving, so don't pause the meal on my account."

Mugs rise again and silverware scrapes, but a certain pall remains over the table. Jen looks past Zoe towards Vicky, "You're sure you'll be ok?"

Vicky twirls a fork between her fingers, "Yeah, I'll be alright. Brad's not the first pig I've had to eject from my life."

Jen nods, "Well, whatever you decide to do, we'll support you."

"Thank you," Vicky says, a faint blush on her cheeks.

The conversation turns towards lighter topics, and before long, you're feeling sated with your meal. The girls aren't done yet though, and Vicky in particular seems to be on an eating mission today. She added a milkshake and a greasy breakfast sandwich to her already large portion.

"This is a really good breakfast," Vicky says around a mouthful of sandwich.

Vicky moans in pleasure as her mouth wraps around her breakfast sandwich.

Zoe raises an eyebrow and looks over at Vicky, "You're hitting it harder than usual today."

Vicky swallows and wipes her mouth with a napkin, "Eh, call it backlogged stress eating. I'm just plain stupid hungry even after yesterday."

Zoe shrugs her shoulders, "Understandable."

"Don't mind me," Vicky says, pointing at herself with a fork as she eats.

As a point of personal interest, you're pretty good at tracking how much your ladyfriends eat at their meals, even back in school. Most of the girls have plowed through a Big Boss Breakfast each, and then some, which you still can hardly imagine yourself eating. You notice something about Jen's portions and empty plates. You don't want to make a scene of it, but you're fairly confident that today Jen has eaten about the equivalent of a Big Boss Breakfast. You quietly marvel to yourself at how much your friends' appetites have grown, and you can't help but wonder if and when you'll get caught in the gluttonous crossfire.

"What are you giggling about?" Vicky asks, pausing in her eating to look at you.

You can't explain it.

"Nothing, just a dumb joke that popped into my head," you lie convincingly.

Jen is sitting in her chair with a distant look in her glazed eyes, clearly drifting in a happy food coma. Lena pokes you in the side and says, "I love dumb jokes, care to share it?"

"W-well, uh," you stutter as you stall for time. Mercifully you think of something.

"Alright," you say, and all eyes at the table are on you, "How do you titillate an ocelot?"


"You oscillate its tits a lot!" You exclaim.

A mixture of groans and giggles breaks out, and you smirk theatrically. Chats ebb to a low point as the last bits of food are eaten. Jen continues to sit heavily in her chair with her hands on her stuffed gut, huffing with obvious discomfort. She groans, "I'm gonna need a minute before I can walk," she then fetches a credit card and passes it to Val, saying, "Can you handle my ticket?"

Val takes the card with a nod, then a moment later, the rest of you get up and file towards the cashier. As you're paying, you gently grab Lena's arm as she reaches into her purse, "I've got your meal," you say.

"Are you sure?" she asks with a bemused smile.

"We're dating, right? That means I should cover some of your expenses."

"Oh, right," she replies in a small voice, a blush beginning to form.

"I'll get the next one," Val says with a grin, then pays for her own meal, then Jen's as promised. Your group returns to the table, and Val helps Jen to her feet.

"I could carry you, if you'd like," Val says to Jen in goofy voice.

"No, it's fine," she answers with a weak chuckle.

Val chuckles back, and supports the smaller woman on her way out of the diner. You take a few moments for some parting comments with your friends outside the diner, basking in the fresh air and the sounds of cars passing by. Vicky is a touch unsteady on her feet, a hand resting on her glutted stomach. Her face assumes an odd expression, then a moment later she unleashes a thunderous belch.

"Oh my God! Excuse me!” she giggles with surprise, a hand darting to her mouth demurely.

Everybody chuckles a bit. Zoe slaps her own chubby belly with both hands, saying, "Consider yourself excused. You feeling better?"

"Oh, yeah," Vicky replies with a smile. Zoe nudges her shoulder, then turns to the rest of you, "Alright, I gotta get going. Until next time, bitches."

Zoe and Vicky wave in farewell, then turn and head back towards their respective cars. You, Val, Lena, and Jen wave your friends off, then pile back into your car.

"Back to your parents' place?” you ask Jen.

"Yes, please," she groans, "I need to sleep this off."

"I probably shouldn't leave my car at your folks' place, huh," Lena says to Jen.

"Oh, it'll be fine. They're out of town for a few more days," Jen replies.

Lena furrows her brow in thought then says with an easy smile, "Well I guess I can retrieve it whenever."

The drive is pleasant on a quiet Sunday morning. Val's hand hardly leaves your thigh. Before long, the brickwork of Jen's parents' home rises before you and you ease your car to a stop.

"Alright, I'll see you guys in a few days," Jen smiles. She opens the door and slowly gets out of your car, then practically waddles up to the door.

A moment later, she disappears into the house. You and Val both turn towards Lena, and she asks meekly, "So.... Where to now?"

You and Val share a look, before turning back to Lena.

"How about back to my place?” Val purrs, "I've got a big bed, and we can sleep off this brunch. Or not..."

Lena bites her lip, then says with a smile, "That sounds great. Let's get back to your place, then."

Val giggles back, "You don't care that we're all a mess and in rumpled clothes?"

Lena blushes, then replies, "No, because I don't think we're going to need clothes."

Your pants suddenly get very tight. You quickly make your way back to Val's condo, and the three of you quickly pile out. Lena playfully grabs at Val's ass and yours as you walk.

"When we get there, I want you both to strip," Val says to you and Lena.

"Oooh, I think I like being bossed around," Lena says.

"I just think it'll be fun," Val says with an impish smile.

Soon after, you arrive in front of Val's front door. She digs out her keys from her purse, then opens the door for everybody. The three of you quickly kick off your shoes, and Lena suddenly gets up on tiptoes and kisses you. You don't resist, and instead kiss back. After a moment, you let go of Lena and she giggles, settling back down on her feet. You turn your head towards Val, who smiles at you.

"Now I said you two need to strip. Get those clothes off and sit on the couch, before I do it by force," Val says with surprising authority.

You and Lena both slowly peel your clothes off, blushing and giggling with excitement as you do so.

You stop when you're down to your boxers, and Lena leaves her own underwear on. Val runs a finger over each of your backs and says, "That's not undressed."

Lena shrugs, then shimmies out of her sports bra and panties. You drop your boxers with little fanfare, feeling a touch under-acted. Val is biting her lip and rubbing her crotch through her clothes. "Good," she purrs, "Now go sit on the couch. I'll be there in a minute with something nice."

You and Lena both plop down on the couch, and with all the excitement in the air, you start kissing and caressing each other. "You're so soft,” you marvel as your fingers sink into Lena's chubby hips.

"I know," Lena says with a vague smile. That's when Val comes back into the room with a tray. You and Lena halt exploring each other and look at the tray. There's a dish of fancy-looking chocolates, a trio of mugs, and a teapot emanating a trail of steam. A spicy, herbal aroma exudes from the teapot.

"It's just regular tea," Val explains, then starts filling the mugs. "I've got stuff for some ...interesting brews, but I figure today we'll want to be sober."

You and Lena both take a mug, and carefully sip the tea. Val really has a thing for good tea, and today's brew is especially good. Lemon-ey and floral, very pleasant. Val sets her own mug down, then starts removing her clothes with sensuous, slow motions. Lena's eyes bug out of her head, and you aren't surprised. You pat her thigh, "Yep, I know the feeling." She glances over and down at your erect cock with a lustful grin, then goes back to ogling Val. Val slides her panties off, then stands naked before you and Lena. She smirks and plays with a lock of her hair, "You seem distracted," she giggles.

Val's height and strength makes her a naturally very intimidating person, but the added pounds have given her limbs and torso a touch of pleasing softness. The combination makes her seem both very sensual and very strong. "God, you're such a babe," Lena moans breathlessly. "I love your tits."

Val starts to play with her breasts, then suddenly walks over, grabs Lena's hand and sets it on her cheek. She gives a mischievous smile, then leans in and kisses Lena. Their lips push together aggressively, and soon their hands are wandering all over each other.

"So we're doing this, huh?" you ask, running a hand over Lena's thigh. Lena breaks away from Val and turns to you with a smile. She wraps a hand around the back of your head and pulls you in for a kiss. Val continues kissing and caressing Lena's other side.

"I guess so," Val says, pulling back from Lena. She presses her lips to yours in a searing kiss, and you feel her tongue probe your mouth.

You can't help yourself any longer. You let one of your hands explore its way to Lena's groin. You feel her labia and then gently run a finger through the moisture that is leaking from her pussy.

"Fuck yes, right there!" Lena moans, leaning back and opening her legs.

As you start gently fingering Lena, Val bends down as starts gently nibbling one of Lena's nipples. She caresses Lena's other breast as she teases her with her tongue, and you watch in awe as Lena's hips start to gyrate into your hand. "Oh god," Lena moans as you and Val tenderly pleasure her. You catch Val's eye, and you exchange devious looks. Val licks two of her fingers, getting them good and slick. You adjust your hand and slide two fingers into Lena's warm, eager folds.

"Oooh, god yes," Lena moans, panting as she becomes more and more aroused. "You feel amazing, don't stop..."

Val looks up at you with a warm smile. She takes her slicked-up fingers and reaches down to Lena's groin as well. Val expertly slides her way to Lena's clit, and Lena gasps with pleasure. Val starts expertly rubbing Lena's pussy, and you feel Lena start to quiver. "Your pussy is so nice..." Val purrs into Lena's ear.

Lena is beyond words at this point, breathing and moaning as you and Val fill Lena's mind with ecstasy. After a few moments, Lena starts to shake with orgasmic spasms. She begins cumming on your fingers, and you feel her pussy convulse around them.

You slide your fingers into Lena to the knuckles, in sync with her orgasmic movements. Val intensifies her stimulation on Lena's clit, and the two of you simultaneously nibble on Lena's nipples. Lena's eyes roll into the back of her head, and she arches her back, crying out wordlessly. After several seconds, she seemingly goes limp as her orgasm subsides. You and Val finally allow Lena to rest. Eventually, Lena slowly becomes aware of her surroundings again.

"Whoa..." Lena breathes. "I think I'm a bit dizzy..."

Val grins lecherously.

"That was wonderful, but I'm not ready to stop yet," Lena says, her voice thick with desire. You and Val both look at Lena with lustful eyes, and Lena's eyes are almost visibly pleading.

"Let's move this to the bedroom?" you suggest.

Val helps Lena to a sitting position and says, "Both of you, finish your tea before we go upstairs. Also, Anon, I can trust you to handle the chocolates?"

You nod, grabbing your own mug, and handing Lena hers. You drain the remaining tea in a quick gulp, and Lena does similarly. The three of you rise to your feet, and you pick up the bowl of chocolates. As you follow the girls, you sample one of the chocolate morsels. It is sweet without being overpowering, and you decide that you approve.

Val plucks one of the chocolates as well, sensuously biting it in half with an appreciative moan.

She then closes the door to her bedroom, and shepherds you and Lena onto the bed. Val takes the bowl from you and places it on her nightstand, then with arms wrapped around yourself and Lena, she pulls you all into the sheets. Val presses the two of you together, and she runs her hands over both of your bodies, kissing each of you in turn.

You make yourself as comfortable as possible while laying on top of Val, and start making out with Lena. Her tongue is hot, and her lips are soft. You run a hand through her hair, and the other to squeeze her ass. Your hands move down her back, and you feel her body tense up with pleasure.

"Anon..." Lena whispers, "I... I wanna feel your cock."

You swallow, and you feel your cock twitch in reaction to her words. "Alright," you say, "How do you want to do this?”

Lena pauses, and then you feel her hands on your cock. Her hand encircles it, and she starts stroking you. "Mmm... That's a nice dick," she says.

Val whispers something into Lena's ear. Despite the proximity, you can't hear it. Lena smiles and nods vigorously in response and stops stroking your cock. Val pats your back and says, "Go ahead and lay back. Lena and I are gonna do something fun to you."

You roll off of Val and settle onto your back. She shuffles around, but you lose track of Val as Lena rolls on top of you. Her body squishes against yours, and you sink into the soft mattress. Lena's lips desperately nip at your own, and her tongue invades deep into your mouth. Lena pulls back, and you feel her hands trailing down your chest. You feel her fingers on your nipples, and she gently rolls them. You can feel Lena's breath on your skin. A moment later, another set of hands cradles your chin and you're looking into Val's face. She kisses you and Lena caresses her way down your body, then Val says, "Just relax," and kisses you again. Lena's hand slides down the length of your shaft, and you feel her hot breath on your cock. Her hand reaches the base, and she wraps it around your cock.

Val stops kissing you and asks, "Are you okay with this?"

"Yeah," you mutter.

Lena's warm mouth engulfs your cock and slides up and down it. Your brain feels like it's going to burst, and you almost come right there. Val firmly grasps your wrists and pins your hands above your head. You gasp in surprise. Val giggles in response and resumes kissing the side of your face. You look down and make eye contact with Lena. She seems to smile, then swallows your cock as deep as it will go, then bobs back up and licks the tip of your cock. Lena slowly slides up and down your cock, but you feel it go deeper each time. You can feel the underside of Lena's tongue at the bottom of your shaft, prodding at the sensitive skin. Lena's style isn't like Val's. She's genuinely enjoying having her mouth filled with your cock, and she's deep-throating you like it's second nature. You can feel the back of Lena's throat, and her tongue is constantly licking at the underside of your shaft.

Val leans closer and presses her lips to yours. She starts kissing, passionately and with vigor. You feel your cock pulsating more and more intensely, and you know you can't last much longer. Lena must have noticed too, because she tries something different. She starts applying some kind of rhythmic suction with her mouth and tongue, and it feels so good you're gasping for breath. Your eyes roll back into your head, Val clamps her mouth over yours and forces her tongue in. Lena continues to mercilessly suck on you and you can hold back no longer. You gasp and let loose a load of thick cum deep inside Lena's throat. She noisily gulps it down and hums with pleasure.

Lena keeps sucking your cock, and continues to slide up and down it even after you're done cumming. You feel super-sensitive, but Lena seems to enjoy it that way. Your drained cock throbs in her mouth, and you feel like it might never stop. Val hugs you tighter and kisses you. She pulls back and looks at you with a smile on her face. Lena only relents when you finally stop writhing in pleasure, coming up off of your cock with a wet slurp and a lusty smile. She takes her hands and draws them to your stomach while still keeping eye contact with you. Val releases your hands then moves in close on your side, and you feel her warm breath on your neck. One of her arms gently wraps around your chest.

"That was... Amazing..." You pant.

"Not so bad for your first threesome, huh?" Lena purrs.

"I... I never really thought about doing this before... But I can't believe how good you two feel!" You blurt.

Lena draws back to be kneeling in front of you and looks down at you, sensually licking her lips and teeth. "God, you even tasted better than I expected too," she murmurs. She runs her hands down the sides of her face and neck, across her plump breasts, and finally down to her chubby tummy, slapping it for emphasis. She grins lustily as you look on. A moment later, she dives forwards, nestling in on your side to mirror Val.

Lena's suddenly pensive, conscientiously tracing a finger or two across your stomach and chest, almost as if measuring the contours of your torso. She briefly caresses Val's forearm too, but most of Lena's attention is on you. Her fingers are soft and very warm, and her eyes never leave yours.

"I'd been hoping to get to you for so long," she whispers. "I hope that doesn't make me obsessive or self-centered."

You push past Lena's coppery bangs and gently stroke her pink-tinged cheek, taking a moment to gather your thoughts.

"Not at all," you reassure her. "Honestly I'm still worried that I'm being somehow selfish or greedy for wanting two partners."

Val's hand snakes across your throat and over to your cheek, gently but firmly nudging your gaze towards hers.

Val smiles softly and says, "You're not being selfish. As your first girlfriend, and the originator of this whole idea, I'm ok with sharing you."

Her smile sharpens a bit and she continues, "Baby, I just watched Lena suck you off, and I mainly feel glad that you had a good time."

You don't really know how to respond to that, so you mumble a "yeah". Val mainly seems to appreciate the acknowledgment rather than any eloquence.

She reaches across you and starts caressing Lena, gently squeezing and jiggling her chub.

"That said," Val adds, "For the fat-positive lifestyle we're embracing, I think a dose of greediness will be good for all of us."

Lena giggles appreciatively at Val's groping, squirming in response.

Val practically growls as she grabs handfuls of Lena's plump butt and hips. "God, I hope I get a thick sexy ass like yours, Lena," Val says breathily.

"It takes a whole lot of laziness and junk food to get a luxurious booty like mine," Lena replies dreamily, her eyes closed. "I think you're on your way, but for now you'll just have to play with mine."

Val giggles warmly in reply, then looks over to Lena and squeezes her shoulder.

Lena opens her eyes, returns Val's gaze and says, "Now, you still need to cum, tall stuff."

Val bites her lip and replies, "What are you thinking of, Lena?”

Lena chews her lip as well for a moment, then replies, "Val, I think I'd like you to scissor me."

Val's jaw drops, and she looks between you for confirmation. You nod in agreement, and Lena takes that as permission to move forward. Val regains her composure with a gentle but firm smile towards Lena, "That sounds really hot, but I've never done that with a girl before. Actually... Everything I'm doing with you is a first with a girl."

Lena blushes and bites her lip, "On second thought, maybe we don't have to jump to that... You're just so strong and confident, I figured you knew what to do..."

Val laughs warmly, "It's honestly mostly an act," she leans forward and kisses Lena deeply. After a few moments, Val pulls back and says, "But how about we try mutual oral maybe? I think you're a good height for that if you lay on me."

Lena giggles, then says, "Alright, but you have to be gentle on me."

Val nods and purrs, "However you want it, babe," then lies down on her back. She places a fluffy pillow under her head and shoulders.

She signals to Lena, "Alright, now straddle me and slowly lower yourself onto my face."

Lena's blush intensifies and she giggles softly, getting to her hands and knees and maneuvering towards Val. You awkwardly squirm and shimmy towards the edge of the bed, giving your girlfriends some room to play.

Lena has finally finished shuffling towards Val, and begins positioning by laying across Val's chest. Lena then rotates into a 69-ing position, with her head in line with Val's pussy. The next moment, Lena swings her thigh over Val's head, putting her own greedy pussy right in Val's face.

Val nods encouragingly, a bit muffled by Lena's thighs and hips, "Don't worry about squishing me, but try to mainly put your weight on my torso and your arms. I can shift you around if I need to."

Lena shimmies a bit to settle in and replies with a simple, breathless "ok".

The sight of Lena's soft self kneeling gingerly over Val's face is truly a sight to behold. Lena's face is a blend of concentration and excitement, and she carefully leans forward on top of Val. Val's hands are already digging eagerly into Lena's hips, and Lena's panting breath indicates that Val's tongue is already pleasuring Lena's sex. Lena whimpers and groans, then leans forward just a bit further.

She's now basically flat on Val, and Lena cranes her head forward just a bit to reach Val's pussy with her tongue. The combined moans coming from the two of your girlfriends is intoxicating. Val's hands are currently running up and down Lena's legs, delighting in the smooth texture of their skin. Lena is taking her time exploring and caressing Val's sex. Her tongue slides lovingly into every fold, and she kisses and sucks at Val's clit.

Val is struggling to stay in control of her moans, as Lena's tongue is taking over her body. Both women are writhing and pressing into each other, and you can only imagine how good they must feel. Lena slides a finger into Val's pussy, and Val shudders. Lena increases the intensity of both her licking and finger-fucking, and Val's moans get louder and more desperate. Lena's own moans are becoming more strained as she feels Val's sex rapidly approaching orgasm. By now, Val has begun rhythmically pressing her hips into the air, and Lena is doing her best to keep up. She slides a second finger into Val, and Val's muffled moans reach a pitch you know well. Lena's own moans are now absolutely breathless, and she is doing her best to keep up with Val.

Val goes over the edge first. A final desperate gasp heralds her whole body stiffening and her back arching hard, even lifting Lena into the air. She relents from eating Lena's pussy to throw her head back in rapture, and she grips her fingers deeply into Lena's squishy ass. Lena herself seems to be right on the edge when Val finally comes down a bit. Val takes a few quick breaths then dives right back into Lena's pussy. Lena's eyes roll back and she gasps in delighted surprise, unprepared for the intensity of Val's return to action. Lena and Val both press hard into each other, writhing and moaning continuously. Lena's whole body is beginning to shake and convulse, and it is clear that she is approaching her orgasm as well.

Suddenly, Lena holds her head low and grinds her hips hard into Val's face. Lena squeezes her eyes shut and grits her teeth, before her whole body shudders repeatedly and cries of ecstasy push through her mouth. Lena is finally spent, and the twitches and moans eventually peter out. A sudden final aftershock is explained by a muffled chuckle from Val between Lena's thighs, and the woman on top finally pants, "No more..."

For a moment, Lena lays on Val in an exhausted, contented heap. She idly strokes Val's firm thigh, and Val returns the gesture. Eventually, Lena heaves herself back up to a kneeling position, carefully rolls herself off of Val, and crawls around to face the same way as her partner. Lena and Val look into each other's eyes for a long moment, before Lena leans forward and kisses Val on the lips. They giggle, and Val strokes Lena's hair.

"Did I do a good job?" Lena asks quietly.

"Yeah," Val replies in a whisper.

"I'm so happy we did this," Lena whispers back.

"Me too," Val replies again, leaning forward to kiss Lena again.

"I was so nervous about finally getting with a girl," Lena admits, still whispering, "and you no less. But today just felt... Good. Thank you."

Lena lays on Val for another long spell, both of them taking in the moment.

"I'm glad you feel that way," Val replies, "You're so pretty... I've been crushing on you for a long time, you know."

Lena blushes, and kisses Val once again. Val continues while caressing Lena's curves, "I couldn't imagine sharing this moment with anybody else..."

She cranes her head to look back at you with a grin, "I hope we put on a good show for you!”

"I had a great view. You two clearly had a lot of fun," you reply, smiling back at them both. Lena raises an eyebrow in surprise and gives you a small smile and a giggle. You crawl over to Val and Lena, and join the cuddle puddle by gently sandwiching Lena against Val. You tilt your head and say to both girls, "I wanted to thank you properly for including me in such a special moment."

Val wraps her arms around you and smiles. You feel Lena's cheek press into yours as she smiles too. Lena says, "We're a polycule, right? This is exactly the sort of thing we should be sharing."

You reply, "I don't think we should worry about what we quote should be doing. We should just do what feels right."

Val and Lena both nod and murmur assent. You then lick Lena's earlobe, eliciting a giggle, then continue, "All of this," pausing a beat for emphasis, "Feels right. And I think it's a great sign that we feel so natural about fucking each other and in front of each other."

Val beams at this and kisses Lena yet again. Lena closes her eyes and hums contently, gently gyrating her butt into you. "You're making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside," Val whispers.

Lena nuzzles into the crook of Val's neck, and you can barely hear her whisper, "They say that affection isn't zero sum if you do it right. The more you give, the more you can get back."

Lena sniffs, and shudders with a quick sob. Val reaches to stroke her hair, and gives you a concerned look. Lena stays pressed into Val and continues, "I'm just.... Happy. I know this is new for all of us, and here the two of you are, treating me like a princess. It should be weird... We've been friends for so long, but crossing into intimacy so fast... I don't think I've ever felt so accepted and understood."

Val nods, looks down, then says, "We don't want you to feel like we're rushing...."

Lena interrupts with a smile, and says with a laugh, "Val, I can still taste your juices on my face. I think we're well past worrying about rushing."

Val chuckles warmly, and kisses Lena on the cheek.

You say to Lena, "Are you alright?"

Lena shyly nods, and then says with a blush, "I'm fine, really. Just... Can we just lay like this and cuddle for a while?"

Lena sounds shy, but you can tell she's happy about the idea. Val also looks to be feeling a similar kind of contentment as well. Something about Lena's body language suggests she's holding something back, but you decide not to pry. You, Val, and Lena simply lay in each other's arms for a while. Eventually Lena stirs and starts squirming a bit. She says, "You both feel wonderful but I'm getting a little too warm."

You and Val release Lena and scoot back a bit, and Lena rolls onto her back with a grateful sigh. "Thanks guys," she says, "Remember I'm chubbier than either of you, so I warm up easily."

You and Val both smile in response. Lena stares thoughtfully at the ceiling, idly pinching her skin and fingering her belly button. Lena blurts out, "I was struggling with my sexuality for a long time, you know."

You and Val look at Lena with surprise, then look at each other. Lena continues, "My family isn't out-and-out bigots, but I definitely never got the feeling that they'd be happy if I had come out when I was younger."

Lena rests her hands on her tummy with a soft plap, "One of my uncles came out as gay shortly before my grandpa died. Executing grandpa's will was really fucking messy. I'll spare you the details for now, but that uncle did some really shitty things around that time."

Lena's eyes wander around the bedroom, and you see her absently pet her belly. She turns to you and Val in turn, "In this day and age, people know better than to judge each other for things like sexuality. But when emotions are high, especially with grief in the mix, it's not hard for wires to get crossed. My uncle is a shithead who happens to be gay, but those facts were mentioned in the same breath frequently enough that they became linked."

Lena lays her head back on a pillow and lets her face darken. Quietly, she continues, "I think I've always liked girls. But my uncle's behavior tore the family apart. A grudge against him turned into a grudge against gay people in general, and fed more than a bit of self-hatred and denial for me."

Lena puts her hand over her face, rubbing it into her eyes. She leaves it there as her breathing becomes a little ragged.

Val is the first to speak, "My God, Lena, that's horrible!”

Lena's voice is husky as she replies, "Yeah, it is..."

You finally speak up, "Have you ever told anybody else about this?"

Lena's voice is tight, and tears begin to run down her cheeks, "No... Never..."

You gently grip her shoulder, "I don't know what to say."

Lena replies, "You don't have to say anything... Just listening is good enough for me..."

Val takes Lena's free hand and intertwines their fingers together. Lena looks at the two of you with tears still streaming down her face, "Jesus, I'm such a mess... I'm sorry guys..."

Val gently shakes Lena's arm, "Hey. Lena, baby. You're not alone. You've never been alone."

You rub Lena's shoulder, "Lena, we're here for more than just sex. Intimacy means sharing our struggles. We're stronger together, and Val and I want you to be happy."

Lena sniffles for a bit then wipes the tears from her face.

She smiles warmly at you, then Val. It's a smile that radiates trust and affection, even under the tears.

"Thank you. Both of you..." She says in a small voice, "I think I need a tissue right now though."

You roll over, then pluck a few tissues from a box on the nightstand and hand them to Lena. She blows her nose with as much grace as she can manage, which isn't a lot given the circumstances. The tension gathered in the room dissipates as Lena exhales and lays back. She closes her eyes and breathes with a relaxed smile. "Could I get some of those chocolates?" she asks.

Val reaches over and picks up the bowl you brought in a while back. "These should do it," she grins, then sets the bowl on Lena's tummy. Lena moves her hand down to the bowl, then takes a chocolate in her fingers. She moves it around her fingers a bit before finally popping it into her mouth and closing her eyes.


Lena swallows the confection, then selects another one from the bowl. She rolls the caramel-filled ball around in her fingers as she says, "I've always loved sweets too. Started stress eating back in school, and I'm honestly surprised it took this long for it to really start sticking to me."

Lena moves her hand back to the bowl, and plucks out a third chocolate. A little bit larger than the last, it's the kind that's meant to be chewed. "Eh, whatever," she says dismissively to nobody in particular, "I like my treats too much to stop, and I like knowing that people are ogling my big butt."

Val and you both chuckle. Lena takes a few more chocolates from the bowl, then leans back into the pillows to enjoy them. She closes her eyes and says, "I definitely noticed how much more attention I got once I stated getting kinda thick. I wasn't out to actively gain a ton of weight, but I like food, and added chub makes me more desirable, so why fight it, right?"

The way she says this makes it seem like such a simple choice to make, but the logic is hitting you at an odd angle. You ask, "Are you sure you're alright, Lena?"

She keeps her eyes closed and he head reclined when she replies, "Honestly, only sort of. I think I've got a lot to work through..."

She bites roughly into a creme-filled bonbon, and the insolent candy squirts a blob of creme onto her cheek. Lena curses and moves to wipe it off, but you intervene, saying, "I've got this," and lick it off with a giggle. You give her a wink, and she lets out a little laugh.

Her face falls again and she harrumphs, "It seems like every girl on this town that's into girls, me included, has more baggage than an airport..."

Val shifts a little and taps Lena on her shoulder. Lena opens her eyes and turns to face Val with a "hm?"

Val giggles and says, "I like to think I'm at least one who doesn't. Have a ton of baggage, that is."

Lena tries to keep her expression neutral, though she can't help but smile. Val elaborates, "Ok, fine, I did have a hangup about deliberately getting fat,"

"I remember," Lena replies with a grin.

Val continues, "And I remember it was you who convinced me how fun it is to pig out at the buffet," punctuating her statement with a playful poke of Lena's tummy.

Lena laughs and lifts her arms up to playfully swat Val's arm.

Val chuckles and continues, "Then I ensnared Anon, and he's been supporting me on my expansion journey ever since."

You shoot Val a goofy grin and give a thumbs-up.

Val blows you a kiss then turns back to Lena, "Back in the old country, people kinda don't care about orientation. Which is kind of weird for Eastern Europe, but it's been like that for a long time."

Lena nods and gives a "huh."

Val playfully nabs a chocolate out of the bowl and pops it into her mouth before adding, "My folks inherited that sort of thinking, so I guess I was lucky to not ever really have to feel bad about my orientation."

Lena replies, "Color me a little jealous, but I'm glad that was easy for you. Really."

Val nods and says with a laugh, "It was that Darkwylde music video for 'Midnight Feast'. That was the moment I knew I liked girls."

Lena raises her eyebrows and says, "I remember that one. It was..." she pauses, and she looks perplexed for a moment.

Val leans in close and says, "It was what?"

Lena bites her lip, and you smirk as you recall the titillating music video as well. She finally says, "It was probably a moment of awakening for a lot of young folks. God she was so hot in that video."

Val nods and a hint of blush blooms on her cheeks. She says, "Yeah. Unf, I'm getting warmed up again just thinking about it. And to think that Darkwylde has packed on almost another two hundred pounds since then!"

Lena laughs, "Yeah, and every ounce of her chunky goth self is downright delectable!"

Val grins, hunger in her eyes, and she replies, "You know who else is delectable?”

You immediately feel your cheeks flush as she looks at you, and Lena gives you a bemused look.

You ask Val, "Are you ready to go again?"

Val's face flattens, and she says, "Well.... Maybe. How are you feeling, Lena?"

Lena looks down, "Honestly guys, my little pity-party kinda killed my vibe. Sorry..."

You both look at her with concern. She faces you and says, "I'm sorry, I know... My reach exceeded my.... Libido?”

You take Lena's hand reassuringly, "It's alright. We'll have lots of time to explore each other."

Val rests a hand on Lena's thigh, "I was enjoying just chilling honestly. My sex drive can basically be switched on or off, so don't feel like you're denying me or anything."

Lena smiles, "Well, as long as you both are ok taking a break, I'm ok with it."

Val sit up and says, "On to practical matters then, we should probably get cleaned up a bit."

Lena mutters an agreement, then says, "Hey Anon, could you retrieve my clothes? I'm getting a little cold."

You nod and answer, "Yeah, no problem."

You swing your legs over the bed and start back to the foyer, and you hear Val roll out of bed shortly after. You reach the foyer, then take a moment to collect your discarded clothes. You feel strange for a moment to be handling Lena's clothes as well, but you get over it. Your phone buzzes in your unworn shorts, so you fish it out and look.

You see a message from a work group chat. It's part of a running conversation, so you mute the exchange and return your phone.

You gather your clothes and Lena's as neatly as you can, then head back to Val's bedroom. Some light chatter between Val and Lena greets you as you return. You set Lena's clothes on the bed, and pull on your own boxers. Lena dons her underwear again, and says as she does, "Thanks Anon. Val and I were just discussing fatty porn stars."

You cock your head, "What?"

"Big fat girls in porn," Val says with a giggle, "I was just telling Lena that one of my favorites is a woman named Honey Cruz. She's like... triple your size, or more. She's a bit older than us too, like in her late thirties or early forties."

You pull out your phone and decide to pull up some pictures of Honey Cruz. You can see why Val likes her. She's huge, in every picture you can find.

Honey has long, flowing black hair, warm amber eyes, and a smile that's equal parts sweetness and lust. Every bit of her looks squishy and soft, and she carries her massive weight very pleasingly in oversized plush curves. A fleshy double chin frames her face and pulls the eye down to her pendulous round tits, which in this picture are supported by a flabby tattooed arm. Her belly hangs like a blubbery waterfall, bearing a deep bellybutton and covering her sex. You estimate that Honey's hips might not fit through some doors, and her thighs are thicker than your waist. True to her name, Honey's skin is a rich sepia color, and bears some stretch marks and a lot of cellulite. For a woman who's billed as a "Supersized MILF", the effect only adds to her allure.

"She's beautiful," Lena says with a sigh, "I can only dream of having her figure. She's like the stereotypical knockout curvy lady, but wider."

You scroll through a couple more pictures and find an animation of Honey Cruz being fucked doggy-style while eating cake. You laugh with surprise and turn your phone to show Val and Lena.

"Ooh, I wouldn't mind seeing more of that," Lena says, "I can only imagine the lays that she's had."

"She's one of the top plus-size stars in the industry, so it's been a lot," Val replies.

You add, "This would be TMI any other time, but Val and I have watched several of her scenes together."

"Oh?” Lena's cocks an interested eyebrow.

Val giggles, "Yep! She's really sexy. Maybe that's something we can try together," she adds, shooting Lena a sleazy look.

Lena leans against Val's shoulder and giggles back, "Mmm, that does sound fun, just not today, alright?”

Val pecks Lena on the forehead and replies, "Not a problem at all, Lena. So I see my favorite fantasy girl gets the seal of approval, but who do you like?"

"I'm not sure, I mean there are so many!" Lena says.

"Well, just pick one. Maybe the first one who pops into your mind," Val says gently.

Lena looks at you for help, "Is Val always like this?”

You shrug, "Mostly, yeah. And you know this is a judgment-free zone."

Lena sighs, then thinks for a second, "Alright. I think I'd say my favorite fat porn star would be... Aria Noire."

You pause, trying to remember the names of any girl that you've seen in films.

"Why Aria?" You ask.

Lena blushes and bites her lip, but manages to whisper an explanation, "She's really good with her voice, and she does a lot of videos where she tells the viewer to do kinky things to themselves while masturbating."

"I see," you say.

Val raises an eyebrow, "Did... did that actually work for you?"

Lena smiles and nods,

"I did tell you I like being bossed around."

Val smirks and rubs Lena's thigh.

You search for pictures of Aria Noire and find quite a few. She's not nearly as heavy as Honey Cruz, but nobody will confuse her with a skinny girl.

Almost every picture you find of Aria has her wearing dominatrix gear, and you find a particularly spicy picture that shows off her fat body.

Her hair is dyed stark white, and her face is fairly sharp despite her weight, with particularly high cheekbones. Notably, her eyes are different colors, one brown, one green. Her expression is something resembling a smug sneer, and there's a palpable force of personality even in this static image. This picture has Aria wearing an outfit that is little more than thin leather strips tightly wrapped around her body, squishing deeply into her fat. Aria is still deep into obese territory, and chub bulges everywhere her fetishy outfit clings to her. Aria's breasts are easily her most obvious feature, huge and round, and straining heavily against the leather strips on her chest.

Aria's hips aren't particularly curvy, but you can tell she has a plump ass from this angle. Her belly folds in on itself, creating a characteristic "double belly", naturally with a leather strip cinched tightly into the deep midriff fat roll. Her chubby legs are crammed into thigh-high leather boots that end in sturdy but long heels. In general, the skin you can see is a creamy smooth pale Ivory, with nary a hint of cellulite or stretchmarks. You estimate Aria to be in her early twenties, and that she was probably fat all her life.

"Is this her?" you say as you turn the phone to show Lena and Val the picture.

"Yeah, that's her," Lena replies.

Val stares at the picture, "How did I not know about her?"

Lena giggles and strokes Val's arm. Val breathes, "I think I want her to step on me."

"That would hurt a lot with those heels," Lena says patiently to Val.

Suddenly Val seems to snap out of some sort of spell and looks between you and Lena.

"Did I say something weird?" she asks.

"No, of course not." You try to reassure her, though she still looks unnerved.

Val looks back at the picture, "You've got good taste, Lena."

Val's and Lena's eyes turn towards you as your turn inevitably comes up.

"Okay Anon, you know what the question's gonna be. Favorite fatty porn star, go!"

You think for a moment, remembering the various stars you've enjoyed over the years. Then you redden a little as one name stands out above the others.

"You're gonna think I'm such a degenerate," you mutter.

"No judgment, I promise," Val says.

"Same here, Anon, you can trust us," adds Lena.

"Alright," you take a breath, and say, "My number one of all time is gonna have to be Barbie Blob."

"Oh my God, I love that bitch," Val laughs.

"Well what's so amazing about her?" asks Lena.

You explain, "Well, pull up a picture from when she was at her heaviest. First thing is that she was really fucking big. I'm talking no less than eight hundred pounds of blubber and sexiness."

"Holy fuck!" gasps Lena.

"Right? She used to be a major powerlifter, then she just ballooned like crazy. She was strong enough that she could still walk and stuff, but she was also pretty short so she was just basically a total butterball."

"That is fucking amazing," Lena says.

You continue, "There was also just a certain girl-next-door charm about her, and she was always really cheerful. Barbie Blob never signed with any of the big porn companies and always produced her own stuff. Whether she was gorging on a ton of junk food or getting railed, she always genuinely seemed to be having a good time."

"I'll have to check her stuff out," Lena says.

You shoot Lena an impish grin, and look for a good sample picture of Barbie Blob.

"Alright, so here she is," you say, "Check out this picture, she's in it chugging a gallon of a special high-calorie milkshake."

Val and Lena look over the picture.

In the picture, Barbie Blob is sitting on a couch. Her belly immediately draws the eye, it's a massive pancake of doughy fat that fills her entire lap and hangs between her thighs. Barbie's legs are enormous, so soft and blubbery they spread out, making her hips even wider as she sits. She admittedly doesn't have the best fat-girl rack you've ever seen, the sheer weight and size of her breasts flattening them out somewhat. Barbie's arms are also enormous, a flabby upper arm bigger than a ham tapering to a forearm with a thick crease at the wrist. For this picture, one of her chubby hands is wrapped around a plastic tube, which is connected to a jug of creamy liquid bolted to a wall. The angle doesn't show off her face very well, and you make a note to find another picture to show off.

"She's a lot prettier than I thought she would be," Lena says.

"Let me find a shot that shows off her face and hair a little better," you say. You scroll through Barbie Blob's content archive and find a decent profile picture for the supersized porn star.

In the photo, she's holding a half-eaten donut next to her face, which bears a huge toothy grin. Her pale blue eyes sparkle with a sort of inner light, and some heavy eyeliner makes her eyes even more striking. A cute little button nose sits happily between her eyes, one side decorated with a red gemstone stud piercing. Her honey-blonde hair is gathered into a ponytail, with red-dyed bangs loose to frame her face. Barbie Blob's face is round, just like the rest of her, with beyond-full and plump cheeks transitioning smoothly to a massive double chin. The chub accumulated under her face makes her neck look shortened, but it mainly enhances the joyful softness and apparent fun of her overall demeanor.

"Much better. See? There's just something about her," you say.

"You really are such a sucker for blondes," Val teases, "Though it's going to be a long time before I can get that round."

"I like what I see," Lena says, "I don't know if we should assign winners, but maybe we learned something about each other today?"

"Oh, definitely," Val agrees.

Lena rubs her chin then adds, "Hey, whatever happened to Barbie Blob? You kept using the past tense, which makes me worried."

"Oh!" You exclaim, then explain, "She actually wasn't active for very long, and retired a few years back. Rumors say she lost some weight, but is still fat as hell, and she's basically just living her life now."

"Ah, that's too bad. Guess I'm a sucker for blondes too," Lena smiles.

A spell of awkward silence descends.